SDCC 2010: Scott Pilgrim Game Xbox 360 Release Date and Pricing Announced

Scott Pilgrim Character Select Screen XBOX PS3


















It's long been known that Ubisoft's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World would be a Playstation Network exclusive for some undetermined amount of time, leaving Xbox 360 owners crying out into the void: "When will it be OUR turn?!" Well, word has come down the pipeline, via IGN, that Xbox 360 owners won't have too long of a wait until they can start trading blows with the Seven Evil Exes.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World will be dropping on Xbox Live Arcade on August 25th, a scant two weeks after the August 10th release on PSN. The beat-em-up is priced at 1200 Microsoft Points, which will probably translate to $14.99 on Playstation 3.

I have a really bad feeling that I'll be buying this game twice. The achievment whore in me really wants the Xbox 360 version, but I'm so beyond stoked for this game that I'll probably stay up past midnight on August 9th to play the PSN version as soon as it's available. For a comic so steeped in gamer lore to be translated into a video game that pays homage to the exact same titles referenced in the comic creates some sort of Ultra-Homage Vortex that is inescapable for the likes of me.

If you're down at Comic Con this week, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World is sure to have some demo kiosks set up somewhere. Try it out if you can!

UPDATE: A new gameplay trailer has just been released, highlighting the combat and RPG elements of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. This trailer basically confirms the game is the River City Ransom update I've always dreamed of. Hit play, expand to full screen, crank the volume, and prepare to drool.


  1. Boom! That’s whats up. So pumped to get a game that my gf will want to play with me. Huge Pilgrim fans, both of us.

  2. Whoo!  Very excited, cause there’s no way I’m getting a PS3 anytime soon.

  3. Any word on if this will be relased for wii?

  4. Whence Wii?


    Yeah, I don’t know why it not on the wii, given the nintendo references in the comics.


    But then, I’ll be here in my corner, waiting for the PC release!

  6. When does Steam get some?

  7. in that screenshot kim looks like the most fun character to play with

    (that didn’t come out right)

  8. I love how the character select screen is right out of Super Mario 2.  I’m sensing dorm room co-op crack.

  9. Still bummed that there’s no online co-op, but I’ll definitely buy this on PSN and play it everyday that week until I watch the movie.

  10. It seems really sad to me that it’s not on Wii, given all of the Nintendo references in the comics.

    Also because I have a Wii. 

  11. YEEEESSSSS!!  I was starting to lose hope for an Xbox version.   

  12. I played it at a convention in Sydney, it’s a lot of fun and I’ll definitely be buying it on the PSN as soon as it comes out.

  13. @IronCladMerc:

    When it users get sick of the awesome free games.