San Diego Comic-Con 2006: DAY THREE – Live Updates

Somehow we’re in the con before it opened at 9:50ish this morning, thank god for Jamba Juice. Thank god Tijuana didn’t factor into last night either, rather La Jolla did. But that’s the past and today we’re covering the busiest day at the con

Keep checking throughout the day to read our live updates of the panels and how we make it through the day. Later tonite we’ll be posting our complete report on the con as well as the pics from the day.

10:23 AM – Gordon and I (Ron) found third row seats in the BIG room at the convention center for the Lost panel. This place is packed already and I’m sentimental for the cons of years past when we’re practically spend all Saturday in the big room for all the Lord of The Rings, Star Wars and Kevin Smith panels. Those were fun, but this year, I think this is the only panel in the big room I even attempted to attend. We’re actually ducking out of this panel a little early to get to Joe Quesada’s panel. If anything juicy from Lost comes up, I’ll be here to report it.

10:44 AM – They just rolled out the producers and some of the cast after showing some video bits. Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Daniel Dae Kim (Jin) and Jorge Garcia (Hurley) are on the panel. The crowd went nuts. The flashes are like a paparazzi line. They just went straight to questions, I’m guessing there’s going to be a lot of love fest type questions.

10:52 AM – They claim to have an overarching plan for where the story is going to go, but they leave the room for improvisation within the characters and make changes along the way. Everyone seems to love Jorge Garcia. They are listening and reading fan comments on the internet and using them as a gauge as to how much to reveal etc, but they’re conscious of the fact that the fans may never be pleased. The fan response was a direct lead to the new schedule. Fans complaining about the repeats directly lead to the new fall schedule and they’re designing the story arcs around that.

11:03 AM – Poor Daniel Dae Kim, no one wants to ask him anything. They acknowledged there is going to be more romances on the show in season 3. And as soon as I typed that, someone came up to the mic to tell Daniel Dae Kim that he’s the person’s favorite actor. Go figure. We’re going to head out to walk over to Quesada’s panel, be back in 30-40 minutes or so (not that anyone is actually reading) 🙂

11:37 AM – We’re waiting for the Joe Quesada panel to start (we being Ron, Josh and Conor), which was delayed due to the panel before this with Stan Lee AND Gabrielle Carteris of 90210 fame! My (Ron’s) life is complete. I’m too crazed to blog anymore, so I’ll hand it off to Conor.

11:39 AM – Before the Joe Quesada panel we were able to catch the tail end of the Stan Lee/Marvel video game panel. A few tidbits: Stan Lee’s favorite movie cameo was the one he did for Mallrats, but he says his best movie cameo is the one featured in the upcoming Spider-Man 3 which will feature a scene and a bit of dialogue between Stan and Peter Parker. He thinks the brief scene will garner a big audience reaction. Stan next has his sights set on a video game cameo.

11:42 AM – Joe Quesada just made a Hawkeye/Daredevil joke that leads me to believe that the fake Daredevil is definitely NOT Hawkeye. Unless they really don’t care about the reveal being a surprise.

11:45 AM – Ron’s back: Joe’s gushing about the “hidden” message in a Wolverine cover telling Loeb and Bianchi would be on issue #50, so lame. Whatever Joe.

11:48 AM – Dan Buckley, the publisher of Marvel just came onto the panel. They just teased some future titles, Loners, Silent War and Marvel Comics Presents, but with no context. There are several children running around unattended, it’s quite distracting.

11:57 AM – They’re gushing about the Stephen King upcoming Dark Tower title. I could care less. But Josh is making a face at me, because he thinks it could be good. Ron has a cold soul.

12:01 PM – This is not as exciting or fun as the DC panels, we’re going to log off to save battery power, but if anything big comes up, we’ll get it up ASAP.

2:02 PM – No luck getting into the Kevin Smith panel, so we’ve all pretty much scattered and have ben just trying to survive the masses of people. I’ve (ron) just reunited with Josh and Lindsay for the ever entertaining Terry Moore panel. Nicest guy in comics!


  1. Did anyone at the lost panel ask Lindelof when Ultimate Wolvie v. Hulk would finish?

    I’m desparate for Lost spoilers… did they tease you with anything?

  2. I liked the Dark Tower series. Ron is wrong.