Smallville – S06E19 – Nemesis

Tonight’s episode: “Nemesis.”

So… wait… Chloe is a super?? That’s what I get for not having watched since the JLA.

I am just waiting for a free couple of hours so that I can plow through all the episodes I’ve missed.


Still waiting…

Any day now…


  1. A thoroughly great episode, great seeing Lex backed into a corner a number of times. Next week looks like filler, but the last 2 episodes of the season should be pretty big.

  2. Lana is badass! She was ready to kill. LOL! That was great.

    I also was a little disappointed when Lex came back for Clark.

  3. One of the best episodes i’ve seen in a while. Stuff went down and it had an epic feel to it. It has a good sense of mystery in it and i cant’t wait until the next episode.

  4. Wait, wait, wait.

    Am I the only one that wonders how the gate that Lex and Clark had there heart to heart suddenly opened up? There was no blast that went through that way, otherwise it would have taken Lex out. All that happened was a beam and bunch of concrete fell on Clark.

    This show makes me angry, and yet I keep watching.

    Damn, you WB…CW…whatever.