Discussion: ‘Frank Miller’s Sin City’

Here’s the spot to share your thoughts, splashed out on the internet like so much thick and warm, metallic smelling blood, about Frank Miller’s Sin City.

“Is that the best you can do?”


  1. I don’t want to be predictable or cliche’ – but all I can say is “wow” – When the credits rolled, I was speechless.

    I thought it was across the board fantastic and blew me away.

    It was literally watching the comic.

    But the one thing that struck me was, what was several pages of fights, like Marv/Kevin, FLEW by in a matter of seconds. Interesting aspect that I didn’t expect.

    SO GOOD.

    “A hardtop with a decent engine and make sure it’s got a big trunk. “

  2. I’m going to admit that I was reticent probably the whole way through the process. I find that when something’s really good, there’s no reason to change it. Since it was the best comic money could buy, why make it a movie. Then I realized that the secret ingredient was love. Without love, this was a crappy movie, but clearly Rodriguez was chock full of love for this project, and I’d imagine that Miller fell in love with it all over again. It was true to what it was, but didn’t feel pointless. That’s all I’d hoped for. Fun times were had by all.

  3. “Without love, this was a crappy movie, but clearly Rodriguez was chock full of love for this project, and I’d imagine that Miller fell in love with it all over again.”

    I thought the same thing and I can only hope that it leads to loads and loads more Sin City books.

    There was discussion off the site before the movie came out about the pros and cons of seeing a movie like this on opening night. Some said they wanted to wait until after opening weekend to avoid the typical crowds oh movie theater philistines. There is certainly a lot of validity to that viewpoint, but I have to say that the audience that Ron and I saw it with were really great. They jeered every trailer but HITCHHIKER’S and were stone silent once the movie started except when laughing or cheering or the like. It was almost like a throwback audience to a time before people thought that I paid twelve bucks to watch a movie in their living room.

    Oh, and the movie rocked. It gets better the more I think about it.

  4. Hitchhiker’s will rule.

  5. So no one has any thoughts on Sin City?


  6. Also, Hitchhiker’s will indeed rule.

  7. Better than Hellboy!

  8. I liked Hellboy.
    was watching it this weekend in fact.

  9. I loved Hellboy. Due to the fact that I’m in the middle of finals (final papers mostly)and I got laid off so I got no flow, no Sin City for me yet.

  10. I take that back. I saw it last night. It was too long. I could have done without the entire Big Fat Kill, even though that had originally been my favorite Sin City yarn.

  11. You know what? I will agree that Big Fat Kill did seem a little long, perhaps only because the 2 before it moved so quickly. But I completely understand that comment.

  12. Fools!

  13. no way. You are.

  14. Usually, yes.

  15. no. come on. I didn’t mean it.

    I saw Millions tonight. I liked that more than I liked Sin City.

  16. Millions looks excellent.

  17. So this isn’t a good sign.

    The headline from Fark.com was: “Reviewer claims Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is like The Phantom Menace, only not as good (pics) (spoilers)”


    I didn’t read the whole thing, only the first paragraph after the intro, but it scared me.

    Your own risk.

  18. The link was Farked so I couldn’t read it, but…

    I trust no man’s opinion other than my own and a few close associates.

    I’d feel better about life if they got rid of movie reviewers.

  19. Well, it doesn’t come from a movie reviewer perse, but rather a guy who seems to have a lot invested in the books and literature, and a great loves for Adams’ words. This is something I can well relate to.

  20. I don’t know him; he could be anybody.

  21. Frank and Robert were on Fresh Air. I’ve never heard Miller speak too much outside of written interviews. Interesting stuff. The whole thing is about 30 minutes. Listen!


  22. They cancelled Fresh Air in Miami. MIERDA!!!!

  23. Crushing defeat. At least there’s the web. It’s one of my favorite things on TV, radio, print, whatever.