SDCC 2010: Captain America and Thor Movie Concept Art that YOU Can Have!

Marvel has just released concept art from the upcoming Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger feature films. This concept art will be available as giveaway mini one-sheets at the Marvel booth (#2329) this week at the San Diego Comic Con.  I don’t know what a mini one-sheet is, but I am sure the Hollywood types know what they are doing. Onto the art…(click to enlarge)

Thor looks suitably dramatic. Flowing locks of hair and a billowing cape. Loki’s helmet is godlike in it’s gaudiness. They are fighting on top of something that doesn’t look very stable.  The stakes are high people. Branagh knows what he is doing! Falling and fighting! Forsooth! I hope this movie is a great big epic that doesn't shy away from the wild world that Thor inhabits.
I have to say, that is a smart looking uniform. There is always a lot of hand wringing about the costumes and how they translate to film. This Ultimates style Cap uniform keeps the iconic symbolism, but also has a palpable practicality to it. I think audiences will eat it up. It is also cool to see Cap right in the middle of some World War II action. Gritty, grimy, and visually compelling.
Does this please you? Can you tell me what a mini one-sheet is?


  1. A mini one-sheet is just another way of saying mini poster. i hate these useless words. a poster is a poster is a poster. the term one-sheet is useless

  2. the helmet still looks weird to me.

  3. Okay these concept art posters have reaffirmed my faith in both these movies…though thor doesn’t have the wing helmet on Loki is rocking the horns and cap’s suit in the art looks more to the time then the stylistic concept art…im in

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If I had a van, these would adorn either side. 

  5. Both of these images have made me more psyched than anything we’ve seen from either movie yet.

  6. I think they both look pretty awesome… Though I want to see some more live action shots of Cap…

  7. Great pictures both. Though I’d prefer it if Cap was slinging something bigger than a tiny sidearm.

  8. I know people don’t like parts of the Thor costume, but it really says something about the wisdom of a god if he wears sensible, all weather slacks.

  9. @Roi: Agreed.

    That is what the production stills in Thor have lacked… action. I actually like the Loki helmet. 

  10. A mini one-sheet is like a one-sheet, only minier.

  11. @roi–its an industry term and not really useless at all. The term one-sheet actually means something in the advertising/marketing world unlike the term "poster" which is a more generic, non descriptive term. Look it up. 

    your rant is basically like saying a graphic novel is a fancy term for a comic strip.  

  12. Kenneth Branagh = Henry V (1989) … ’nuff said …

  13. These images are awesome. Has anyone else noticed that this is the first image marvel has officially released with the Captain America outfit? But both costumes look great.

  14. Anyone know if the Cap movie is going to be in the past only?
    Any possibilities the Avengers movie finds him in the iceberg?
    ( That would be fantastic if it happened that way . . . )

  15. @Paul – these are a reason to GET a van! 

  16. @Arrrggghhh I was thinking that right at the end of the Cap movie he gets frozen and then Nick Fury finds him then the credits roll.

  17. Nice posters whether they have any bearing on the films is another story

  18. @Paul – That would be one handsome van

  19. Cap looks amazing!  Looks very feasable.  Thor looks like Thor. 

  20. I really like the thor one, Captain america’s costume isn’t working for me. I think it’s the helmet!

  21. @Wallythegreenmonster    Well it is. The term Graphic Novel is sometimes misleading. Novels are fictional works and I’ve read several comic books about real life events and several autobiographical comics. The term comic book is all we need. It’s a comic strip in book form. I’ll give you the one-sheet argument but I say they shouldn’t use that term to advertise to a sea of people who probably won’t know that it means poster for this situation.

  22. @roi– i dunno…movie geeks are pretty specific. I think they appreciate the term more than calling it a Poster. Their little sister has a Miley Cyrus "Poster" on the wall…they hang up "one sheets" =) ….although one time at a comic shop, i heard a collector call them "wall scrolls" (official theatrical) and he was as serious as all get out. 

    It is true that graphic novel is misleading. I’ve seen that term used to refer to collected trades.  

  23. @Wally yeah my comic guy does that too. I think writing for a living has made me hate certain words