SDCC 2010: for iPad is Go!

iFanboy's parent company has unveiled its iPad app, and it's in the Apple store as we speak. Just look for the snazzy icon to the right.


If you've been digging what's had to offer in its robust desktop applications, its storefront, and in its community, you can expect the same experience, translated beautifully to the iPad. It looks like a pretty comfortable way to browse your books on the boardwalk this summer, or as you sit in line at Comic Con.

But isn't just about reading comics. It's also about connecting readers to one another, and forming community.  Micah Baldwin, CEO and co-founder of says, "The goal of has always been to be a companion for the comic book store. People are moving to digital forms of communications, but the comic book industry is a community of readers, fans and writers and artists,” added Baldwin. “ is the online version of hanging out at the comic book store, finding new friends, new comics to read, and new interests and genres."

Here's a screenshot of the app as it will appear on the screen of your iPad:

Here's what has to say about the new app.

Experience digital comics in a whole new way on your iPad. With all your favorite comics and the ability to discuss them with your friends, changes the way that digital comics are experienced on the ipad.

All your comics that you have downloaded on the Adobe AIR application and/or Windows application at are available to you on your ipad with a click of a button.

Connect to friends and discuss your favorite comics by leaving comments within the books themselves! Find special special surprises as some books will have comments from creators and characters!

Take digital comics from these publishers with you wherever you go:

Archaia Comics
Archie Comics
Arcana Comics
Across the Pond
Bloodfire Studios
BOOM! Studios
Celtic Bard
Checker Comics
Creator's Edge
Flash Universe
IDW Publishing
Lead Pipe
O.G. Comics
Omni Consumer Comics
Paper Street Comics
Renegade Comics
Scare Tactix
Story Studios
Marvel Comics
Top Cow

And many independent and creator owned titles as well!

The app is free and ready to download right now.


  1. Hooray beer comics!

  2. I can no longer see anything related to without cracking up at the idea of Josh’s son, Flanagan. Oh Katers, you kill me.

  3. Nice! Now is the time for me to get an iPad.

  4. so what…..only "Comics" by comiXology features my titles and other DC releases! Head over the app store and get it today. "Comics" by comiXology!

  5. I’m glad Conor used his pull to get Archie Comics in there.  Yes, I think of Conor as "The Archie Guy".

  6. I don’t suppose anyone has roughly $800 I can borrow?  I have a purchase to make.

  7. @batman but we do have a painting of you in your finer moments hanging in our office:

  8. i would not say that is a finer moment. but thanks for the shoutout

  9. Hm; this would be the sixth comic-reading app on my iPad if I download it… At some point, there will need to be some consolidation of these various apps simply to keep libraries manageable. Right now, it’s akin to using a different app to listen to a particular CD you have ripped to your device — I understand that this is a land grab since the iPad is so new and everybody is trying to grab its own piece of the market, but at some point there will need to be some contraction just to keep things manageable for consumers.

  10. This nice, tho both and Comixology still have problems, and are no where near a replacement for your local comics store.  They both have very limited libraries of comics, which are usually 2-3 months behind.  They have proprietary formats.  They are not available on every platform. 

    Getting on every possible platform should be a goal for both companies.  Amazon has made amazing strides in moving the publishing companies, and readers, to ebooks, by being available on so many platforms.  I doubt either company will be interested in a standard format, so they need to be sure that they don’t leave a reader out because they only have an android device or can’t install a GUI application or are using a device that doesn’t support flash.

    The library issue is harder to solve because this is a situation created by the publishers, not or comixology.  I can only guess that DC, Marvel, Image, et. al think that digital distribution will cannibalize the print business, rather than thinking the digital can bring in a new audience or bring back and old audience (like me).   

  11. Now all they need is to keep expanding the # of issues on there. I don’t think there has been anything new in months now.

  12. @abart01 – agreed, one app to rule them all would be nice

  13. Does this work on the iPhone?

  14. Think it’s just iPad.  Comixology works the iphone tho. 

     I think that most people want their media to follow them where ever they go.  If your waiting for a meeting to start you can read a page or two on your iphone, if your sitting at your desk during lunch you can read bit on your computer, if you are out at a park you can sit around and read on the kindle or iPad.  One program to rule them all doesn’t matter as much, being the application available in the most locations or situations should matter immensely to the application dev’s.   

  15. So Batman is a viral marketer?


  16. It seems like more and more titles are being added to Graphicly every few weeks.  I’ve finally been able to read Unthinkable, since none of my LCSs had that title.  I like using it on my desktop but I’m glad it’s also available on the iPad.  I just wish it had a preview option so you can check out a couple of pages before purchasing.

  17. I just checked the feedback and it looks like a preview option is something the company is working on.  Cool.