Smallville – S07E04 – Cure

Tonight’s episode: “Cure.”

Hey! It’s another Superman! Dean Cain guest stars tonight.

Dean Cain was an underrated Superman and Lois & Clark was an underrated show. I’m glad that Smallville is acknowledging that sector of the Superman mythos.

I have managed to stay somewhat on schedule with watching this show this year, which is surprising even to myself. I must be enjoying it.


  1. I have to admit, I do really like the aspect of this show including the former actors associated with Superman throughout the years – it hints of a small gimmick – but I’m ok with it.

    Personally, I’ve really been enjoying Smallville this year – I think Kara is a great addition that’s giving the show some life. We just need more Lionel!

  2. great ep!

  3. Yeah this episode was a lot of fun. I love Chloe! I just need to say that. She is seriously getting the shaft this season, I hope that there is some great redemption later on.

    I really loved the Martian Manhunter conversations. It’s cool that he is like this universal space cop, I would really like to see some CGI to show a martian form though.

  4. I enjoyed it, but thought it was one of the weaker episodes this season. I wish Dean Cain had been cast in a more positive role. Just didn’t buy him as a villain. It would have been nice to see him mentoring Clark in some manner as did Christopher Reeves’ character.

    What’s with Lana’s obsession with Lex?

    Chloe’s breakup with Jimmy was sad. It’s been straight downhill for Chloe this year thus far.

    Don’t like the tension between Clark and Kara. Would like to see them working more together.

  5. was Dean Cain Vandal Savage?

  6. Don’t like the tension between Clark and Kara. Would like to see them working more together.

    For good or for bad, that’s every incarnation of the Superman/Supergirl relationship in the beginning.

  7. I really liked this episode. I thought Dean Cain was a decent Savage. I understand why he was just an immortal dude to cause trouble for the Smallville gang and not Savage in name. Explaining who Savage is and what his shtick is would take up too much time. However I question how that impacts the non-comic-book-reading viewer. I got an extra kick out recognizing him as a character from the comics/cartoon, but I wonder how I would feel if I didn’t know he was an established DC character. I suspect I would be bothered by being out of the loop. I mean, they didn’t at all try to explain how a person could be immortal and the characters just accepting that reality at face value seemed goofy. Granted, there are flying Kryptonians, a Martian, and Meteor freaks crossing the paths of these characters, but it would be of ease to me if the characters were less accepting of the extraordinary.

    A minor nit pick.

  8. Grumpy liked it! Thought it was a really strong episode, and Dean Cain was a suprisingly convincing villain, in my opinion.

    I agree with Ron, this season’s been really enjoyable so far, and Kara really given it a cool new dynamic. I think she’s turned out to be a decent actress so far as well, whereas I was sure from the promo stills she’d been hired as nothing more than eye candy (not that she isn’t providing that too!).

    The season so far seems to have a lot of momentum, like it’s going somewhere, which is makes it that much more frustrating that the Clark/Lana story is really holding it back.

    Other than that, awesome! And Rosenbaum rules!

  9. I was on big critic of the second half of last season on the iFanboy Smallville threads (even though I continued to watch every episode) and it is really nice to say they seem to have this season going really well. In fact, at present this is the show I look forward to the most.

    Using Supergirl has indeed been a great way to add a new dynamic to the show to keep pushing it forward, especially in terms of the “will Clark ever get out of the barn and accept his destiny?” thing. Whether its “Why can’t you fly? You need to work on that, Clark!” or, “Clark, you seriously don’t think you can just hide in a tiny house in Smallviille with Lana for the rest of your life, do you?” I like how the one shot stories are usually wrapped up a full ten minutes before the end of the episode, with more time at the end to deal with how the characters are developing (a good deal more rapidly). It’s also great to see how things that are pretty incidental are brushed aside or dealt with quickly so the main story can rocket forward episode to episode (not draggiing out Bizzaro Clark, not dragging out Missing Lana, not dragging out Lex in jail, not dragging out explanations for this or that meteor freak and the motivation of a minor charactere).

    Last season was a lot of stuff that got dragged out way too much, and this season is the exact reverse. Wonderful.

    Yes, poor Chloe. But I’m sure the actress would feel very good about making all her fans feel her character’s pain. Being stuck in a static state with no character development was what really made Lana feel so superfluous. I actually like the direction they are taking with Lana (Seems like a stand in for the mysteriously missing Ma Kent, but really a spooky stalker now, is she?)

    Anyway, I am really liking this show, I hope as everyone else here does they keep up the momentum. And I love every opportunity they use Kara to make Clark GROW UP! (finally).

  10. [i]I suspect I would be bothered by being out of the loop.[/i]

    I felt it brought back to the Villain of the Week feel of earlier seasons. I felt I gained a bit from knowing who he was, but I don’t think it would have taken away much otherwise.

    I hated Lana tonight. I’m just not a huge fan of what’s going on with her this season.

    Also, did anyone else notice Cain grab what looked like Dr. Fate’s helmet on Lex’s bookshelf.

  11. Also, did anyone else notice Cain grab what looked like Dr. Fate’s helmet on Lex’s bookshelf.

    Not Dr. Fate – looked like a Greek or Roman soldier’s helmet to me.

    I thought this episode was really kickass. Smallville has been flying high this season. Wow, I really did not intend to make that a pun.

    I hope that neither J’onn J’onzz or Kara are evil because I really like them both. I hope it’s just a big misunderstanding.

    was Dean Cain Vandal Savage?

    Seemed like it. I liked that his character’s initials were C.K.

    What’s with Lana’s obsession with Lex?

    I’ve known obsessed ex wives of husbands who aren’t nearly as evil or who didn’t screw them over as badly as Lex did with Lana.