SDCC Scratches Your Jock Itch


Visitors to SDCC this weekend are privy to a promo poster for 2010’s film adaptation of The Losers by original series artist Jock. Note that the casting’s all there in print, so no need to nominate Chris Pine for anything. This is a CCI exclusive, but maybe we’ll be seeing Jock’s work in multiplex lobbies too. Here’s hoping. 

We’ve also heard word that Jock will be joining the credits of Greg Rucka’s Detective Comics. If anybody’s going to follow J.H. Williams III, it better as hell be somebody with chops, and Jock’s no slouch. The two artists will apparently alternate on the front and back of the book, as will Kate Kane and Renee Montoya. From the sound of it, they’re still flipping coins. 

Between these items and the terrific work he’s been doing on those Scalped covers, it’s a great time to be a Jock fan. 

And probably a pretty good time to be Jock too.


  1. mmmmmmmmmm

  2. Can’t wait. Hope they make it a trilogy!

  3. I loved this series.  Hope they get it right!

  4. Jock is awesome. That is all

  5. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    It’s gotta be daunting to follow Williams on a book, especially a project like this. Even Rucka’s said that Williams has "changed the form" with his work on Detective. I’m genuinely excited to see what Jock brings to the table. Last week’s Scalped cover was nothing short of a masterpiece, so you know he’s got the skill. I can’t wait to see his take on Batwoman and the Question. Rucka and Jock and Williams, all in one book. It’s gonna be spectacular. 

  6. I hope this becomes a trend. I’d love to see more comic artists doing posters for their movies. Maybe we’ll get a Frank Quietely We3 poster. I can dream, right?

  7. @paul I think ur right.  He’s gonna do a fantastic job with Rucka.  I’m pretty fucking amped.

  8. I bought my first original page earlier in the year at the Bristol con. A Jock page from the forthcoming Hellblazer OGN he’s doing with Delano. Its beautiful. Jock is such a great talent. I’m so happy to see him getting work on detective.

  9. I must admit that last week’s Scalped cover was my first (conscious) exposure to Jock. I was and am impressed. I hope he can maintain his quality level.

  10. I really need to read The Losers before this lands. Looks good. Looking forward to seeing what Jock brings to Detective. I’m a big fan of his past work.

  11. This is almost the same as the cover for issue 12, I loved this series, it was my introduction to Jock and I’ve followed his career since.

    Wait Issue 12’s cover doesn’t have Roque on it, just a palm tree.  Still atleast its all Jock art.

    Casting choices were interesting.

  12. Jock is the man. I like the casting, really looking forward to this movie.