SDCC 2010: Things to Do, See, and WANT This Week


San Diego Comic-Con: even if you’re there all week, attempting to experience it is like drinking from a burst hydrant. Even with a cooler full of Red Bull and a jet-powered Segway, you could never hope to see everything or snag the whole bag of swag. The best you can do is make a detailed plan based on your core passions, crowdsurf in, and hope for the best. To that end, we here at iFanboy have sifted through the PR blitzkrieg preceding the show and condensed some of the key points of interest. Here are just a few of the things to look out for:



Boom! Studios’ booth (#2743) is hosting over a dozen guests, from Mark Waid to Peter David to Roger Langridge, while also offering pretty damn sweet exclusive interlocking covers for Irredeemable #15 and Incorruptible #8. There will also be exclusive covers for Darkwing Duck #1 and the Alice in Wonderland graphic novel, to say nothing of the other all-day sketching and signing schedules, the full list of which is here.


At their booth (#2643) IDW will host a bevy of their top creators throughout the week, everyone from Bloom County’s Berkeley Breathed to Pantheon’s Michael Chiklis. Creators from the popular Transformers, Star Trek, and G.I. Joe juggernauts will also be in attendance. The booth will also host a truckload of excellent swag, from signed Locke & Key Ghost keys to a David Messina wrap around cover for True Blood #1 to The Rocketeer Artist Edition… and that’s just for starters. The whole kit and caboodle is listed here.



Over the course of this week, the Image booth (#2729) will be host to an almost unimaginable number of signings and creator appearances. You want Ivan Brandon, Robert Kirkman, Todd McFarlane, Jonathan Ross, Rob Guillory, John Layman, Jane Wiedlin, Tommy Lee Edwards, Cory Walker, and various members of the Walking Dead TV show’s cast? You got… all of those people, and about fifty others besides! There is scarcely an hour of the con when an Image creative team will not be doing a signing. Just looking at it makes me tired. In addition, there’ll be exclusive Walking Dead merch and signings, as well as exclusive con variants of Lady Robotika #1, Chew #12, and Sweets #1. A full, exhaustively detailed list of the specifics can be found here.



The Marvel booth (#2329) will host a wide variety of events, from demos of the Iron Man 2 Blu-ray to a presentation from the Guinness Book of World Records for X-Men #1’s highest ever print run of a comic book (the specifics of which would only make Captain Britain cry). Marvel will also host everything from costume contests and cosplay photo ops to video game demos and "giveaway hours." For a full, detailed list, you should probably click here.



For the more toy-oriented among you, Mattel will (among other things) debut their new interactive game Loopz this week with the one-time-only Loopz Cobalt Limited Edition, of which only 500 have been produced. The game will be available for purchase at the Mattel Booth (#3029) for $40.00. Foursquare members will win a free gift when they check in, and the first 100 people to check in three times within three days will win a free Loopz t-shirt. At the end of the show on Sunday, the Mayor of Mattel's booth will win a free Loopz Cobalt Limited Edition.



With Scott Pilgrim’s Finest Hour hitting the stands as I type this, Oni is kind of having a week. Their booth at Comic-Con (#1833) will be highlighting this and many other books from their catalog, from The Sixth Gun to Mondo Urbano, and just about everything will be available at the booth with a bonus “con grab” like Scott Pilgrim wristbands or Mondo Urbano guitar picks. Saturday, you can meet DJ Lance Rock and get a signed poster for the upcoming Yo Gabba Gabba comic. If you show up at Jarrett Williams’ Super Pro K.O. signing with your best “throw down speech” and an old-school wrestling costume, you could even be awarded the Comic-Con Heavyweight Championship belt! The full list of Oni events can be found here.



I swear to you, I swear to you I looked high and low for DC’s booth happenings. They have a plentiful plethora of panels at the con this year; as for their booth signings and giveaways… I will add them as soon as I see them. I will have to get back to you.


  1. During the show and because it is so busy how many creators can you actually meet?

  2. I love that Chew cover.

    I’m excited for the Walking Dead details.  That series has a lot of potential.

    @Jimski – Thanks for putting this together. I wish I were there. 

  3. I suppose it’s a little weird that the person listed here who I’d wait the longest to meet would be Berkeley Breathed. Hope everyone who’s going has fun!