Shane Black To Direct IRON MAN 3

Deadline claims that they have sources telling them that Shane Black "is in final talks" to direct Iron Man 3. Apparently all that's left is for Marvel Studios and WME to finish the paperwork.

(Of course nothing is final until it is final, but this sounds close to final.)

Last week we told you that Shane Black was in the running to replace Jon Favreau, who decided to move on from the film franchise that he helped create. Black was a celebrated action screenwriter in the 1980s and 1990s, penning such hits as the first two Lethal Weapon films. He moved to directing in 2005 with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the fantastic action-comedy-noir that starred Iron Man and Batman.

According to Deadline, their source did not know if Black is also slated to write Iron Man 3.

Shane Black must like comic books because he is also attached to a Doc Savage film and the big screen adaptation of Death Note.



  1. Sweet. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is a great movie!

  2. It was the only decision that could’ve reasonably been made. FANTASTIC news!

  3. +1 to this news. Shane Black is awesome. 


  4. Wow Val Kilmer looks chunky in that picture 😉

  5. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. +995 more times yes.

    KISS KISS BANG BANG is awesome as many people have mentioned, but I also love Black’s screenplays because they’re very pulpy. I really think that he can tell a fantastic comic-book story. 

  6. Good call — and you can bet he will get a credited polish of the script.

  7. And he’s worked with Downey before. This is great news.

  8. Nice.  Good pick, Marvel!  So does he have a year to kill until they finish “The Avengers”? 

    I’m guessing that “Iron Man 3” would hit in summer 2013 at the earliest…

  9. Gonna be the funniest one yet.

  10. Who can I high five about this?

  11. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of the most watchable movies I own, so great. More people need to see it. At the very least, IM3 should have a good script now.

  12. Even if he’s not going to be officially writing the script I’m sure he’ll have notes and such. But this is exciting, at the very least it’ll make for a great commentary track on the DVD. 

  13. I was ready to be scared but sounds good.

  14. I just got Kiss Kiss Bang Bang in Netflix so gon aatch it and see how he do.

  15. This is good news. I loved Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Virtual high fives to everybody.

  16. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is my all-time favorite movie. Iron man is my all-time favorite comic book character. could this POSSIBLY get any better for me?