Slow News Day in Arkansas?

“You wanna write what now?”

“I want to do an article on continuity in comic books and what it means to the fans.”

“What interest does this have for our regular readership?”

“Almost nothing, chief!”

“Okay, fine. Go with it… oh, and Van?”

“Yeah, chief?”

“Stop calling me chief!”

Apparently it’s a slow news day here as well.


  1. Wikipedia rules. Good article.

  2. Wikipedia doesn’t rule that much.

  3. I didn’t want to be the one to say it. I’m glad you did first.

  4. Whaaaat?

    I love wikipedia. It is what got me interested in reading comics. After seeing the horribleness of X3 I went online looking for reviews and junk and went on Wikipedia. I started clicking through X-Men stuff and just started reading character profiles. It made me remember all the good feelings of watching the X-Men cartoon when I was a kid. Then I saw that Astonishing X-Men was out and decided to check it out.

    Wikipedia usually has very complete information, and is a great recource for new comic readers who want to learn about characters they are curious about.