Smallville – S06E12 – Labyrinth

Smallville rolls on and so do the guest appearances — J’onn J’onzz, The Martian Manhunter makes a return appearance in tonight’s episode: “Labyrinth.”

Oh, yeah — and a major character supposedly dies.

I cannot believe that the guy playing J’onn is the same guy who played Jackie Chiles on Seinfeld.


  1. this looks very interesting. But didnt they do this exact same thing in a Buffy epesode?

  2. Could be. Stephen S. DeKnight is a co-exec on Smallville now.

  3. Well it looks like it has potential so i will reserve any criticism untell after the show.

  4. A blue robe for the Martian Manhunter – awesome. I like this guy as J’onn.

  5. Oh, yeah – and a major character supposedly dies.

    Damn internets rumors. Ron will be displeased.

    Oh, and Clark is an idiot.

  6. Great episode. I love the fact that throughout the episode that there was no music, just this sickly hum sound.

    Oh, and Martian Manhunter was fantastic! Loved the whole fire bit.

  7. That hum was very cool. Anyone ever play the Silent Hill video games? That hum set a tone for this episode that was very similar to the creepy feeling I get when I play those games.

    Martian Manhunter was very cool. It was just enough and none of it felt forced. Does anyone know if there are plans to bring him back anytime soon?

  8. “Take my Yaris”

    worst product placement ever.
    almost as bad as Heroes

  9. “Remy Zero!”

  10. LOL
    that will be always funny

  11. It is because of Smallville that I now hear “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”, by Green Day, in my head every time I see Old Spice deodorant. Terrible.

  12. Did I miss the major death? Or was it to mean the fake death of Chloe?

    Man, I really have to catch up with this show, I am 8 episodes into season 1 now, only like 120 more to go…

  13. I think it was the fake death of Chloe…like Lana’s “death” last year (which did lead to Bo Duke’s death – damn I miss him)

    Although Chloe is a permanent fixture on top of the deadpool – it’s just a matter of time before she bites it

  14. ‘Although Chloe is a permanent fixture on top of the deadpool’

    Sooooo she’s involved with Wade Wilson? Gross!


  15. So I’m thinking the dude who plays Lex Luther would make a perfect Ultimate X-Men Charles Xavier after that wheelchair scene. Ya know?

  16. Am I the only one who finds these types of episodes really useless? What I mean is that you know that by the end of the hour you’ll find out that someone was messing with Clark’s head and everything will be back to normal. It just seems like a throw-away, fill-in episode.

  17. That was awsome! The JLA is almost complete. Now if they could only do an episode with Wonder Woman or maybe one of the Wonder Girls ( Donna or Cassie). A young Bruce Waine would be a nice touch for there last season as well.

  18. Now if they could only do an episode with Wonder Woman… A young Bruce Waine would be a nice touch for there last season as well.

    Neither one of those things will happen.

  19. I gotta say thou, don’t know about all of you, but there was a long period where I was really only watching the show for the Chloe scenes, then I discovered Veronica Mars, that show is like taking all the best investigative reporting parts of Smallville and the cute, smart, blonde girl and wrapping it all up in a really REALLY good story/ multiple murder mysteries…. without the meteor freaks….. which could make the show a bit more complicated.

    I really wish the story (in Smallville) would hurry up with where it’s going, because alot of the eps seem to just be fillers with just enough of the bigger picture to make us almost want to come back the next week…. but in saying that, you can miss a month or two’s episodes and still know not much has changed :/

    I also agree with the whole Michael Rosenbaum could play a really good Ultimate Xavier…. except his face is probably a little long, but I’d like to see it tried

  20. I watched the first season of Smallville and thought it was pretty ok. But it got me to thinking… Exactly how many people are in Smallville and did most of them turn into monsters/die/die at the hands of said monsters in the first season?

    I agree with Luke. Veronica Mars is awesome.

  21. Exactly how many people are in Smallville
    It’s on the sign in the beginning – it’s like 45K+

  22. And that’s a town?!?!

    I think Whakatane (where I live) ALMOST has 15k?

  23. Whakatane

    holy fucking mouthfull batman

  24. pronounced fuk-a-tarney