Smallville – S06E18 – Progeny

Tonight’s episode: “Progeny.”

It’s been almost a month since a new episode of Smallville so how do they make it up to us? By bringing in Wonder Woman!

Well… Linda Carter, anyway.

There have been two announcements regarding the show in the time since the last episode. The first is that there is going to be a major death before this season is out (Chloe seems to be the logical choice), and that next season may be the show’s last. I can’t say that I’m sad about that. I think the show has pretty much run its course and it has had an incredible run — much longer than I ever thought it would go so I’m thankful for that.


  1. That was a hell of an ending, and next week sounds like it’s going to be very interesting, too. I want to see Clark and Lex really have at it.

  2. I have mixed feelings about last night’s show. Lex had some great moments. He was completely heartless. In the past I have always felt that when he did something really rotten he still felt regret about it on some level. Not last night. Actually, I would say he enjoyed messing with Chloe at the end of it. Did Clark hesitate before pushing Lex out of the way of that bullet? Lastly, I wasn’t impressed much with the plot with Chloe’s mom.

    Chloe is the most likely candidate for the end of the season death. That is where I am putting my money. Then again that could be exactly what they want us to think…yeah…uh huh…you can’t trust them.

  3. I haven’t watched a new episode in a long time. By the sounds of it I missed a good one.

    As far as major deaths go, I dont think it will be Chleo this season, maybe next season. I think the death is going to be one of those “you think they’re dead but no your wrong” things.

  4. I’ve been waiting for this one for the longest time… I so loved this episode!

  5. I love when Lex goes all, well Lex Luthor, and that daily planet scene was ALL Lex Luthor.
    That being said, Chloe can’t die soon enough

  6. Nah, Chloe is the most well developed character in the show. I know how the story ends for everyone else. She is the only character I have an interest in. Especially, now that she is a meteor freak. If she wasn’t in the final season I would be very disappointed.