Smallville – S06E14 – Tresspass

While you are waiting for the show tonight, feel free to read this interesting TV Guide Q&A with Smallville Executive Producer Al Gough. It appears as if we’ve got at least one more Smallville season left and that there might be a few more DCU guest stars.

Tonight’s episode: “Trespass“.

I’ll be totally honest. I’ve only seen like the first five minutes of last week’s episode. Something came up and I had to stop watching. And then I forgot about it. It’s still on the auxiliary DVR, though.



    Would it be too wacky crazy if it turned out that the brat Lana is carrying was a LexCorp made Bizarro/clone of Clark? The plotlines in this show go all over the place. Some are very real, while others are more super heroic, but would a Bizarro baby be too far off into the deep end?

  2. I really hope that Smallville is moving through the plot line where Lana learns Clark’s secret. It could open up many possibilities in the show. Also, that would put the show in continuity with the comics. As it stands now, the Lana-Lex storyline is both tired and lame – as I’ve said many times before. It’s time to move on, especially since they are planning a 7th season.

    Glad to hear the Martian Manhunter will return to the series.

  3. Another interesting interview with Gough. In it he implies that while Smallville was a favorite program amongst those in charge of The WB, not so much with The CW. Which is one big reason why there will be no Justice League show, and why Aquaman didn’t get picked up.

  4. The interview may be interesting but this episode was just awful. They tried carrying on suspenseful moments too long, like a bad horror movie.

  5. The interview may be interesting but this episode was just awful. Tried to be suspenseful but it was boring and frustrating. Let’s hope the next one is better.