Smallville – S07E03 – Fierce

Tonight’s episode: “Fierce.”

I apologize for the lateness of this thread, our Jim McCann interview ran long.

My bad for not getting the thread up beforehand.


  1. **SPOILER**
    Eh…I’m not sure. I hope it picks up as far as the writing quality and story plotting. I have recently been watching shows that are brilliant: Battlestar Galactica, Sopranos, The Office…ect, and the one’s that are kind of lower tier are just seeming worse. This episode was pretty good, but I just hate how neatly the Lana story is getting wrapped up. Come on, she faked her death, but now it’s all better and she can come live on the farm!

  2. I liked it. I admit it may just be that I am a guy, but I am really likeing Kara. She seems very sweet and dangeres at the same time. Alot like some of my ex-girlfriends.

  3. I’m likin’ the new dynamics on Smallville. I’m grovin’ on Supergirl – and the over-protective older brother vibe between Kara and Clark. Glad to see Lana disentangled from Lex – but not so sure about the Clark/Lana relationship reigniting though. I like the idea that Clark’s secret is not so secret anymore. The only thing I’m not diggin’ is the bad patch Cloe is going through. Her new boss doesn’t appreciate her talent and Kara has a super-crush on Jimmy. Not a good time to be Cloe.

  4. Yeah, loved it. They seem to be following a very definite through-story, even from this early on (although this is Smallville so that may change).

    Love the Clark/Kara dynamic. It’s great that he’s almost turned into Jonathan and is seeing stuff Kara does from the standpoint which 5 years ago is how Jonathan and Martha have seen HIS actions. I think they work really well together.

    Hate the new Daily Planet head-guy (probably the point), though hopefully he’ll be offed in some future episode that’ll make a difference to either Lois or Chloe.

    By the way, the score is simply amazing this year. Are they re-sampling old pieces, stealing them from other scores or is it original?