Scenes From Isotope: BATWOMAN Art Show & Party Photos with J.H. Williams III

This past weekend in San Francisco at Isotope – The Comics Lounge, another epic comics party went down. As we told you it was coming, J.H. Williams and W. Haden Blackman were on hand, with a TON of Batwoman artwork as part of DC Comics The New 52 Art Show.

Fans came out in droves to attend the party, get one of the limited edition glasses designed by J.H. Williams III, and drool over the amazing original art, as the majority of the original art from Batwoman #3 was hanging on the walls of the Isotope. Williams and Blackman mingled with fans, signing books and partaking in the fun of the party, which went deep into the late San Francisco night.

Comic Book Resources also has a great recap of the evening, along with an interview with J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman.

Thanks to Isotope photographer, Dyami Serna, we’ve got some fantastic photos from the evening, so even if you couldn’t make it, you can get a taste for what the night entailed. You can see all the photos from the party at Dyami’s website, where you can even order prints!

Take a gander below at the beautiful people in attendance at the party, along with some of the original art and folks enjoying one of the amazing cocktails served in the limited edition glasses. You may even spot a member or two of the iFanbase, as well as the back of my head, out of focus.

Isotope in San Francisco is known for it’s epic parties and this evening certainly lived up to that reputation in spades.


  1. I cannot emphasize enough how envious I am of the beards on display in that first image. When will JH Williams work with Jason Aaron?

  2. Amazing party!

  3. I was there it was awesome.
    I couldn’t stay for the after party because I wasn’t 21 =(

  4. Maybe they’ll do one of these partys in or near my town sometime. Along with AnimalMan, Batwoman is one of the best of the new 52!

  5. Looks like an amazing place to hang out.

  6. Looks like an awesome time. Wish I could have gone. Beautiful people, beautiful beards, and beautiful art.

  7. Don’t forget about all those mini earthquakes Ron.

  8. Batwoman is one of my absolute favorites right now, beautiful and have been anticipating her solo title since elegy in detective……looks like the kind of party that reminds you why its good to get out and mix it up, might have to get me a print and wanna see what those pint glasses looked like, I love the toon tumblers, only have about 5 specific ones and would love a Batwoman one.