SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON 2004: Here we come… or not.

Well, its that time of year. San Diego Comic-Con is in full swing. Unfortunately, we’re not all there like we have been for the last 3 years. No, this year, our man on the scene will be Josh with the lovely Lindsay in tow. Keep an eye out on Monday for his full report.

For those of you who may be there and with your laptops, please let us know what’s going on! It’s either that or we have to go over to Comic Book Resources/Newsarama or The Pulse to find out! Don’t make us click there!
So what’s so important that we’re not in San Diego? Well, aside from being poor, here are our excuses:

Josh: Well he has no excuse, he’s going — but that’s because he lives in LA. The only time of year living in LA is a good thing… he’ll be looking for Pocket Size Jim Lee for all of us!

Conor: Right now, Conor is deep in the heart of Texas, either eating BBQ or looking for his bicycle at the Alamo. Wish him luck

Ron: 85% of Ron and his darling wife Kristen’s things are packed up as they’re moving this weekend to green pastures of Greenwich, CT.

Patrick the Intern — Uhm, what is Patrick doing? Patrick, tell the fine people what you’re up to… I assume it has something to do with ladies and meat.


  1. i’ll be playing some poker tonight and maybe go to a strip club to put some ladies through college. try to forget i’m missing the con.
    also i brought back some “hoffman snappers” (like a hot dog, but perhaps better)from 1000 islands. so definitly grilling sat.

    since josh is going he needs to take pics of all the models/porn stars i’ll be missing out on.
    maybe lindsay could take my job. someone has to carry the torch…

  2. Patrick always brings the class.

  3. 😉

  4. Oddly enough, without ever seeing this, you may get a serendipidous surprise.

    The magic of Patrick was kept alive. Until the batteries gave out…

  5. Looks like Newsarama and CBR covered the news fairly well, since we certainly didn’t.

    More to come from me though.

  6. WOOT!

    bring on the pics

    i wanna see what i missed

  7. By the way, Ellis exclusive to Marvel?

    First DC, now this? Guess he couldn’t support himself on his own projects.

    Kirkman exclusive to Marvel. That’s good. He’s real good. I just read the first Invincible trade last night, and it’s excellent. Really good. Great intro by Busiek as well. I’ll write something later. Watch this guy. He did Battle Pope way back when. Good stuff.

  8. So if Kirkman is exclusive to Marvel, does that mean that INVINCIBLE is over? Keep in mind, I know nothing about the book, but plan on buying the first trade on Wednesday.

  9. No, he’s allowed to continue his 2 books, Invincible and The Walking Dead, and he can keep them at Image.

    “Tom Breevort contacted me a couple of weeks ago and was feeling me out to see if I’d be interested [in an exclusive agreement]. I told him I’d have to be able to keep ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Invincible’ at Image and they’d have to allot to the stuff I’d already committed to and they seemed to be fine with that,” Kirkman told CBR News in San Diego. I’m happy to be working with Marvel. I love the company and I love the characters, so I was all for it the second they mentioned it to me. They answered every question the way I wanted them to. Everything worked out and we’re both completely happy.”

    more here.

    I was a huge huge huge fan of Battle Pope, and I have a feeling I’ll be checking out most of Kirkman’s work now. I’m looking forward to it.