San Diego Comic-Con 2007: Day 3 – Saturday (UPDATE)

There were many people.

Yes, today was the apex of the San Diego Comic-Con, well known for its harrowing multitudes, and today did not disappoint. There were people stacked on top of other people, and they might have had some people under them. And while many might have come for movies, or toys, or dressing up, they comic books are rarely given a better opportunity to shine than here. It’s days like this that I’m proud of comics, and the all the energy and passion the creators put into them, as well as the joy they readers get from experiencing comics.

But what happened today, you ask?

With all of Saturday’s photos.

I’ll start with a little update from yesterday.

There were some panels we attended. Ron caught up with Marvel’s announcements, and I’m sure most of you have heard about those by now. Around the same time, Josh went to the final Strangers in Paradise panel (a tradition for the Flanagans for quite a few years), where Terry Moore talked about writing the final issue of SiP on the road, as well as shared some ideas about his upcoming writing gigs on Mary Janes Loves Spider-Man and Runaways. While he wasn’t too specific, it looks like he’s going to be doing something that focuses on Chase, a character whom he greatly disliked at the start of the series. He’s always humble, and always entertaining, and always wears his passion for storytelling on his sleeve. If you’ve ever got a chance to go to a panel with Terry, don’t miss it.

Friday afternoon, at 2pm, we had a quaint little gathering gather to hear us do a live recording of our Pick of the Week show. It was a lot of fun, and went really well. A great group of people showed up, and we got to meet all of them. There was a PA system set up so that everyone around could hear the show, and I really think we did a good one. We had a brief appearance from the always entertaining Jonathan London of Geekscape, as well as a really healthy dose of questions from the audience, and we genuinely had a ton of fun.

But, as luck would have it, there was a bit of a technical snafu, and we do not have an audio recording of the event. So unfortunately, if you didn’t get to be there live in person, you’ll have to make do with the pictures. We send a giant thank you for those who attended. Please think of the lost show as a “con exclusive,” not unlike certain action figures.

Then there was a bit of walking the floor, shooting some footage, which you’ll see soon enough, and before we knew it, we were back at the hotel room getting all snazzy for the party at Basic.

It was a complete blast.

We literally met more people than I can remember. They were all incredibly friendly and complimentary, and we were genuinely glad to meet every one of you. In addition to iFanboy fans, there were plenty of people out to meet the guys from The Totally Rad Show, as well as some who liked a little of both. I must say this, Alex Albrecht, Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata could not be cooler or nicer guys, and we were all glad to get a chance to hang out with them for a bit. But really, the highlight was getting to talk to all the folks who make iFanboy what it is, and it was really special for all of us. Thanks to everyone for coming. It meant the world to us.

That brings us to Saturday. Or the day the aisles clogged. Most of iFanboy slept in a bit after Friday’s festivities, except Ron who is sleepless, like the undead. While there were a lot of excellent panels going on, the crowds were really too much for us to deal with. It was almost as if you wanted to go to a panel, you would have had to sacrifice your whole day to it. And how are we going to get footage in the can if we’re waiting all day to find out that they’re not going to tell us anything about when Battlestar Galactica comes back in 2012. This seems to be the big problem with the ever growing population. The rooms with the movie panels are full to capacity all day, and it’s really only feasible if you don’t want to do anything else.

Saturday afternoon was the “Podcasting 101” panel with Ron, Conor, the verbose Mr. John Siuntres, Joe Gonzalez from Comic News Insider, and Jon Towry from Comic Talk Cafe. The folks on the panel talked about some of the basics of doing your own podcast. There was a great deal of information, and if you were taking notes, you’ll be well on your way to supplanting our ignominious success. Thanks to everyone who came out.

Then it was back to the floor for still more shooting, until it was proclaimed by several of the staff that they would toil no more, and the day was done.

We met up at the Kansas City Barbeque, (made famous in Top Gun) for a little meetup sponsored by Pop Candy, where we had some beverages, and ate some (you guessed it) BBQ. We had even more time to hang out with Jeff, Dan, and Alex, and again I say, they’re great guys.

That about covers it for the day. You might hear from us tomorrow night if we can get you an update from the airport, but tomorrow looks like more shooting, followed by a red-eye flight, with some tearful goodbyes thrown in. I’m starting to get sad that it’s almost over.


Here are all of Friday’s photos

And here are all of Saturday’s photos.


  1. Yup, today was crowded! It was hard to get into any of the bigger panels without standing in line for hours. A little bummed I didn’t make it to “Podcasting 101”

    I did get to meet John Romita Jr. and get him to sign WWH #1 though.

    Have a good last day at the con!

  2. yea it was really packed on saturday. really awesome to meet you guys though! what better way to pass the time waiting on the brubaker line than to meet the guys from ifanboy! hahah peace!

  3. I’m back and my eyes hurt.

    And my voice is gone.

    And I can’t go to sleep.

  4. Remember when we were all in San Diego…and we were having fun? That was cool.

    Remember when we all got home and were exhausted and wishing we were still in San Diego…