SDCC 2010: PHOTO Captain America’s Shield in all its Vibranium Glory

Conor just sent in this image of Cap's shield from the Marvel booth at SDCC. Figured you might want to have a look at what Chris Evans will be working with in the Captain America and Avengers films. 

You just want to eat a whole apple pie off that thing before defending some democracy, am I right? 

Nazis will not be wanting to mess with this death-Frisbee. 


  1. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    That is one shiny piece of freedom right there.

  2. This looks extremely credible.

    I want one.

  3. Looks good.

  4. America! Fuck Yeah!

  5. Isn’t that a bit… literal?

  6. Cannot wait to see that thing in action.

  7. @REM: That’s what she said.

    That looks awesome! I’ve wanted a realistic looking replica forever but they are $400-$500.

  8. CLANG!!

  9. Looks great. Let’s light this candle.

  10. @JesTr- I have the Factor X replica. It looks awesome on the wall, but it’s only Sheet metel and pretty fragile…FYI I’d buy it again for $300-400, but it’s only for us hard core fans. i.e. throwing it at someone may dent it and/or chip the paint. "sigh" Thor’s Hammer by Factor X on the other hand, is a solid block of aluminum with a solid wood handle…you can throw that sucker at people all day! lol

  11. I saw it yesterday at Con. It looks amazing In all its shiny glory.

  12. shiny-shiny-pretty-pretty

  13. Sources close to the production report that "those who oppose the shield must yield," but offical spokespeople have yet to comment.

  14. When Captain America throws his mighty shield…..

    All those who chose to oppose to his shield must yield…


    If he’s led to a fight and the duel is due,

    Then the red and the white and the blue will come through…

    When Cap. America throws his mighty shield!!!!!!!!!!!



    If you’re too young to recognize this then you need to just get the hell out or go back and do some studying if you really wanna call yerself a fanboy, Bub.

  15. @Amimalvader1    PICS PLease!

  16. I command you to Wank!

  17. @Jesse1125:



    and yes I know…I need to dust! lol

  18. @Animalvader1 <Effin’ Saweeet! I love the fact that Thor’s hammer has the leather loop, strap and Cap’s Sheild looks mighty big. I would be tempted to put the hammer under glass with a spot light on that bad boy!

  19. I like that the white seems more like a silver than a true white. most of the replicas ive seen have a shiny non metallic white color. 

  20. While the silver does look good, our flag is not red, silver and blue. Trust me though, I’m not bashing it at all. In fact, I hope they put a replica of it out so I can get that one too!


    @Jesse1125: A friend of mine in his 60’s, who grew up with Thor since JiM #83 and is his favorite character, also has the hammer…and is not joking when he says he’s going to be burried with it!

  21. death-frisbee? 

  22. Very, very nice,but I think the red and blue should be richer,deeper. The blue especially should be darker.