SDCC 2010: Top Shelf Announces New Comics from Kindt, Lemire, and Moore

Top Shelf has a number of great books to announce at SDCC this evening, and we even have some previews.


More steampunk hullabaloo with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century #2. It's set in 1969, so you know there's gonna be ascots. We're only gonna get between 34 and 67 percent of what Moore's doing, but we're gonna like it. Man, Kevin O'Neill can draw a submersible. 


Just because Jeff Lemire signed with DC, that doesn't mean he's given up on your tear ducts. Or on great indie comics. Now, Lemire offers The Underwater Welder, an all new OGN that will most likely be so sad, it'll give you the bends. 


Matt Kindt knows the way to my heart. Super Natural is his full length sequel to Super Spy, and it stars Amelia Earhart and my hero Harry Houdini. I'm going to get a copy, handcuff myself to it, and swallow the key. 


Change-bots? Roll out! Jeffrey Brown is ready to unveil Incredible Change-Bots Two! The Sequel! If anything good has come of those movies…


  1. Yes! I’ve been itching for some new League

  2. Holy MOTHER the shiiiiiiiip

  3. I’ll take one of each, thank you very much.

  4. Did they announce dates?

  5. Awesome to see Kindt’s new book. Super Spy is one of my fav all time graphic novels, so I’m really excited for this.

  6. Incredible Changebots!!! is there a difference between those 2 pics?

  7. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Just going with the "two" theme. 

  8. Jeffrey Brown’s colored art is so glorious!  Its so Immediate and creates such physical depth.

    Unfortunately, I’m more familiar with his slice of life stuff and I don’t really relate to the transformers/change-bots, so I haven’t read that side of his output.


  9. I will probably buy and read anything Lemire is writing and/or drawing.

  10. Wow, all that art is beautiful.