Smallville – S07E05 – Action

Tonight’s episode: “Action.”

The talkies come to Smallville and I suspect there will be some Superman imagery.

I have to admit that I didn’t fully come around to Kara until last week. Now I really like her. I’m not sure why it took so long, but there it is.

How long until Chloe starts doing hard drugs? I mean, really? They should turn her into an alcoholic.

There’s only one thing that truly bothers me about this show. For some reason I can put aside all of the other ridiculous things and suspend my disbelief but every time Clark comes running into the Daily Planet offices at super speed I find myself rolling my eyes and saying “Come on!”


  1. I thought it was a decent episode. The best parts revolved around the mythos of Warrior Angel. Loved the scene when Lex brought out his comic collection. Wish I had a storage system like Lex.

  2. He, He red cape… predictable but nice image at the end.

    The costume is coming together

  3. It was okay.

    On all of the previous seasons I have complained that they haven’t developed Lana at all, but now they have made her into the quasi-evil ex-Luthor and I am still complaining about her. I just don’t buy it.

    I enjoyed Lex’s comic storage too.

    Was anyone else annoyed by the negative fanboy sterotyping that was going on? I mean now we are getting it from the shows geared towards us? Et tu, Smallville? Even Clark seemed to have contempt in his voice for the online Warrior Angel fans. Or am I projecting that?

  4. Funnily enough, the stuff with Lana was the most interesting part of this show. I actually like her as this evil, hell-bent on revenge, sexually charged villain.

    Chloe is able to track comic book sales now?

    Some of the toys seen in the comic book collector’s apartment:

    Zauriel (?), Hourman, Sandman, Starman, Mr. Freeze, Parallax, Black Canary, Bane.

    Metropolis Comic-Con. Heh.

    I didn’t see anything negative in the fanboy stuff. I mean, this guy was crazy, whereas Lex is clearly a fanboy too but his fanboyness was presented as cool.

    It’s too bad they didn’t introduce Clark’s flying ability when he saved Lana, because I’m pretty sure that the whiplash from that landing would have snapped Lana’s neck right off.

    The new Daily Planet editor needs a punch in the face.

  5. The crazy excuse works, I guess. Still, Lex’s comment about why stopped collecting Warrior Angel seemed a little contemptuous.

    You know what? I am a hypocrite. I was perfectly fine when Bruce Timm did the fanboy villain thing in the Grey Ghost episode of Batman. Actually, that is my favorite Batman: The Animated Series episode.

  6. The fact that the show will end and we will never see Clark in the costume totally bums me out.

  7. Man… I am so behind on this show… I think I missed an entire season if I’m not mistaken… Gotta get those DVDs to get up to date…

  8. Warrior Angel was pretty fat. He waddled in to stop the bullet.

  9. I noticed that too. The chest piece must have been too bulky.

  10. Man, that was just a TERRIFIC episode! Seriously, this show is moving forward to the finish line now, and it’s fantastic to see.

    Conor, you’re right about the saving of Lana. When we saw Clark falling I was sure he was going catch her and fly. And the editor sure does need a punch. I didn’t find it patronising to fanboys, as the guy’s clearly off his rocker!

    Lois is finally becoming ‘Lois’, trading quips in the newsroom and sneaking into dangerous situations. Lana seems to finally have a purpose in this show (hopefully going completely crazy and driving Clark to his destiny). Michael Rosembaum is perfect as ever, Lex is one mean SOB now.

    And that last shot with the cape… seriously, I got chills! Anyone else think Tom Welling as an actor is now leagues above where he was a couple of years ago? I totally buy his performance every week.

  11. Absolutely agree with Eyun. Great show, it’s really fantastic to see it get back to the quality of Season 2 and 3.

    Clark’s remark about “hardcore fan forums” (aren’t we scary) in context – that line comes maybe less than a minute before Lex whips out his super cool secret comic storage system with an “Oh Clark, -sigh- you’re still such an ignorant prick” look on his face. I hope they keep building it up so that everybody finds out what Lana is up to, but Clark is totally the last one to find out…which we all know will push him out his “dopey farm boy” rut like a big giant bomb.

    The magic of this episode – it had so many great plot turns that popped out left and right coming right out of the blue and WHAM, the shovel hits Lionel, and…Lana? I was surprised, and it’s been a long, long time since I’ve felt surprised on Smallville. And I’m surprised to find myself actually liking Lana’s character this season. Finally, some Depth for Ms. Kreuk. All Clark can see is Lana acting all sweet and homey as maple syrup, but she’s actually… Kathy Bates from “Misery.”

    Compare this to the Bionic Woman, where the writers can’t seem to figure out who their characters are. Now, on Smallville, everybody has got this weird duality going on, they act one way one minute, but have these big secrets, or unresolved emotional issues, but it all feels like it makes sense.

    I think the “almost flying scene” sums up the show right now — it’s almost there, you can feel it coming…but…not…yet… very cool place to be right now, story wise. Everybody is up spinning in the air and you’re not sure where they’ll come falling down.

    Cape at the end — very nice image. Of course we all knew the present was the red cape, but the image of Clark walking away from it right after Lana gives him the little talk about what he should become.. that’s the ticket forward. Nice image. Turning his back on the cape to go back to the house with psycho Lana, but there the cape hangs….