Smallville – S06E13 – Crimson

That pesky red kryptonite rears its ugly head again tonight — and this time it’s a convenient excuse to kick start the Clark/Lois romance.

Tonight’s episode – “Crimson.”

Damn that red kryptonite! Always showing up at socially awkward times and making people act all sexy.

Tom Welling and Erica Durance have really great chemistry and I know they can’t put Clark and Lois together yet but damn do they work. Hell, if they can’t put Clark and Lois together then Clark and Chloe at least. God, somebody, anybody. Will someone please throw Clark a bone?


  1. I usually catch this on saturdays because of the hockey game. I hope it doesnt suck, ’cause i’ve hated the red k episodes so far

  2. Not a bad episode. However, it is getting harder and harder to believe that Clark’s powers are even secret anymore. I didn’t want to kill Lana this week and Lois makes me smile/horny…ha ha

  3. This was a great episode. Usually, I can tolerate the Clark/Lana stuff at best, but this time I was into it. Red Kryptonite Clark is always fun. He isn’t evil as much as he is a jerk. He isn’t even a jerk as much as he just isn’t going to take crap from anyone, because he doesn’t have to. He embraces who he is instead of trying to hide it all the time. No, I think the Red K episodes are some of the best.

  4. As cheesy as it was (aphrodesiac?!?) I really enjoyed the high drama this week. Oh, and Lois? EVERYBODY knows Whitesnake does power ballads.. Can anyone say Tawnie Kataine

  5. I expecially liked Clark dissin his mom over getting with a Luthor less than a year after poor ol Mr Kent’s death.

  6. I liked the “Lex has wanted everything I have ever had,” line Clark deliver and then calling Lana a trophy. Somebody had to say it, of course it would be Red K Clark. I should have seen that coming, I guess.

  7. I’m going to go out and say it, right now I am enjoying Smallville a heck of a lot more than Heroes. While Heroes is a good show, and enjoyable, I just feel that Smallville just seems to have quite a bit more heart. Heroes can just be way to serious and cheesy, whereas Smallville is also cheesy, but at least their brand of cheese is a lot more fun. I mean “save the cheerleader, save the world?” Come on now.

  8. I mean “save the cheerleader, save the world?” Come on now.

    Best TV marketing slogan of 2006. Hands down.

  9. are you on the list?

  10. I love that one minute Lex has a bunch of armed guards in the mansion that rush him and Lana to a safe room in an emergency, and the next minute Clark and Lois can just waltz in during a party.

  11. I loved it. Not as much as Heroes. Although I only see half of it due to Afro Samurai… Now that’s awesome! 🙂

  12. Could I watch “Justice” and get some enjoyment out of it without having seen any other Smallville episodes?

  13. I was just watching the episode ‘labyrinth’ (the episode before ‘Crimson’… I’m a bit behind), and in that episode they use the term ‘superpowered’ a lot, which got me thinking…

    Wouldn’t the term have a different meaning in a world where superman (as we know him – in comics and films) does not exist?

    I think Superman defined the term; were people to use the it in a world where he doesnt exist as a pop icon, it’d a little bit off, the same as using the term ‘megapowered’ or ‘awesomepowered’.

  14. Clark should so use his superpowers and become Awesomeman!

  15. Six Gun:
    Yes, you could watch “Justice” and not bother with watching any other episodes. “Justice” is very good and a pretty self contained little story. If you are a DC fan, you will Rock Out and love it.

    So I guess I’m the odd man out. I’ve followed Smallville since Season 1, seen all episodes, was greatly disappointed by Seasons 4 and 5, but very excited that 6 is far better, back to the heights of Season 1&2.

    That said, I found Season 6, episode 13 to be irredeemable garbage. I would rate this as one of the top ten worst episodes in 6 years. I found it torture to watch. That I actually sat through it is testament to the fact that I basically like this show. The worst of the “meteor freak of the weak” episodes of the past mostly get a pass from me because the writer’s didn’t mess with the a season’s main plot points that developed over a year or more. This one just used the hokey device of red kryptonite to thrash around with 6 years of continuity, and then used the “Oh Patrick Duffy just woke up in the shower and it never happened in Dallas” thing at the end, except there wasn’t even the “it was all a bad dream” explanation.

    I’ve seen these writers before, and they usually do garbage. It’s really torture to watch basically competent actors struggle with a bad director and bad script. Absolutely awful.

    “But tell us what you really feel, Wally….”

    Like I said, I guess I’m “odd man out” on this episode….