SDCC 2011: The First Eight Pages of JLA #1

Hey, remember that time five years ago when Batman and Hal Jordan first met? You don't? Well you can see it for yourself in the opening pages of JLA #1 out this September. You're joining a monestary in late August and shunning all material possessions? Well, brother, do we have the SDCC 2011 preview for you. Here's the first eight pages–unlettered, mind–of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's New DCU cornerstone. 


"I get the strangest sense that I once popped one of you bastards right in the mouth…" 



  1. That’s quite the double page spread.

    Lee’s still got it.

    Saying that, i hope this comic is dense enough to occupy me for the 4 months it’s going to take until issue 2 comes out.

  2. damnit who forgot to tell lee hal isn’t a GL anymore!

  3. at what point does Batman call Hal a “twerp?”

  4. that looks awesome. Lee hasn’t lost a step. 

  5. That certainly looks beautiful. I love how Lee draws Batman. 

  6. First big bad is Darkside? Is that Killer Croc, a Parademon or someone else?

    Looking good though, can’t wait.

  7. @convoy83  – this is a JLA origin story, so its in the past.

  8. Lee is knocking it outta the park..

  9. The arc takes place 5 years in the past. Hal was still a GL. The alien could also be a daemonite since Wildstorm is now part of the DCnU.

  10. I’m in but still not completely sold… I don’t know why though.

  11. Pleeease Mr. Lee, give us a nice LONG run on this!(2yrs?)
    BTW thanks Paul, you’re doing a commendable job keeping us updated on all the goings on!

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Jesse1125  Thanks! 

  13. i feel embrassessed for green lantern now

  14. I want to second Jesse1125.  
    Paul is doing an amazing job with the SDCC coverage. Thanks!
    And if you fall behind on the Podcasts, you’re forgiven. But I’m anxiously awaiting the final Apes podcast. 

  15. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @Baldrick  Thanks!

    No worries. There are two more classic Apes podcasts! Conquest and Battle. One goes out early next week and the other will go out in the first week of August. That leads right up to Rise, which should go out the following week.

  16. Boner.

  17. Before this, I always thought that Jim Lee was “overrated”. But seeing this pages from the upcoming JLA made me see how great Jim Lee really is.

  18. My first thought on the villain was Killer Croc, but I’m wide open to suggestions here.

  19. Best way to get people hooked. Jim Lee Batman in the first pages of JLA 🙂

  20. Now we see how many issues before Jim Lee misses one

  21. You guys didn’t get the preview in paper form at your local comic book shop??? 0_o With the text and all?

    Anyways, I read this ASAP as the owner of my LCS put it in my hands and my oh my am I excited to read this in September, it is genius! 😀

  22. Such a thing of beauty! Can’t wait!

  23. I was underwhelmed when I read the print version last night, but this actually looks OK. Maybe I was just tired or my nightstand reading light just isn’t cutting it anymore. These pages look kind of cool here. Also, Lee’s art, which I always dug, looks more energetic and less stiff than it has in the past. Probably won’t buy this, but I may well read it in trade.