Smallville – S06E22 – Phantom

Tonight’s episode: “Phantom.”

It’s the season finale and, if I’m not mistaken, J’onn J’onzz is back.

This season lost a lot of steam for me after the departure of Oliver Queen. Here’s hoping that next season is both exciting and the last for Smallville. It’s time to go out with a bang.


  1. that was fucking awesome

  2. that was really good. i am really happy they brought in some more comic characters. i am really interseted in whats going on with Chloe and Lana

  3. dude that was freaking awsome cant wait for a superman bazaroo fight next season

  4. i know. i can’t wait for the dvd box set

  5. So I haven’t been keeping up with this season… What the hell happened between Lois and Chloe? I didn’t get the whole tear thing.

  6. not only did that rock,but it was awesome. and i know they said they would kill “a” character,but they took out 2,possibly three (lionel,chloe and lana), even though i suspect lana is alive. can’t wait for the final season this fall to see how it wraps up.

  7. Hey Zack,

    Chloe has been suspected of being meteor infected. She has been exposed to more kryptonite and other meteor rocks than anyone so it only seems logical. We haven’t seen what her power might be though. This could be the first look at it. As for Lois, she has been tracing down the super-soldier factory because one of her army buddies was used as a prototype and she’s pretty pissed off. She went into the dam because he uttered out those numbers when he died. They ended up being coordinates to the super-soldiers

  8. This show hasn’t lost any steam. It has maintained the same amount of steam it had when Ollie was on it. Of course that is my humble opinion. This was a great episode. I heard someone was going to die and people died, didn’t die, and came back from the dead. Gees. I am actually cheering for Lana now. I have wanted her dead or in Paris since season three. Now I can’t wait to see what happens with her. So Bizarro? I thought we were going to get a Bizzaro clone out of Lana’s baby. I wasn’t expecting this. Why is it every time there is a Kyptonian on the show they immediately realize they can fly, but Clark still hasn’t connected the dots on that one? Great episode and fricken great season.

  9. That was soooo freaking good; From the first “demonic” opening scene to that last “Bizarro” Clark shot this episode was amazing.

    They have really got their strengths down and know what they’re doing. It was without a doubt the best season of Smallville. It will be the first box set season I’ll buy. The special effects, lighting, dialogue, everything was top rate.

    I love Chloe and had a feeling it would be her time to die, she’s never been added to the comics as promised. And while I cannot imagine the show without her I thought the same of Pa Kent, and they did it.

    This is one show where, as ron would say, “stuff happens”

    I cannot wait for the next season smack down that’s goona top the previous Clark vs Lex/Zod slugfest.

    It’s soooooo good!

  10. Nah, I am still hoping that ****** (censoring because I don’t want it to appear on the main page) death gets reversed. I don’t know how it could be done, but I really don’t like the idea of this show going on without her. Granted they let Lana in on the secret and that could lead to some great moments. However Lana doesn’t have the same amount of character development Chloe has had put into her.

  11. I know, I loved her character too. She really made the show for me. She was adorable. And very well written and acted. When Clark told her that he told Lana his “secret”, you could see she was crushed. She was no longer the only one who knew. Very very nuanced. I love Allison Mack.

    Just because she’s dead doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of her. I can totally deal with Chole Sullivan, Glowly Girl Ghost Reporter. I can live with that.

  12. Exactly, that was my favorite moment from last night’s episode.

    So is Clark now alone on the farm? Smallville Kegger! Although I don’t think Lex will be springing for fireworks this time.

    This show has taken some huge departures from the comic and I don’t mind them as much as I thought I would. A childhood friendship with Lex (although I read that occurred on one of the other Earths that are out there). The death of Jonathan Kent (which was in the movie too). A pre-Daily Planet friendship with Lois. Senator Kent. Chloe herself. It just goes to show you that rewriting continuity can be enjoyable as long as the stories are well done.

  13. Right, if you do it well you can get away with a lot. Lana’s marriage to Lex, Lex suspecting clark was somehow different, Martha & Lionel’s relationship. These are all great twists as opposed to just retelling an old story with modern camera angles and CGI special effects.

    I truly think the producers will not abandon Chole. She will be back in some form. I’m not ready for a full season of Clark & Lana living on the farm.

    Shouldn’t those kids be back in school anyway?

  14. Offical release from the CW


    Aaron Ashmore is joining the Smallville cast as a regular and the show is keeping its time period for its seventh season.

    The CW announced its 2007-2008 lineup on Thursday, with Smallville again occupying the 8 p.m. on Thursdays time period.

    Ashmore guest-starred as Jimmy Olsen in Season 6 and will return in that role as a regular.

    Returning next season are Tom Welling as Clark Kent, Kristin Kreuk as Lana Lang, Michael Rosenbaum as Lex Luthor, Erica Durance as Lois Lane, Allison Mack as Chloe Sullivan and John Glover as Lionel Luthor.

    Annette O’Toole’s Martha Kent will not be returning to the series.

  15. Awesome! Jimmy coming back is cool, but that isn’t what has me excited. That is all I will say (still trying to keep the main page spoiler free).

  16. That was amazing. I really hope that they keep Bizarro with the cracked white face. I was afraid that was just a little thing for the fans, but I hope that it stays that way. I can’t believe how much better this show became just from last season.

  17. Jimmy joining full time is great. I like Aaron Ashmore, he’s much better than the movie Jimmy. I hope they will keep Bizzaro as a recurring character, although I can’t imagine how they would do it.

    Martha is out so I guess it’ll be Clark & Lana on the farm. Or Lana on the run from an out of control Lex. This has to be the end of pretending to be nice Lex. He’s gotta be full on evil now.

    And technically 2 major characters died in the finale so it’ll still work when Chloe opens her eyes and is alive and back in the season 7 premiere. She did die. Although I do have the strange feeling it’s really gonna be ghost Chloe that only Clark can see.

    I can’t wait for the new season to start!!!

  18. Why is this ghost business so popular? Are you guys reading something I’m not? Nothing personal, but I am not crazy about that idea. However as long as they keep telling stories at the same level they did this past season, I’ll watch an all Casper-cast.

  19. A friend just told me than Phil Morris, who plays J’onn J’onzz on Smallville, also played Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld. It is going to be hard to take that character seriously now that I know that 🙂

  20. OH MY GOD! IS LANA DEAD??! CW said Kristen Kreuk will be back. Oh. So much for that mystery. My guess on what happened — seeing no simple way out, she faked her own death. I knew that before I saw the CW announcement. She was in the ice cream truck when the car blew up. Oldest trick in the book. It’s like guy on the other side of the street, truck rushes by, suddenly the guy’s GONE! OH! Where did he go??!

    Also, Chloe got blown up at the end of Season 3. Turns out she escaped through secret tunnels under the safe house when the house blew.

    I don’t know, really great episode, but I think I would have preferred better episodes spaced out (or squeezed together, no hiatus) more consistently through the season, instead of a really good finale where everyone dies…or not? –at the end. I would love to see Smallville do 11 episodes aired once per week without fail, then 11 episodes once per week without fail, and consistent plotting throughout. Maybe this season was troubled in that the network (which changed) hasn’t been real consistently supportive?

    I am totally on board with the 100% now finally totally evil Lex, but if that means giving him really cliche lines to reapeat every show, like, “I’m a busy man doctor, whatever you just said, I’m reapeating that line and saying I’m a busy man and and I want results!” Putting him in prison and on trial for the murder of Lana would be a good way to give him lots of good scenes and not have to do the “mean lab boss” schtick every week.

    Anyway, I say just give Steven DeKnight more room to take control, and dump some other people on staff, amp up the budget back to it’s season 3-4 levels, no more long hiatus’, and I think the show could be really good.

  21. “but if that means giving him really cliche lines to reapeat every show, like, “I’m a busy man doctor, whatever you just said, I’m reapeating that line and saying I’m a busy man and and I want results!” ”

    haha, I noticed that too!:

    I don’t want guarantees, I want RESULTS!

    I don’t want statistics, I want RESULTS!

    I don’t want dinner, I want RESULTS!

    I think that Lex’s evil stems from his lust for results.

    This was the second to the last TV show from this year’s TV season I had to watch, finally got to it on the DVR.

    I immediately txted Conor yelling at him to watch it ASAP


    Finally, 7 years later, I’m vindicated – although its not how I thought it would play out…

    that was great