Top Shelf Sale

We got a notice from Top Shelf Comix this morning telling us about a big sale they’re having on many of their graphic novels. There are a lot of books down to $1 and $3. If you’re feeling indie-light lately, this should certainly sate you. Most of their other books are discounted as well. There is a $30 minimum, so keep that in mind.

I can recommend some books if you’re curious. These are among the $3 group:

Dear Julia


And great stuff that’s just on sale:

Big Head

Bop! More Box Office Poison


  1. Oh, boy…

    Um… I’m not sure I can come up with a reasonable justification for saying no to a sale like this.

    This is like when I went to that bar in rural Pennsylvania and found they had $1.25 beer.

    Did I get stinking drunk? You bet your ass I did.

  2. UPDATE!

    I ordered:

    Bop! @ $7.95
    Dear Julia, @ $3.00
    Trenches @ $3.00
    The Masterplan @ $3.00
    Lowlife @ $9.95
    Less Than Heroes @ $9.95

  3. So… no one else, huh?