Savage Dragon: Long Live Overlord!

For the past few months, I’ve been raving about how Erik Larsen has gotten the ship righted on Savage Dragon.  The amazing fast paced catch up over this past winter combined with the excellent jumping on point makes it a great time to be a fan of Savage Dragon, but I couldn’t help but think that the series was still missing something…

And then I got the below teaser from the fine folks at Image Comics and it all clicked.  Every good hero needs a villain.  Savage Dragon has had several adversaries, like Cyberface, but the best villain has always been the leader of the Vicious Circle, Overlord.  Continuing the legacy of classic heroes and villains, looks like we’re in for a treat as Overlord seems to be coming back.

I can’t say it enough, now is a great time to jump onto Savage Dragon. You don’t need to worry about the history of the book, or the continuity.  Larsen does a great job of telling you what you need to know and simply deliver a fantastic solo hero book.  Do yourself a favor, get on board now and you’ll see what I mean.


  1. Mr. Richards speaks the truth.  Savage Dragon has become awesome again over the last few issues.

  2. I’m stoked. Savage Dragon is always best when long-term stories are being developed, and the return of Overlord could be a perfect kicker for a new epic tale.

  3. I seriously havta get back into reading the trades, I have so much to catch up on

  4. Not a good jumping on point for me…Kidding! Kind of…

    But still I won’t read this.  Not a Larsen fan.

  5. I jumped back onto SAVAGE DRAGON with the Pick of the Week issue and I’m glad I did – it’s been fun so far!

  6. So excited for the return of Overlord but I gotta admit, I miss Cyberface and Powerhouse.

  7. Image has been doing a lot of good teasers lately. 

  8. @Luthor: I miss Powerhouse, too. I hope we see him back in all his chicken headed glory soon.

  9. i just jumped onto Savage Dragon and i must say i am LOVEING it!!

  10. I have an almost complete run of Savage Dragon, and as much as I enjoyed Erik’s Kirby-inspired journeys into different dimensions and what not, the book finally feels "right" again, and I can’t recommend it enough.  The book has been great over the last few issues, and I cannot wait to see just who the new Overlord turns out to be.

  11. The original Overlord was such an incredible badass, I guess it makes sense that he’s coming back