First Look: ‘Sin City’ Film (UPDATED)

For those of us who weren’t lucky enough to be at the Sin City panels in San Diego or Chicago, here’s our first look at Robert Rodriguez & Frank Miller’s Sin City, courtesy of AintItCoolNews.

Looks pretty freaking awesome.

UPDATE! More screenshots!

Sin City already has what is possibly the best cast I’ve ever seen in a movie and now we see it’s got a very unique, very kick ass, visual look.

Will Joe Six Pack American Public go for it?


  1. spec-fucking-tacular! After re-reading all the Sin City I couldn’t be more excited for this if I tried. My excitement is on par, if not more than for Batman…

  2. It looks really f’ing good.

    It gets better looking the more I look at it.

  3. He just ripped those images straight from the pages, and in this particular case, that’s the best thing he could do.

    If Kill Bill can clean up, this can do well. With all those names, they’re not getting paid their regular rates, so it must be a labor of love, and that’s always good.

  4. this is just absurd:

    Jessica Alba …. Nancy Callahan
    Devon Aoki …. Miho
    Maria Bello …. Ava Lord
    Alexis Bledel …. Becky
    Rosario Dawson …. Gail
    Benicio Del Toro …. Jack Rafferty
    Jason Douglas …. Hitman
    Michael Clarke Duncan …. Manute
    Lauren-Elaine Edleson …. Old Town Girl
    Rick Gomez …. Mr. Shlubb
    Carla Gugino …. Lucille
    Josh Hartnett …. The Employee
    Jaime King …. Goldie/Wendy
    Michael Madsen …. Bob
    Ethan Maniquis …. Bozo #1
    Jason McDonald …. Ronnie
    Brittany Murphy …. Shellie
    Sherrell Murphy-Ramos …. Molly prince
    Tommy Nix …. Weeval
    Clive Owen …. Dwight
    Mickey Rourke …. Marv
    Marley Shelton …. The Customer
    Nick Stahl …. Junior/Yellow Bastard
    Scott Teeters …. Lenny/Benny
    Ken Thomas …. Bozo #2
    Makenzie Vega …. Young Nancy
    Arie Verveen …. Murphy
    Chris Warner …. Bozo #3
    Bruce Willis …. Hartigan
    Katherine Willis …. Nurse
    Elijah Wood …. Kevin

  5. The more pics I see, the more excited I am.

  6. holy crap that comic con footage was awesome

  7. Sin City looks AMAZING. Wow. Wow.

    At first Josh Hartnett kind of annoyed me, but when
    the music starts it all works.

    ok, Josh Hartnett still bothers me, but I can take it.

  8. I thought the same thing about Hartnett, right up until he gets hardcore. Then I understood the casting, and it made sense.

    The comparisons of shots to panels is stunning. It’s almost like Van Sant’s Psycho, but cool.

    I’d also thought that they cut back on the t&a with all those big stars, but apparently there be t&a. I can only imagine how violent it is.

    The ET footage makes it look like a Star Wars prequel.

  9. I got nothing. It looks like the Comic-Con link is gone.

  10. I’m sure it will come back somewhere.

    It was incredible. I had no trouble loading it, so I don’t know what your problem might be.

  11. My problem is that computers hate me.

  12. you’re just paranoid – luddite

  13. cool.

    pics look good, missed the trailer though.

  14. You’ll be a luddite too, when CyberDyne goes on-line.

  15. Good counterpoint.

    And your name is Conor.

  16. Which is why I’m especially fearfull.

  17. Oh, Dude, were it legal I would marry you.

    That doesn’t look like the trailer to me, that looks like the Comic-Con footage because it was totally geared to the fanboys.

    Either way, it looked really freaking awesome.

    I still don’t think that John Q. Six Pack will buy it. It might be too weird for them. Then again, it could just be the way that clip reel was cut together….

  18. Also, while it looks like while Carla Gugino went all in, Jessica Alba finked out.

  19. It’s the Comic-Con footage.

    Either way, good stuff.

  20. wow that was F’n good stuff
    bring it on

  21. No one has any thoughts on whether or not this will be too weird for non-comic readers?

  22. you know, I just can’t figure it out. I see this as being very much like Kill Bill in the fact that it could be a big hit with a mass audience. Depends on the marketing.

    But it could go either way.

  23. Well, KILL BILL had the Tarantino thing going for it.

  24. Rodriguez is in the same camp as Tarantino. He doesn’t have as nice of a teepee, but he’s the deputy.

  25. Yeah… but he doesn’t have the widespread name recognition with the general public that Q has. ONE UPON A TIME IN MEXICO did big BO its opening weekend because of Johnny Depp.

  26. Maybe Tarantino’s name has more recognition, but I think Rodriguez actually has more commercial success when you factor in the spy kids movies, as well as the Faculty, and the rest of the mexico trilogy. I bet as a whole, he’s made more for studios than Tarantino has. So what that means is that he knows how to make a movie people want to see, and the studio will support him in it.

    I think it will do just fine. He’s yet to drop a bomb.