SDCC 2010: Photographic Evidence: Hats From the THOR Movie

I know you've all been worried that Thor and Loki would get scalp burn on the set of the upcoming Thor film. We haven't seen much in terms of headwear in the recent photography, but that's all about to change. Marvel has all of the hats from the film on display in San Diego, and cub reporter Conor Kilpatrick was nice enough to send along a few snapshots from his iPhone. 

Have at thee:

Norsey huh?

Thanks, Conor!


  1. baller

  2. I think they look awesome.  Can’t wait!

  3. nice!

  4. Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    These are very nice indeed.

    But now all I can picture is Paul smoking a cigar as Conor runs up with his iPhone full of pictures. "Chief, Chief!" Conor cries as Paul glares through the haze of his cigar. "Don’t call me ‘Chief!’" Paul warns.

  5. sweet

  6. Hats off to Marvel for including them.

  7. These look fantastic.

  8. As cool as those helmets look in pic, in person. HOLY GOD AMAZING!

  9. Those are just beautiful. They belong in a musuem.