Smallville – S07E02 – Kara

Tonight’s episode: “Kara.”

Last week’s premiere episode go things off to a (mostly) promising start. Hopefully the momentum continues with our first real introduction to Supergirl.

I finally got to watch last week’s premiere and I enjoyed it quite a bit. The beginning with Clark stopping the flood with his heat vision was pretty badass. I also enjoyed the symmetry of having Kara saving Lex’s life just like Clark did in the first episode (both involving water!). I also enjoyed the continued appearance of J’onn J’onzz whose characterization on this show is fantastic. I hope he keeps popping up all season.

The only think I didn’t like — and this is going to sound familiar — was Lana. I didn’t mind that she was still alive, that was expected. What really made me groan was her and Clark gazing mournfully at the same moon. At this point in time I really think that the show really needs to start transitioning Clark from Lana to Lois. They don’t even drop hints about the possibility that Clark and Lois would end up together anymore. The more and more Clark moons over Lana, the more pathetic he comes off as. At this point, it’s really long past time that Clark moves on with is life. If this is the last season as many predict then I really think that it’s time to start having fun with Clark and Lois. Let’s see the first real sign of some sparks between them (that don’t involve anyone under mind control).


  1. The actress that plays Supergirl, Laura Vandervoort, came into the comic shop i work at over the weekend looking for Suerpgirl toys. She was SO nice and a very cool chick!! I hope she does good this season.

  2. Fantastic episode! I was very skeptical about the show introducing Supergirl as a regular character, but I must admit that her presence has really energized Smallville. The possible plot narratives have just expanded. Also, love the development of Lois – especially how she lands the job at the Daily Planet. The only negative is how Cloe came off – at least in the editor’s opinion.

  3. It was a good episode, i really liked that they kept Kara pretty close to how she is in her current series.

  4. This was a great episode! I agree with others that I was nervous about how they’d treat Supergirl, but so far it’s working a blinder!

    You can kind of tell they’re gearing up for this being the final season. The gloves feel like they’ve been pulled off, and I sense ambition in the way the season’s heading… things are falling into place.

    Loved it!

  5. It was good. I think that the best part of this season for me is the slow grinding into dust of Chloe’s soul. Everywhere she turns her dreams are crushed.

    I’m not sold on the girl playing Kara yet.

  6. Good point about Chloe, they really do seem to be going out of their way to make her fail and be miserable, while still being 100% loyal to Clark.

    Is there any character in the Superman world that could be drawn from this incarnation of Chloe, or does she simply vanish from his life once he becomes Superman… if so, with all the hurt they’re throwing at Chloe, can we expect an untimely demise of her character soon?