September 5, 2006: Whatcha gonna buy?

The shipping list is out, so tell us…

• What are you gonna buy this week?
• What are you excited about?
• What should other people take a look at?
• Which book can you not believe you’re still buying?

And don’t forget, because of the Labor Day holiday, comics arrive in stores on Thursday this week.

Not a ton of books for me, but some good variety.

52 WEEK #18


  1. 52 WEEK #18
    Y THE LAST MAN #49
    UNCANNY X-MEN #478
    LOCAL #6

    Since its a small week, I’m very tempted to pick up Jonah Hex

  2. Detective Comics #823
    Jonah Hex #11
    Uncanny X-Men #478
    X-Men: Phoenix – Warsong #1

  3. I think, not sure, but I think that there’s a Jonah Hex trade collection coming out soon.

  4. Tiny, tiny week for me, getting
    DC: Detective
    MARVEL: X-men: Phoenix War Song

    Tis it.

    So maybe I’ll go pick up the rest of the Preacher trades (Got 1-6 for 40 bucks last week, mint, not to shabby)

  5. -Y the Last Man
    -Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
    -Uncanny X-Men
    -Poor, Poor Marvel Team-Up
    -Civil War Young Avengers Runaways That Was Sold Out Last Week So The Shop Got Another Copy Just For Me And Since Then Everyone Has Reviewed It Negatively And I Wish I Could Take It All Back But It’s Too Late Now

    Of my six purchases, three are half-hearted (the latter three on the list). BEYOND! has been enjoyable, but holding it makes me self-conscious for some reason. Marvel Team-Up was fun in the exact same way, but it has the stink of death upon it.

    No Civil War books this week. Shall I sigh, or shall I grumble?

    Ooh! Wait! Conor’s list just reminded me of Detective Comics, which was a hair’s breadth from becoming my Forgotten Pick of the Week.

  6. 52 Week #18
    Detective Comics #823
    Outsiders #40
    Cross Bronx #1

    Small week for me.

  7. Civil War was building some really great momentum (despite the odd schedule of having one week without any books and the next with like six books), and now I feel almost detached from the story.

    That’s so disappointing.

  8. I think, not sure, but I think that there’s a Jonah Hex trade collection coming out soon.



    Is all that is on my list. I guess it will be a week of trying new things.

    I am dropping Superman/Batman and looking to replace it with a Superman only title. Does anyone want to suggest one that they think is particularly good right now? Also I am curious about that Agents of Atlas. I have heard a couple good things about it. Does anyone recommend that? I appreciate the suggestions.

  10. I was thinking about it after my last post. Right now, reading Civil War is like going to my favorite restaurant and ordering that steak I like so much only to find that, an hour later, the steak is still back in the kitchen. The waiter is being very attentive; my Diet Coke has never gone empty since I sat down; it’s been breadstick basket after breadstick basket for the last half hour; he has even gone so far as to offer the table a free order of potato skins. At this point, though, even if it’s the best frickin’ porterhouse ever to moo when it finally comes out, it’s becoming increasingly unlikely that I’ll enjoy it all that much, even though I’m getting really hungry.

    I am sure Paul Jenkins would be flattered to be compared to a basket of breadsticks. (But I stand by the comparison.)

  11. I am dropping Superman/Batman and looking to replace it with a Superman only title. Does anyone want to suggest one that they think is particularly good right now? This guy on this podcast I heard the other day said the Superman books are undergoing an “upswing.” Last week’s Action Comics was reputedly very good, and Kurt Busiek always wins.

  12. Hmmmm, you know what? I think I heard that same podcast. I will have to check out Action Comics. Thanks, Jimski. You’re a lot of help 😉

  13. This dude on the podcast sounds very wise and also very physically attractive.

    Action Comics is more “retro”.

    Superman is more “traditional”.

    (Only could Superman books have those two descriptions be different)

    Kurt Busiek writes them both.

    Superman has better art.

    Action Comics has the guest stars and the giant aliens.

    If push came to shove, I’d recommend Superman first.

    But beware, both books are in the middle of story arcs right now. If you felt so compelled, try to pick up the entire arc.

  14. ALL NEW ATOM #3 $2.99
    DETECTIVE COMICS #823 $2.99
    EXTERMINATORS #9 (MR) $2.99

    FELL 3RD PTG #4 (PP #730) $1.99
    NOBLE CAUSES #23 $3.50
    SAVAGE DRAGON #128 $2.99

    MARVEL TEAM-UP #24 $2.99
    PUNISHER #37 (MR) $2.99
    UNCANNY X-MEN #478 $2.99
    X-MEN PHOENIX WARSONG #1 (OF 5) $2.99

    LOCAL #6 (OF 12) (MR) $2.99
    SNAKEWOMAN #2 $2.99

    Fairly small week, nothing amazing in there either. I was thinking about giving Mystery in Space a shot, but decided against it. Maybe I’ll pick it up if I hear positive things about it once it’s out.

  15. if anyone’s feeling particularly adventurous, i recommend picking up this week’s LOCAL #6. it’s a miniseries from oni but each ish reads like a standalone story. every issue focuses on a different town and tells a story about the people in that town and if you check out oni press’ website they have a much better description then the one i just gave.

    action comics pleasantly surprised me last week. i was about to drop it and just wait til johns’ and donner’s run but i really enjoyed his teamup with all the other heroes and his attempts to prove that he’s the real supes.

  16. Detective Comics, 1602 Fantastik Four, Spider-Man Black & Blue, X-Men Phoenix Warsong.

    Light week, I’m also going to pick up the trades for Fables 4-7.

  17. My pull list for this week
    (light week)

    for me….

    52 WEEK #18
    OMAC #3 (OF 8)
    UNCANNY X-MEN #478

    and for my girl …

    RED SONJA #14 $2.99

  18. 52 Week #18
    Detective Comics #823
    Mystery in Space #1
    Nightwing #124
    Outsiders #40

    Pretty light week for me. I’m looking forward to 52 and MiS #1 the most.

  19. Third consecutive light week:

    Detective Comics
    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man

    The latter is on thin ice, pull list-wise. Prime week to pick up something on a whim, which I’ve done with Jonah Hex a few times already. I’ll be interested to see what the feedback is on Mystery in Space, kinda piqued my interest in previews.

  20. Light week:

    52 Week #18
    Detective Comics #823
    EXTERMINATORS #9 (MR) $2.99

    Might try X-Men Phoenix Warsong

    Is “Boys” by Garth Ennis any good?

  21. 52
    Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man
    Uncanny X-men
    X-men Phoenix Warsong

  22. Wait… are you comics really not coming until thursday?

  23. Beyond! Now I can catch up on some trades!

  24. A relatively light week for me…

    All New Atom
    Detective Comics
    Cross Bronx

    I only get Jonah Hex and Y in trades, so no issues tomorrow. I might thumb through Mystery in Space, because the idea of DC revitalizing the space and horror anthology books in DC continuity is intriguing, as is Jim Starlin.

    I probably shouldn’t get a trade, but I may. I loved the Sleeper trades that were recommended (thanks again, Josh). I’ll probably pass (I’m in the middle of both Rucka’s second Q&C novel and Beasts of No Nation, so perhaps I should just buckle down with the prose), but if I get a trade, any suggestions? I may try to find the first trade of Gotham Central.

    My bet for PotW: if it is Ron this week (I think), the safe bet is Detective or Uncanny. My bet, he picks the Kid Beowulf book from the last podcast. Then we all have to go back to the comic store and buy another book.

  25. 52 #18
    Detective comics
    Phonogram #2
    Thats all I’m planning to get, but I’m sure I’ll walk out with some other stuff.

  26. Why has no-one mentioned Battler Briton? It’s War-Story-tastic!!!

  27. 52 WEEK #18
    JONAH HEX #11
    Y THE LAST MAN #49 (MR)
    UNCANNY X-MEN #478
    LOCAL #6 (OF 12) (MR)
    RED SONJA #14

    12 books – believe it or not I think that’s my lightest week in a month or so. Only 2 Marvel books and only one I am expecting to like (UXM). I am probably most looking forward to Local and Lone Ranger. Local has been really good so far, and Lone Ranger has been getting good buzz. Also love the Michael Gaydos art, so I’ll take it any way I can get it, even on a random Virgin Comics book. I am fairly excited about Cross Bronx too.

  28. Why has no-one mentioned Battler Briton? It’s War-Story-tastic!!!

    It’s on my list.

    But while I like it, I honestly think its the weakest of Ennis’ WWII stuff.

  29. I didn’t much like his latest Fury mini, and the same goes for Battler Briton. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never heard of the character? or maybe it’s just because it’s dull.

  30. I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the most exciting book of the week yet:

    Life And Times Of Scrooge Mcduck Companion SC, $16.99

    It’s the sequel to the surprise hit of 2005, THE LIFE AND TIMES OF SCROOGE McDUCK. This one collects a lot of the inbetween stories Don Rosa did that fit into the L&T storyline, as well as a couple of apocryphal ones. As a bonus, one of the stories is new to this book in America. It’s a brand new LIFE AND TIMES story in trade paperback form. Whoo-hoo!

    Otherwise, it’s a very slow week, though I did enjoy LONE RANGER #1. . .

  31. I’m not going to lie to you: the vocal anti-duckist contingent of iFanboy has shamed me into silence.

    What constitutes an “apocryphal Scrooge McDuck story”? Were those the Darkwing Duck stories rejected at the Council of Trent?

  32. “What constitutes an “apocryphal Scrooge McDuck story”? Were those the Darkwing Duck stories rejected at the Council of Trent?”

    Ha! That really amused me.

    Didn’t you pick up the newest copy of Index Librorum Prohibitorum Anitidae? It clearly lays out what’s in continuity since Fenton Quackshell punched that continuity wall.

  33. Does anyon know what Phoenix Warsong is about? Is it some sort of reprint of the dark phoenix saga?

  34. It is a sequel to ‘Pheonix: Endsong’, by Greg Pak’n Land.

  35. why can’t they leave Phoenix alone??!?! Argh!

  36. i went to the comics store yesterday because i forgot about the holiday so nothing new was in yet but Pheonix warsong was in. Musta shipped early or something.

  37. Is there anyone online keeping track of how many #1s the Big Two have released this year vs. how many titles have been cancelled? Just a random musing. Is the number of overall titles being published a constant, or is it increasing/decreasing? There are months when I feel like I’m buying an entire forest one pulped tree at a time.

  38. Baggo, In response to whether Boys is any good, I really enjoyed it. I’ve read both of the issues that have come out so far and the first was stronger than the second. It will be real interesting to see where Ennis goes with it. If you get it though, be prepared, it earns it’s adult rating.

  39. I’ve been enjoying The Boys as well. Also, Phoenix Warsong was pretty good. I liked it

  40. My take on The Boys so far:

    The sex was gratuitous but I’m willing to cut the creators some slack. Think how many times they’ve wanted to do a sex scene in a book and been told “no”. The scene could have been completely tasteful and in context but the rejection was based on arbitrary criteria. Now, someone set them free and they can do whatever they want. Of course they’re going to hit every taboo they can. I noticed a similar thing with the MAX line when it first started. I imagine, like the MAX line, the creators will get it out of their system and get down to telling the story they want to tell. Or maybe I’m wrong and it will be anal sex and violence all the way down.