SDCC 2013: Steve T. Seagle And Teddy Kristiansen Announce New Book

Upping their game from collaborations such as It’s a Bird and the The Red Diary the team of Steve T. Seagle and Teddy Kristiansen announced their new book tentatively called Mercury at their spotlight panel Thursday afternoon. The duo also just released their latest graphic novel, Genius published by First Second, which Seagle described as a semi-autobiographical spiritual successor to It’s a Bird.

The format of this new project will be two panels per page, which Seagle claims he knows nothing about. This may sound strange, but the team has attempted something like this before when Seagle “translated” Kristiansen’s Danish-language book The Red Diary from just the context of the art. He then sent his interpretation of the book to Kristiansen, who told him he got it all wrong. They ended up publishing both versions in a single volume, which I haven’t read but sounds very cool.


According to Seagle’s explanation during the panel, the idea for Mercury is that Kristiansen just draws panels based on riffs and motifs and whatever really comes into to his head, and will present these pages to Seagle as he goes. When the book is finished being drawn, Seagle reserves the right to reorder pages and panels to tell his story, and at that point he will write a script. Only at the end of this process will either creator actually know the story that they were telling all along. It’s a fascinating riff on the collaborative process, and I can’t wait to see how the result turns out.

We often talk about writer/artist duos that seem to work together with a special sort of magic. I think these two deserve a spot on that list and am glad to see that they’re refusing to rest on their laurels and keep pushing the medium to it’s limits.


  1. Oh, I thought this was about that Albert Einstein comic thing. Well this sounds cool too, sort of like “opening to the muses” or what Lee and Kirby did back in the day. I’ll be on the lookout for the first issue (unless its like $3.99 or something), it sounds… fresh.

  2. Sounds intriguing. Is it going to be a graphic novel or a series of issues?

  3. Loved reading House of Secrets and The Red Diary/The Re[a]d Diary and have Genius on the way. Look forward to know more of this. Sounds really interesting! I guess this will be a graphic novel, seeing that Seagle reserves the right to shift all the panels around as he sees fit to tell the story he wants. For that to be possible he need to know and have seen all panels first.

  4. I just finished The Red Diary last night, having read The Read Diary a few weeks ago. Both stories are great and the art is fantastic.