Smallville – S06E10 – Hydro

It’s the first new episode of Smallville in quite a long time!

Tonight’s episode: “Hydro.”

What’s it about? Well, there are two different trailers for what looks like two completely different shows!

Trailer 1
Trailer 2

This episode is really just a place holder until “Justice” next week.


  1. Ok I haven’t seen this season of Smallville and I’m gonna start watching it tonight what did I miss?

  2. So Clark dresses up like Green Arrow to throw Lois of the scent that she dating a superhero? Why is it supeheroes can get away with messing with their girlfriends like that and almost make it seem noble? Anyway, it looks like a good episode. I am psyched.

  3. Raph, you missed.

    – Lana moving in with Lex and getting engaged.

    – Lois, in stage two of what will surely be awkward JLA meetings int he future has been dating Green Arrow.

    – Oh yeah, you’ve missed a fantastic Green Arrow! Totally revitalized the show.

    – Chloe has been dating Jimmy Olsen while working at the Daily Planet.

    – Lois has discovered her love of journalism (finally!) and is working for a supermarket tabloid rag.

    – Clark is still socially awkward.

  4. Thanks Connor, ummm that sounds kind of badd though, except for the whole Green Arrow thing.

  5. Can Clark fly yet?

  6. It’s actually been really, really, good this season.

    Clark *can* fly, but only as Kal-El. Clark won’t be flying on the show – “No fligths, no tights”, remember.

  7. I guess I’ll netflix this season when it comes out on DVD and catch up on these episodes, Lois is a superhero slut, Aquaman, Green Arrow, we all know she would dig the bat if he could be on the show, by the time she gets to Clark she’s gonna have dated the entire Justice League (Flash or Impulse is too young and Cyborg is well a Cyborg so they don’t count)

  8. I’m still in the process of letting all the episodes fall into my lap off the back of a truck. It’s been three weeks of constantly following trucks.

  9. I’ve been meaning to follow those same trucks. I’ve never seen a single episode

  10. I just got done watching a great Power Girl fanfilm. It’s called Classifieds and takes place between issues 3 and 4 of JSA Classified. This girl is so spot on with her and the costume is great. The same guy did a really funny Blue Beetle/Maxwell Lord Advil commercial and a Booster and Beetle PSA for smoking. You gotta check these out. He also did one of the Flash getting a speeding ticket. Obviously a big DC fan and he has some talent as well. (He actually makes these costumes and has a great eye for casting)
    This is the link to his youtube page where you can view all of these, but the Power Girl film is a must see!

  11. A lot of the first season fell off that same truck in my neighborhood a few years back, and I grew to wish that truck would come by looking for them so I could return them for a reward. I’ve seen a few since then that have seemed much better. That Kid Flash one was groovetastic. At the time, season one just seemed like someone would find Kryptonite under strange circumstances and become a superfreak based on those circumstances. “What’s this green rock in my salad?… Oh my God, my hair! My hair is lettuce!!” You could your watch by it like Law & Order.

  12. the truck is presently parked in front of my house and it should be for the next 2-3 days. Luckily for me I have pretty wide parking lanes. not a dumb joke makes sense when you think about it

  13. Is anybody else actually watching the show? That Hydro chick is a really stupid character

  14. those movies are awesome tolly, thanx for the link.

  15. Eh. It was an okay episode. I think they might be going a little overboard on Ollie Queen’s green motif… Sure he’s Green Arrow, but Jesus.

    Bottom line: Clark and Lois just need to get it on already.

  16. Why cant someone just tell Lana who Clark really is already.

  17. Yeah, the hydro reporter felt more like a character out of Lois and Clark, not Smallville. I didn’t like her. Other than that I thought this was a good episode. Pushed some stuff forward. However how many more times are we going to see Lana confront Clark on his secret only to have her go away still not knowing it? This might have been the best confrontation yet, but I feel like we should have moved on from this point by now. He is never going to tell her so let�s move forward.

    I always thought the final scene in the last episode should be a montage of various characters reacting to the news of Superman appearing in Metropolis. Some would see it and figure out what has been up with Clark all these years and those who already know his secret would be happy for Clark. His mom would be frightened for him. Lana would be shocked. Lex would be cool, but furious.

  18. This is what I don’t like about Smallville everyone other then Clark gets a costume, it doesn’t have to be the superman costume “no flight no tights” but some cool costume, if they start the JLA hes gonna need a costume, GreenArrow’s costume is cool maybe Clark could ask Ollie to hook him up. I don’t know just get a damm costume!!!!!

  19. He doesn’t get a costume because he’s not ready to get a costume. He’s not “Superman” yet, and I don’t mean that literally, I mean that he doesn’t have the confidence and the mindset and the vision to put on a costume. He’s not ready. He’s still “Clark”.

    He’s close, though. But that’s when the show ends.

  20. So the JLA is gonna have 4 costumed superheroes and Clark?

  21. The JLA is, as far as I know, a one episode thing.

    So, yeah.

    I don’t believe he’s joining it yet. It will probably end with them asking him to join and Clark saying he isn’t ready.

  22. Oh, I thought this was like a story arch or something like 4-8 episode long, crap I was all excited about this too, damm…… that sucks.

  23. Right now they dont have the budget for alot of things. They got their budget cut when they moved to the CW network.

  24. Darrel speaks the truth.

    The only multi-episode guest star has been Green Arrow. Everyone else has just been one-and-done.

  25. Stalking the cold streets of new york….and various entertainment industry trade publications.

  26. what would you expect? isn’t the CW’s logo a food stamp with ‘CW’ scrawled on it in crayon

  27. I wish Marvel and DC would join together and creat a tv channel, this is impossible and would never ever happen but it would be nice to see shows like Smallville and a few others and the cartoons on one channel, this would also be a good opportunity for ifanboy to get a tv show, like a ifanboy phone in, that would be great, but what do I know.

  28. I liked the Hydro episode except for Tori Spelling. I cant stand her. Sorry 90210 fans (my wife watxhes the re-runs all the time on Soap too.) but I just cant stand her. And she’s going to make a return to the show too. They didnt kill her. So she’ll be back.

    A Marvel/DC channel would be cool but your right, it will never happen. I would like to see all the cartoons go to one channel in re-runs tho. I guess thats what DVDs are for.

    An iFanboy tv show would be cool too. A IPTV style show or video podcast is more feasible. Even a live streamed call-in or chatroom-in audio show would be cool. I aint bitchin tho guys. You 3 got to be busy and the website and podcast have got to be a ton of work. Just dreaming of a future where fanboys dominate the world 🙂

  29. I disagree about Tori, Gaumer. Donna had spank inducing tits when I was 15.

  30. I still dig the series, but am I sick and tired of the whole Lana-Lex storyline.

  31. Hydro was a definite filler episode to make way for Justice. Because if you look at the episode nothing really major happened except Clark finding out that Lana was pregnant and Lana discovered that Cloe knows what Clark is hiding.

  32. “Hydro was a definite filler episode to make way for Justice.”

    I would definitley disagree with this, but I think it just reflects our differing reasons for watching the show. Smallville is basically “Dawson’s Creek+superhero,” with the soap opera drama being main and the superhero aspect being the extra (60/40 mix). Those that only have eyes for “justice,” want Clark in the costume NOW, or don’t really get into Smallville at all are more hungry for the superhero element, while those of us that like it (I’m with Conor about Season 6 revitilizing the show) are in it for the soap as much as the action, if not more so.

    Tori Speilling was a completely irrelevent character whose only purpose was to serve as a plot device to move the story of the main characters. If the show HAD been built around Tori’s character, I would diss the show as being as bad as most of 4 and 5 and much of 1, which were just “meteor freak of the week” as Jimski rightfully points out, but Tori’s meteor freak on was more about Chloe’s issues, Clark’s issues, Lana’s issues, Lex’s issues, Lois’s issues, Ollie’s issues, all their issues with each other, soap soap soap, loved the episode, but I’m there for the soap.

    But I do think Lana needs to get over having to know what color everyone’s panties are. If she doesn’t know who to trust because they won’t submit to her daily third degree– take a hike, Lana.

    The scene where Chloe unloads on Clark then Clark gives her a hug was gold — golden soap, got choked up, and I think Welling (as director) got a one of the best performance out of Kreuk, who I think is a pretty limited actress….

  33. I just started watching Smallville last night. I watched the unaired pilot(episode 0) and it was pretty good. I’m in for at least a few more.

  34. Great, go for it, just one warning: Season 1 can get a little tiresome at times because of the “meteor freak of the week” thing (as Jimski pointed out), just hang in there for the “soap” stuff (character development) but Season 2 and 3 are really, really good. Those are Lex and Lex’s dad Lionel’s seasons to really shine. Great writing. The Season 3 finale is pretty WOW, stunning, but 4 and 5 are kind of lame, with a few stand out shows that are great, until Season 6, now, when it really got kick started and back to where it was in Season 2 and 3 in terms of quality writing.

  35. i watched through 12 last night(i never sleep) and I’m hooked
    the freak of the week is unnecessary though
    story good enough by itself

  36. The “Freak of the Week” thing, as explained by the producers, was so that new viewers could jump on and not feel lost. The feeling was that if you started deep into the “soap” right away, people who heard good word-of-mouth could tune in to, say, episode 5 and might feel totally lost.

    I really didn’t mind it, myself.

  37. It’s not that it’s terrible; it’s just that they could do without it. I love the characters, especially Lex. Less freaks more Lex.

    The other thing, and I don’t totally mind it, is the cheese factor. Every episode in the first 12 or so it seems they find an opportunity to have a character say something to Clark along the lines of you don’t know what it’s like to hide who you really are. It’s kind of heavy handed. I know that I’m at the older end of the target audience though so I attribute it to that. Also, Lex and Clark have a conversation where they talk about the Rickman industries guy and the unibomber guy being former friends and have this whole what went wrong we could never be enemies like that conversation. There seems to be a lot of tongue-in-cheek things like that. It’s ok but it is kind of cheesy.

  38. The Clark and Lex friendship was great! I really bought into it. It always seemed like something beyond their control would set themselves against each other but at their core they were still friends. Lex did the steal the show early on. He seemed to genuinely want to be a good guy, but we knew he had another destiny. Watching him approach his fate was more interesting to me than Clark.

  39. Lex has had a very interesting and complex character arc of the course of the series. Clark, on the other hand, hasn’t really changed all that much. He’s frustrating in that respect.

  40. I think, in my vast 12 episode experience, that he’s kind of trapped by being Superman. They could do so many interesting things with him if he weren’t. His dialogue includes a lot of yes pa no pa. It’s very much what you expect from Superman because he’s an idealized superhuman. Fucking up is entertaining. The episode(11?) where he loses his powers to the nerdy guy and he becomes ‘Superboy’, at least in the local media, is way more interesting. Why hasn’t Clark ever done any of the stupid shit he did? It can’t be easy to be restrained all the time.

  41. Oh, they let Clark loose a few times (I won’t say how), but while those episodes are fun to watch, you see why he HAS to be so restrained, because he’d be F’ing terrifying if he wasn’t. And almost impossible to root for.

    You’re right though, he needs to loosen up a skeench. The Flash episode dealt with that too.

  42. The closest in the first 12 where he went a bit too far was when he dropped the safe on the dirty cop’s car. But I mean Jesus that’s a pretty tame thing to do to someone threatening your family and framing your father for murder

    I’m in now. I’m going to keep going

  43. Cool. Season 2 and 3 are gold. Just be prepared for 4 and 5 to just be good at the season beginning and endings, with a few nice episodes in between, but in 2 and 3 they really hit a stride. I love those two seasons. The Lex Lionel stuff is just pure juicy red meat. If you have the DVD, the extras are funny because they have lots of footage of Michael Rosenbaum (Lex) clowning around in out takes–the guy is actually a real cut up and very funny.

    I agree that (and have commented) there is a bit too much of “Poor me, I am handsome/beautiful and/or have superpowers…, oh, poor me…” from Clark and Lana, and it’s really Chloe, Lex and Lionel that add the really good sparks to the show. Though, Clark’s parents are really good too…both great actors.

    Characters do come in from time to time (like Bart Allen in one of the one really good episodes of season 4) to offset Clark’s “boyscout” ho hum personality and make it interesting. Of course the guest star that tells Clark where he is really from (Season 2? 3?) is priceless, I watched the scene like 5 times in a row and cried like a baby…

    I won’t spoil it. You’ll love it. Guaranteed.

  44. “The “Freak of the Week” thing, as explained by the producers, was so that new viewers could jump on and not feel lost.”

    Too true, every show has to struggle with this balance, I think all of my favorite shows (including Buffy) have relied on just “monster/freak/issue” of the week when first establishing itself. But that’s why I’m more unforgiving of Smallville’s Season’s 4+5 (reverting to same device 4 years in), whereas Season 6 has a quality Josh has mentioned about many comics, where lots is going on, but you still feel like you can just jump in, and half the fun is figuring out who and what everyone is.

    Comics deal with this problem all the time, TV execs just need to back off on their “just one shots with no new surprises” attitude they push on show creators.

  45. I’m not certain it’s a case of the Superhero vs soap opera since to be honest many comics have a high grade of soap opera elements just from diffrent standpoints. I think it is more of a case that many people would prefer to see Superman rather than Superboy.. and in the case of smallville.. i’m not sure Clark even qualifies as Superboy… but that’s just my opinion.

    And to be fair i would rather see a Superman series than this. The whole Clark holding himself back is pretty darn tedious and it kind of sickens me to see how weak Clark makes himself by denying who he really is.