San Diego Comic-Con 2007: Preview Night

Holy crap that place was packed!

The normally low key, laid back affair that was preview night seems to have morphed into an early version of whatever Saturday is destined to become. You see, the convention officially goes from Thursday to Sunday, but a few years back, they started Preview Night, where pre-registered attendees, the press, and pros could quietly amble the wide aisles free of the congestion which normally occurs on the weekend. And for many years it was good. But this year, everyone and their mother, and their kids, and their friends and a couple of cousins descended on the San Diego Convention Center to get an early glimpse at the convention floor.

But there was certainly plenty to see. Even though, we’ve been to many cons, this one never fails to up the ante every year, and it was almost more than we could handle. Tonight, we mostly wandered the floor, doing our best to avoid the logjams which occur around the movie studio booths (some of which now have multiple stories). The pre-eminent giveaway is a gigantic shopping bag with a Smallville logo, and a cardboard shield from 300. The kids might like ’em, but they do plenty of aisle-clogging.

We have never seen it this crowded on preview night, and if this is any indicator, things are going to be more crowded than ever before. And while it’s probably a bit more of a hassle while on the floor itself, it’s good news for comics in general.

Tomorrow we hit the ground running, and try to get as much great video as we can shoot. We’ve got a full team, lead by Gordon the Intern, ready to attend to any and all of our needs, and miles of convention floor to cover. We’ve already met some of the iFanboy faithful, and we’re continually flattered by the kind words people have for us. If you do see us on the floor, please make sure to say hi. Of course, if you do, that’ll get you a sticker. And why would you want a cardboard shield when you can get an iFanboy sticker?

“This is NOT a line! There is NO line for ANYTHING currently at the Hasbro booth!”
– A woman from Hasbro yelling at a group of people who spontaneously formed a line

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  1. Looks pretty cool – except for one thing – the Stark Industries crate. Everytime I see something like that I want to find the person responsible for that terrible idea and kick them in the nuts (or alternate appropriate genital area). It’s not a real company. It’s from a comic book. Stop trying to be goddamn cute and make something cool.

    I’m a little cranky this morning. I haven’t slept in a few weeks.

  2. I have to get myself to San Diego. I don’t care about the crowds. To see comics made into that much of a spectacle has got to be a blast. I am twice as jealous as I was last year and twice as excited to hear you podcast about it. Damn that looks sweet.

    If you catch any part of the showing of Bruce Timm’s Superman/Doomsday , make sure to give us a report.

  3. “This is NOT a line! There is NO line for ANYTHING currently at the Hasbro booth!”
    – A woman from Hasbro yelling at a group of people who spontaneously formed a line

    Wow she went all Matrix on them…..”There is no spoon”.

  4. “Marvel booth”? Now I’ve heard everything!

  5. So yeah, hasbro toy shop? …Whatever. They really need to come up with a better way so that scalpers can only buy one of each thing. And I’d really like to see these greedy whores have there items not bid on at all. But alas, what can you do. I was there I got at least one rodimus, and I don’t have to pay their prices for him. heh heh >:[b