SDCC 2013: DC Universe Animated Original Movies Are Going To Be in Gotham For a While

Batman_657Last night the latest DC Universe Animated Original Movie, Justice League: The Flash Point Paradox, screened at Comic-Con. At that screening Warner Bros. made a quick announcement, sans many details, about the next films in the line after the forthcoming and recently announced Justice League: War (based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee’s first Justice League arc in The New 52.)

Not surprisingly, the films are going to be staying in Gotham City for most of 2014. The next two films will be:

  • Batman and Son – An adaptation of Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert’s story in Batman #655-658 that introduced Damian Wayne to the modern day comic book world.
  • Batman: Assault on Arkham – A film that takes place in the world of the popular Batman video games.

A few interesting points here. Clearly the fears, after Flashpoint and War, that these films would move on exclusively into The New 52 world were baseless. Also, Assault on Arkham is an interesting way to go–basing a film in the video game world that has nothing to do with the comics, though there has been a comic book tie-in–and I have to admit that it raised my eyebrows a bit. It does makes sense considering the popularity of the games. Finally, I can see the complaints coming already about two Batman films in a row and the wider complaint about films that continue to only seem to focus on Batman, Superman, and the Justice League. From a fan perspective it kind of sucks that Warner Bros. animation doesn’t think it makes financial sense to branch out past the core three DC brands, but from a business perspective I can understand it.

More news as it comes in.


  1. Can we hope for more Showcase shorts? That may be too optimistic as they haven’t made one in a couple years. But, it would be a quick way to fix the Bat-fixation next year.

    • Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Never ask for permission to hope. Just hope.

    • What Paul said or just wear a big S on your shirt. On some planets I hear it means hope.

    • “When Gotham-centered Animated Films are in ashes, then you have my permission to hope.”

    • That would be appreciated. Most of the Showcase shorts were great and I always felt WB should roll them prior to their theatrical releases to test the waters for live-action adaptations.

    • I would love to see more of the showcase shorts. There were some great ones in there. I do hope they do branch out more and get away from Batman and Superman animated films. These animated movies may be my only hope for a Question flick, because I do not think there will ever be a live action Question film.

  2. I’d be interested in seeing Batman and Son, but the Arkham games are practically animated features in themselves! I wonder (and worry) how they plan on translating them…

  3. “Clearly the fears, after Flashpoint and War, that these films would move on exclusively into The New 52 world were baseless”

    This. What kind of doofus thinks they’re going to throw away 75 years of stories?

  4. Batman and Son has me interested but I’d much rather play the Arkham universe than watch it (I say as if I won’t buy it).

  5. I had been hoping for an animated universe Damian story.
    Makes sense to start with the first one at his most enjoyably hateable best.

  6. Am I the only one who grasps the situation here? The Arkham Universe is now in the new DCAU! HELL YEAH!

    This sucks for me in a way because I’ve (and will remain it looks like) a Flash movie or maybe another GL animated film. And that they bring back the shorts. Maybe DC Nation has taken those over?

    Can I make an honest suggestion here? They close the movie studio and repurpose them to start working on new DC animated tv shows (DC Nation is looking kinda sparse to me). Doom Patrol, The Flash, The Power of SHAZAM; any of those could be well received and profitable cartoon shows.

  7. as big a batman fan as i am, i would like to see other characters like the flash or shazam get there own movies

  8. Batman and Son!! I’m interested to see Damian in an animated feature.

  9. ooooooo i cant wait for those batman movies and then after that…..superman movies!!!!! and then ehhhh maybe a jl movie and then wait for it…..another batman movie!!!!!!! so many characters that dc will never take a chance on

  10. I think they’ve done a pretty great job supporting the core brand with the animated movies, and they did try a GL one as well as a Wonder Woman one. Personally I’ve enjoyed most if not all of the stuff they’ve done in the animated movies in the last ten to twenty years.

    I also feel like they’ve given the fans a lot of diversity in the animated TV shows. B:TBaTB was a scream, and had tons of great moments. I could watch the entire series again, and will in a year or so. There seemed to be a quite a bit of diversity in the JLU & Young Justice series as well.

    I agree that the Showcase shorts were a lot of fun, and I’d like to see them do something along the lines of Emerald Knights or Gotham Knight with the Showcase shorts, that is, have half a dozen vignettes that either tie in to a larger narrative or don’t (and are then standalone interpretations of the various characters).

    Maybe a series featuring the darker characters, the JL Dark corner of the DC-verse, or possibly the JSA.

    I’d really dig a Showcase “movie” featuring Phantom Stranger and/or the JSA.

    I liked the Superman/Shazam: Black Adam package with the extended cuts, and I want to see more.

    • I’d also like to say that all four films mentioned in the article are ones I will watch, and possibly buy/

      When their animated movies hit $9.99 I consider them well worth the money, and I feel the same way about the half-season packaging of the animated TV shows. $9.99 seems well worth it to me. I get that much enjoyment and re-watch value out of them, and I can always give them to my grandkids or my friends’ kids or my nieces’ kids.

      I probably get more enjoyment out of and spend more money on DC’s animated shows and movies than almost any other products currently associated with these characters, including comics, GNs and live-action movies. I really like cartoons, and theirs are obviously done by people who really love these characters.