Smallville – S06E06 – Fallout

The weekly Heroes discussion is so much fun, I thought we’d do it with Smallville too!

Tonight’s episode – Fallout.

I’m a week behind on Smallville, but the last episode I saw — “Arrow,” featuring the full debut of Green Arrow — was one of the best episodes in years. It was fantastic. I am slightly sad that they are not able to use Bruce Wayne and have replaced him with Oliver Queen, but it has been so much fun so far. Just like the first season that Lois Lane appeared, this new character has injected new life and new energy into the show.


  1. I agree. I have been having a really goodtime watching this season. I’ll be sad when Green Arrow leaves. Have you heard about the “Justice” episode? Rumor is it’s a mini Justice League thing. Even if it’s cheesy, it still could be fun.

  2. No one ever locks their doors on this show. SO UNREALISTIC.

  3. Well, they are supposed to live in a small town. I live in a small town, and we don’t lock our doors, because there’s no need to…so if you’re talking about just in Smallville and not Metropolis, then it’s somewhat realistic. Although, i think the city limit sign said Smallville had like 60,000 people, and my town has 4,000…so there’s a pretty big difference.

  4. Yeah but like… with the amount of times that Clark has come home to someone sitting on his loft or Clark has burst in on Lex, you’d think one of them would start locking their doors.
    Like when that chick (I don’t remember her name anymore) would show up and Lex would be in her apt. above the Talon… yeah.

  5. Oh, boy, next week Green Arrow has roid rage.

  6. I grew up in a small town in Kansas (not joking and I have no super powers), but we never locked our doors. I am not sure where they say Smallville is in the state of Kansas; but it would not be uncommon for a majority of people to leave doors unlocked.

  7. Was it Lawrence, Kansas? Because that place rules.

    Either way– I’m telling you. If you walked into your apartment above your coffee shop a few times and found Lex Luthor going through your shit, you’d start locking your doors.

  8. In Clark’s defense, I wouldn’t lock my door either. I mean, I’d think about it, but then I’d go, “Wait, I’m immortal,” and not worry about it. Unless I was leaving one of those really expensive video iPods in my room or something.

    Otherwise… how do I put this?… in terms of stuff that’s hard to swallow on Smallville, the unlocked doors barely graze the surface. =)

  9. I didn’t live in Lawrence. Why you like Lawrence so much?

    Two things: 1.) Clark will grow up and be Superman, he don’t need some stupid lock. 2.) Lex is going to grow up and be the baddest bad guy, so there ain’t no lock that will keep out Lex.

  10. I don’t know, man. I just don’t know.
    I’d lock my door.

    Lawrence Rules. I was there last year for the final Coalesce reunion show and it was totally quiet and easy going, very much unlike Miami. A quarter at a parking meter bought me two hours. Fuckin insane. Also, there were farmer’s markets and all sorts of mom and pop places and shit. Totally the place for me.

  11. Of course Dude would lock his door. He said he lives in COCAINE ALLEY!

  12. with it’s chainsaw violence


  14. Listen, cockroaches might climb out of the gutter, but that doesn’t change what they are…

  15. I knew the cocaine alley story was gonna catch me shit. I’ll fight all of you!!!

  16. with a chainsaw?

  17. Thursday is a bloodbath.

    ‘Anatomy’ edges out ‘CSI’ on Thurs.

    3 Nov 2006 8:28pm EST – By Paul J. Gough

    NEW YORK — After several weeks losing out to “Grey’s Anatomy” at 9 p.m., CBS mainstay “CSI” came close to tying it in viewership in Thursday’s primetime.

    “Grey’s Anatomy” was still the most popular show on television, allowing ABC to notch a win in the adults 18-49 demographic while CBS took the victory in viewership. “Grey”‘s returned from a one-week break to 21 million viewers and a 9.0 rating/21 share in the adults 18-49 demographic, according to preliminary estimates released Friday by Nielsen Media Research. That compared to 22 million viewers and a 9.6/23 in adults 18-49 in its last original episode two weeks ago. Meanwhile, “CSI” (20.5 million, 6.9/16) was about even from last week.

    Univision had a great night in the ratings with the telecast of the Latin Grammys from New York City. The three-hour telecast averaged 5.5 million viewers and a 2.6/6 in the demo.

    Fox got awful numbers for the season premiere of “The OC” (3.4 million, 1.5/3). It was down 55% from the 7.5 million who watched last year’s premiere on Sept. 8 and down 55% from its adults 18-49 premiere of a 3.3/10. It was down 41% from its 2005-06 season average of 5.7 million viewers and the 2.6/7 in the demo. NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” (13.1 million, 4.6/11) was up compared to last week.

    After its clip show losing to “Ugly Betty” last week, “Survivor: Cook Islands” (15.5 million, 5.5/14) regained supremacy at 8 p.m. giving a win in both measures to CBS. “Ugly Betty” (13.7 million, 4.4/11) came in second place for the hour, although it jumped 2 million viewers between 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. NBC’s “My Name Is Earl” (9.6 million, 4.1/11) and “The Office” (8.9 million, 4.2/10) were up compared to their last original episodes two weeks ago. Fox’s sitcoms “Til Death” (4.3 million, 1.7/5) and “Happy Hour: (3.2 million, 1.4/3) were beaten in the hour by The CW’s “Smallville” (4.9 million, 2.1/5).

  18. I feel so bad for Ugly Betty. Everyone’s so mean to her.

  19. apparently, when goes Heinberg, so go the ratings.

    Salma Hayek was on Ugly Betty last week. I love her. But I’m not watching the show.

    Earl and Office up. Those are good things.