San Diego Comic-Con 2006: DAY ONE – Live Updates

After a few hours of much needed sleep, Team iFanboy made it to the convention this morning, much thanks to the burst of energy from our Jamba Juice breakfasts. We’ve walked the con floor a little and then made our way up to the rooms for the first of many panels.

Keep checking throughout the day to read our live updates of the panels and how we make it through the day. Later tonite we’ll be posting our complete report on the con as well as the pics from the day.

11:15 AM – Josh, Conor and myself made their way up to the DC Nation panel, for which the line to get into the room wrapped back out into the hallway about 50 people deep – Not a good sign for the rest of the convention. Mental Note: Get to panels early to ensure you get a seat.

11:26 AM – Josh decides that waiting in a line really isn’t his thing, so he takes off in search of some sketches.

11:32 AM – Conor and I find seats, in the second row oddly enough of the DC Nation panel and enjoy an hour of question and answers from Dan DiDio, Mark Waid and Greg Rucka. We’ll have detailed notes from the panel tonight.

12:41 PM – Josh and I are reunited at the panel about Comics Editors and the role of the editor. The vibe is way chiller than the DC panel, which was animated and lively. This is considerably calmer and a much smaller crowd.

12:56 PM – Turns out the comics editors panel was snoozearama, so I ditched Josh and headed across the hall to snap some pics of Rosario Dawson, who apparently has the hots for me. After that, I head out in search of Conor, Gordon and Patrick The Interns.

1:10 PM – Reunited! We’re hungry.

1:24 PM – Hey, this is Conor. We were worried about crowd size today after the huge crowds at laswt night’s preview night. The crowds on the floor almost seem lighter today because the panels are PACKED. We’ve never had to wait in line before for such a benign panel as DC Nation. This is a worrisome trend. Also, I am hungry.

2:37 PM – We snuck away for lunch, probably the only day we’ll be able to do that, ate some quick sammiches and headed straight for the Marvel Civil War panel room. We got in a little early and have to sit through some author doing readings from his books. We have no idea who this dude is. Something about a unicorn and a dinosaur. Yet this is a huge room. Who knew. The Marvel panel starts at 3 and we’re hoping to get some answers, mainly who the hell Daredevil is.

3:06 PM – The Marvel Civil War panel has begun to a packed room, one of the bigger rooms. Joe Quesada is at the helm of the panel and presented some great slides of upcoming artwork from Civil War.

3:12 PM – Conor just looked over to me and I said “this sucks” and he nodded. The difference in energy between the DC panel this morning and the Marvel panel is noticeable. They’re talking about Iron Man now and how he’s been portrayed as a “narc” like character. But we’ll begin to see more of this side.

3:24 PM – BREAKING NEWS: They just announced The Mighty Avengers, written by Bendis and drawn by Frank Cho, a new Avengers series.

3:33 PM – The presentations have ended and they’ve opened it up to questions, and the energy has picked up a bit – there have been some good questions and laughter, so maybe the next hour of the panel won’t be excruciatingly boring.

3:45 PM – Oh dear lord, we just realized there’s another 45 minutes left in this panel. If anyone is reading this – send help!

3:46 PM – Finally someone asked who is Daredevil? They dodged the question, so we still don’t who is Daredevil in the Civil War books. Like anyone expected to actually get an answer?

3:56 – BREAKING NEWS – Jeph Loeb crashed the panel to announce that he and Italian artist Simone Bianchi will be taking over Wolverine #50

4:15 – My laptop battery is dying so that’s it for now


  1. Who the hell is Daredevil? From what I have read, Jamba Juice has been the highlight of your day.

  2. The Mighty Avengers. Very exciting. How’re the girls?

  3. And Jamba Juice rules. I like the chocolate peanut butter banana one, only without the chocolate.

  4. Well, the Mighty Avengers sounds like a good place for me to start reading Avengers’ books. Now I’m all excited.

  5. True story, two Mays ago I was in Chicago to see U2. While in a Jamba Juice my two tickets fell out of my coat pocket and a JJ employee found them. 6 hours later, as I was trying to frantically recall everywhere I had been that, that employee still had them and handed them back when I showed up 25 minutes later. Jamba Juice is the number one smoothie place around because of that.

    Mighty Avengers sounds cool.

  6. Mighty Avengers sounds lame. Do we really need another Avengers title? All this Marvel talking about Avengers being the new Xmen, so now we have 4 Avengers titles? (Admittedly one is out of continuity). Still it seems like they are going down the route that screwed up the Xmen. Soon we’re gonna have Extreme Anvengers.

    As it is Bendis writing it it will probably be a good read, but I just have a sneaking suspicion that this is the start of Marvel just milking the name ‘Avengers’ for profits.

  7. ooh the podcast is up, just in time for me to listen to on the way to work too. yay!