Slow News Week

It’s been a slow news week for comics. Not much to discuss. Rather than let iFanboy’s weblog wither on the vine until something comic booky happens, let’s broaden the horizons and throw open the doors.

What do you want to talk about? Anything will do. We can go as off-the-wall and as varied as you, the faithful readers, want.
Some possible topics:

Anyone with a large DVD collection better take out a loan.

Why did Harrison Ford make Firewall? No, seriously.

Is there a cooler man alive than Sam Shepard?

One of iFanboy’s favorite shows, Arrested Development, ends its glorious run this week. Or does it? (Minor spoilers)

We can talk about these, ot anything else that catches your fancy.

This thread shall hereby support multiple discussions on multiple topics.

So says DOOM!


  1. Well, since the whole religion topic has been hit . . .

    I’ve not heard you all talk about it before, but do you all watch the Teen Titans and/or the Justice League (Unlimited) Warner Bros. cartoons? And were you fans of the Batman – Superman – Static Shock – Batman Beyond WB Universe that Justice League continues out of?

  2. I watched the Teen Titans and the Justice Leauge cartoon (Pre-Unlimited). I watched Batman as a younger kid, and some Static Shock, but I don’t remember much of the Superman cartoon. Teen Titans was actually really good, and I loved all the references they did (Kid Flash, man. KID FLASH.)

    Broadening horizons, eh? Why not open up an early topic for this weeks comic books? Am I the only one who went to the comic shop today? Maybe Connor….Maybe Ron….Let’s not even consider Josh.

    I have a million different ideas for topics, yet I’d rather not have this topic cluttered with a million different replies to different topics. So, let’s keep it simple, maybe delve a little deeper as this topic shows signs of withering.

  3. I’m thinking of going to Bonnaroo this year.

  4. I loved the batman animated series, and I loved the superman series just as much. For some reason the JLA show didn’t resonate with me as much. Perhaps because it was Dini-less.

    Btw, I had the pick of the week this week, so I DID go to my shop, where they were sold out of 2 of the 5 books I was going to read this week. So there may be a slight delay with the pick of the week, as I have to hunt some stuff down. I didn’t love what I’d read so far, nothing standing out, so I thought I’d check out another store before making a choice.

    And just for the record, I’ve been to the shop every wednesday this year so far. It was strictly a geographical issue before.

  5. The only reason I didn’t open a thread for this week’s books was because that is what the PoW/podcast thread is usually for.

  6. I am a huge fan of the Bruce Timm animated DC universe. I have seen every episode of Batman, Superman, Batman Beyond, Justice Leaue (regular and Unlimited). I started collecting comics as a strictly Marvel fanboy, but it was the orginal Batman cartoon that led me to start reading DC comics. I eagerly await Paul Dini’s run on Detective (thats the Batman book he will be writing, right?).

    Extra info: New episodes JLU are airing this weekend on Cartoon Network for the first time since the second week of September. Its a Wally West/Flash centered episode and since he recently bit the big one in the comics, Flash fans may want to tune in.

  7. I stand by my belief that the original run of Batman: The Animated Series was one of the best cartoons ever. It is probably the most true-to-the-comics Batman that has ever lept off the page and it worked for kids and it worked for adults. I’m still really pissed that they haven’t put out a comprehensive DVD set, rather than the ‘greatest hits’ style sets they have now. Damn, that was a great show.

    For some reason I never got into Superman: The Animated Series. I do remember waking up at like 8am on a Saturday in college to watch the World’s Finest movie which was the first time animated Batman met animated Superman. And anyone who knew me in college knows that me getting up at 8am was a big fucking deal.

    Batman Beyond, Teen Titans, Justice League/JLU, Static Shock – all these shows I’ve only seen random episodes of here and there. They’re all well done but there are only so many hours in the week, you know?

  8. Batman: The Animated Series was great on so many different levels. Great muscial scores, great voice talent, dramatic story telling, artistic visuals. So many good things. Superman had some good moments. I especially enjoyed the pseudo-Jack Kirby funeral, attended by Marvel and DC characters, at the end of the episode “Apokalpse Now”. Batman Beyond started out strong, but got weak by the end. Jutice League didn’t do much for me until the second seaon. Justice League Unlimited has been done well. However, Superman, BB, and neither of the Justice League shows ever matched the quality of BTAS.

    All of the Batman episodes have become available on DVD. Warner Brothers released them last year in four volumes. If you were a fan, I highly recommend adding them to your DVD collection. Some episodes even have commentary.

    Honestly, I don’t work for Warner Brothers. I just really really enjoy those cartoons.

  9. I’ve always said that Batman TAS was the best adaptation of character and tone ever done, TV, movies, or otherwise.

    Batman Beyond was actually pretty good, but I didn’t really get into it.

    And I think Superman was my favorite. The fact that you didn’t get into it astounds me. I remember one episode where they executed a guy at the end, and it was this treatise on the death penalty. Amazing. And this was a kids show.

    Also, I think the sets that are out are pretty compreshensive. They’re not organized by season, but I’m not sure the shows were released in season, but rather in batches. For example, this first superman set ( It’s 18 episodes. That’s pretty comprehensive. I think the Batman sets are similar. I think if you were to get the Batman TAS volumes 1-4, you’d be knee deep in all the episodes. Volume 4 is 24 episodes for example.

  10. Further information:

    It looks like season 1 was a ton of episodes, and season 2 was 10 episodes, leading me to understand why the DVDs are set up the way they are.

  11. I think I saw that execution episode of Superman. And I’ve heard that the very end of the series, with all of the Apokolips stuff, was excellent.

    I want season-by-season Batman DVDs!

  12. Like I said, I think they’re all in there, in order, but the seasons are oddly arranged. Then it’s just semantics. You’d have to do a side by side comparison, but the volumes just even them out.

    I’m pretty sure Apokolips was involved in the 2 part execution story line.

  13. Has anyone here ever read the webcomic Shortpacked by David Willis? It is more toy themed than it is comic book themed, but there have been a couple Teen Titans and Batman:TAS strips.

    This one is my favorite.

  14. Maybe I’m behind the times but I just read about the Grant Morrison helmed reboot of the Wildstorm Universe and it sounds pretty great.

    I was a big fan of Caseys Wildcats, and it would have been nice to continue that, but since Morrison always seems to appreciate continuity, it will be cool to see what he’s going to do.

  15. has anyone heard if Arrested Devlopment got picked up by showtime? Greatest Show i’ve ever seen sad to see that the rest of the US has such bad taste in comedy.

  16. There has been no news on Showtime…

    I will say this, though, as much as I love AD, I don’t think I love it enough to buy Showtime every month.

  17. RE: Morrison and Wildstorm.

    I was in the store yesterday and saw a book called “Wildcats Nemesis” and the name on the cover was Morrison, and I thought “…maybe”

    But it was Robbie Morrison. I don’t know who that is. Either way, I’m not reading Wildcats unless Casey, or some superstar is doing it.

    Can’t find anything specific about him re-booting the universe, but there are rumblings.

  18. Here’s the story – Jim Lee/Grant Morrison on WildCATS. The story is from August of last year. The issues come out in July of 2006. Exactly what we were talking about with early soliciation.

    Like I said, I really liked the Casey book, so I don’t know what I think of this. But then, I also know that Casey and Morrison are friends, and talk to each other, so perhaps there will be some synergy.

  19. Im really excited about the lee/morrison run, it will be like the Authority, good yet probably not as brokeback mountain. On a side not am I the only guy in the world who feels that the morrison run on x-men was extreamly overated? Good not great thou, “Grant i wish i knew how to quit you!”. P.s. random guy on frat house just said that he saw entertainment tonight and they confirmed that arrested development has been picked up by showtime, so take it with a grain of salt.

  20. I have the first Batman set, and it’s incredibly good. I believe the episodes appear in the order they were produced, not necessarily the order in which they aired. I still need to get the others.

    Latest I’m hearing is Arrested Development for Showtime is a no-go. Who knows. I wouldn’t care so much about watching the ep’s on Showtime as they air. But having another season or two of DVDs would be very nice.

    And yes, Sam Shepard is a really cool guy.

  21. I would just buy arrested development in trade form, er, DVDs.

  22. “On a side not am I the only guy in the world who feels that the morrison run on x-men was extreamly overated?”

  23. Re: The Comic.

    It’s true, there’s nothing batman can’t do. Nothing. Really.

    Well, perhaps he can’t have a successful interpersonal relationship, but you know what I mean.

  24. I haven’t had a chance to read this week’s stash of comics, so I cannot comment. I am dying to crack open Marvel Zombies because I’ve really enjoyed the last two. And my comic pusher dropped a new comic in my bind and didn’t charge us for it – he got it as a promo. Is this something that the comic publishers have done all along or is this a new thing?

    I want all of you to buy NextWave and review it for your pod cast. I really, really do (since this is a bit of a free-for-all and everyone needs a bit of Warren Ellis in their life).

    A link e-mailed to help stop the withering.

    And on a personal note: how many of you would by a graphic novel one-shot by good reviews?

  25. I would, and I have.

  26. From the feedback we’ve been getting, a lot of people have been picking graphic novels that we’ve raved about. Makes me cold dead heart feel all warm and fuzzy.

  27. You can definitely look forward to Next Wave in the podcast.

  28. Yup. I’d buy the Gotham Central trades if they would just put them all out.

  29. What I really really want, are trades of the rest of Ennis and McCrea’s Hitman. That was brilliant.

  30. Conor, i read the link and it is good to know that I am not alone in the world thanks!

  31. I have those books. They only cover through issue 30 or 40. The series went through like 75 or so.

  32. You’ve heard the Next Wave theme song, yes?

  33. No idea what that means.


    There’s a link to the theme song for the comic.

  35. So… is anybody else gonna read The Golden Plates, the adaptation of the Book of Mormon by Mike Allred?

  36. My God, Spider-Girl is unkillable:

    I’m pretty sure this book has been cancelled roughly 19 times. I wish Defalco would spread some of this mojo around.

  37. Has anybody read a book I think is called We3? It’s got a dog, cat and a rabbit on the cover. I saw it at my library and also saw Morrison/Quitely on the cover. I figured it couldn’t be that bad. Any news?

  38. I’ve read it – it’s good, wacky fun.