‘Smallville’ Hits 100

As this week’s 100th episode of Smallville approaches, Executive Producer Al Gough talks with TV Guide.

Topics of note:

• The speculation on the identity of the major cast member who kicks the bucket this week.
• Cyborg’s upcoming guest appearance.
• The new Aquaman series.

Since the first season, Ron has been convinced that Chloe was going to die. At first I strongly resisted that idea (especially when DC said they were going to add Chloe to the comic book continuity, like they did with Harley Quinn), but then last season I came around to it (especially when Chloe didn’t show up in the comics after four years), but now I’m not so sure anymore. So the characters that I think are most likely to not make it to Friday are, in order from most-to-least likely:

1. Lana.
2. Jonathan.
3. Chloe.
4. Martha.

If it is anyone else, I will be genuinely shocked.


  1. I still think Chloe is deadmeat – which will explain/justify Clark going into Journalism

    But I don’t think it’s her time yet.

    I think Clark is going to tell Lana his secret
    and then almost immediately thereafter, she will die.

  2. i think it will be someone whose name begins with an L.

  3. Is it Lewis?!?!?

    NOT LEWIS!!!!!

  4. He should never have sent Clark that correspondence.

  5. Martha bites it.

    That’s where my money goes.

    Lana can’t bite it, because she’s triangle material.

    Johnathan can’t bite it, for the Dukes of Hazzard fans watching.

    And Chloe can’t bite it, again, because she’s possible triangle material.

  6. These hypotheses might have been true before Lois came into the picture, but you can swap her in for either Chloe or Lana, no problem.

    Especially since… you know, she’s Lois.

  7. Hmm…I’m actually leaning towards Lana dieing…or possibly even Chloe. But it’s not gonna be his parents, nor Lois. They’re too integral to the smallville mythology, and seeing as how they’re moving towards superMAN, Lana became almost non-existant later on, in favor of Lois.

    Let’s just wait to see.

  8. Even though I’m sure they did it as an homage, the Fortress of Solitude in Smallville is very reminiscent of the movie version. There are some similarities, but, of course, this is not a prequel to the movies, as has already been noted from some earlier interviews.

    In the old Golden/Silver Age stuff, and in the movies, Jonathan Kent (and MArtha, for that matter) were already dead. Jonathan died first, though.

    My money is on the fact that Jonathan wins the Senate race, and then dies in a car crash or something, possibly so that it looks like Lex did it.

  9. I’m kinda leaning towards Jonathan too…

    Of course, my opinion seems to change with the wind.

    The anticipation is killing me!

  10. I think Lana is going to die. But I like the idea of Jonathan dieing in a car crash and looking like Lex did it.

  11. Now, slow down there. Let’s think about it. Do you really think that this arc, with Johnathon running a race for Senate, would go out with one episode with HIM biting the bullet?

    Now, if what Michael said holsd any ground, it’d make more sense for it to be Martha. Why not give Clark and Johnaton a strong will to move on. And we saw her interaction with Lionel a few episodes back.

    And, too further my point, I went straight the wikipedia article on Johnathan Kent, and I quote:

    “After Clark graduated from high school, Jonathan and Martha took a vacation to the Caribbean Islands, where they contracted a fatal and rare tropical disease after handling materials from a pirate’s treasure chest they had exhumed; despite Superboy’s best efforts, Martha passed away, with Jonathan dying soon thereafter. Before passing on, Jonathan reminded Clark that he must always use his powers for the benefit of humanity. After Jonathan’s passing, Clark mourned his parents’ loss, before eventually moving to Metropolis to attend college.”

    Martha’s death might be the start of a bevy of different plotlines for Smallville.

  12. I’m back on the Lana bandwagon.

    I’m telling you, one stiff wind and I switch sides.

  13. spidermav may be right, Jonathan might bet shot – but I don’t think he’ll die. Everyone knows Clark is invulernable, but apparently so is Jonathan – heart attack, he gets his ass kicked every other episode, hell rememeber when Lex shot him in the leg and then next week, he was fine?

    So Jonathan may get hurt, but Lana is still my pick to eat it

  14. Oh, she’s toast.

    *Possible Spoiler*


  15. Three star full-page review in my paper for tonight’s episode!

    I’m excited!

    And eight full pages of Smallville articles and thank you ads in today’s Variety.