SDCC 2013: This Christmas, Darwyn Cooke Takes Parker to SLAYGROUND

SLAYGROUNDCVRThis December Darwyn Cooke takes Richard Stark’s Parker to Slayground. The shuttered amusement park Fun Island serves as the setting for the fourth of Cooke’s Westlake adaptations for IDW. There, corrupt cops and loathsome gangsters play cat and mouse with our intrepid antihero.

Allow us to repeat.

Parker. Crooked cops. Typically sleazy gangsters. A heist gone wrong. A Coney Island-esque amusement park closed for the season. Low on bullets, high on adrenaline.

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals.





    (and then my girlfriend/fiance/person looks at me like I’m crazy, for making that sound out loud)

  2. On the eve of him winning another Eisner for his last Parker adaptation, now we got even more of it. Lovin’ it

  3. For me it’s simple. Darwyn makes it, I buy it.

  4. Does this mean Martini Edition volume 2 will come out early next year?

    • I freakin’ hope so. The wait is killing me, especially now that The Score won an Eisner, I want to read it. But I’m patient…

  5. Can’t wait to get my mitts on this.

  6. Nothing to really say other than “YES!”

  7. I was wondering if/when we’d get more Parker. So excited!

  8. I just the read this Parker book, great choice for the next adaptation… can’t wait!

  9. So good. The question is will I be able to wait the inevitable few days between the release and Christmas.

  10. Sweeet! Just started reading these last week. So great, I’ve been pushing Parker on all my buddies.