San Diego Comic-Con 2006: Preview

Soon the biggest collection of sportos, motorheads, geeks, sluts, bloods, waistoids, dweebies, and dic– um, nerds on the entire face of the planet gather as one.

San Diego Comic-Con 2006!

iFanboy has been covering the San Diego Comic-Con in various forms since 2001 (with the exception of 2005) and this year will be no different. In fact, this year will be iFanboy’s most ambitious yet — we’ll have our largest reporting crew ever coming at you with a full audio/visual experience. Or at least we hope we will.

Take a glance over the convention schedule — Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday — and let us know what you are interested in hearing about or seeing. What do you want to know? Who should we talk to? We can’t guarantee that we will cover it, but we can guarantee that we’ll take it under consideration and we’ll try our best.

Speaking of coverage, iFanboy is going to be all over this convention! From Preview Night on Wednesday to closing time on Sunday we’re going to be fanned out on the floor, at panels, and at the booths — snapping pictures, scribbling notes, and stealing hearts. You can look forward to nightly wrap-ups of the days events, and there is a possibility of live (ish) updates from the convention itself! In addition, we’re going to record a nightly podcast to supplement our written coverage – so make sure you check your podcast provider every day of the convention!

Oh, yeah — and there’s the small matter of, for the first time ever, iFanboy’s own unique San Diego Comic-Con video coverage…

If you see us on the convention floor or out on the town or at a bar or in the hotel hot tub, stop us and say hi! (Okay, well, maybe not in the hot tub). We’d really like to meet our listeners and we’ll have nifty iFanboy stickers! And who doesn’t love stickers?

For those of you who are going — and please let us know if you are — we’re thinking about organizing a drink up Saturday night at one of the Gaslamp District dive bars. Possibly with us and some of the other comic podcasts. We’re not sure yet what the level of interest is, so let us know if that sounds like something that would be fun.

And don’t forget the most important thing! Sunday, July 23 11:30am-1:00pm in Room 8, Josh will be appearing in the first ever panel of comic book podcasters, moderated by B. Clay Moore! Come on by and check it out!

Unfortunately, the reporting that we consider our best — San Diego Comic-Con 2001 — has been lost to the cold and unforgiving maw of cyberspace. The same goes for the articles we wrote for the 2002 convention. But the good news is that you can get an idea of our somewhat off-kilter coverage from the other years by clicking the links below.

Note: We’ve added some links from our 2001 coverage – it’s a bit spotty, but it’s the best we can do.

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This year should be a blast! Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, follow the wacky comic convention happenings on iFanboy!


  1. It looks like we’re going to have an iFanboy Drink Up on Saturday Night:

    The location:
    506 6th Ave
    San Diego, CA 92101
    Phone: (619) 232-6754

    Tivoli Bar offers what few other bars can: character and a huge photo of former patron Wyatt Earp. It’s acknowledged as the oldest bar in the Gaslamp Quarter, in downtown San Diego, and benefits from a huge mahogany bar made during a more innocent time, when destroying a forest meant nothing compared with a quality drinking experience. Tivoli fell on hard times in the 1960s and ’70s, like the rest of Gaslamp, but new owners plowed money back into the place to bring it up to code and make it one of the most popular establishments on the weekend. On weekdays, it draws members of construction crews working in nearby East Village. Tivoli has 15 brands of beer on tap.

    The time:

    Here’s some more info about the bar:

    Post to this thread if you think you’d like to come hang out with us!

  2. you know i’ll be there saturday night

  3. Re: your lost old posts: have you ever tried entering your old URLs into The Wayback Machine has collected all kinds of old sites from days gone by.

    Do you mean pages like this?:

    If I just inadvertently saved your archive, I want my name to be etched into the iFanboy Wall of Heroes or something.

  4. Thanks, Jimski.

    Josh (I think) actually found this website a while back and posted about it on the weblog, linking to our very first page from when we started.

    I briefly thought about using it to link to the 2001 coverage but some of the images are broken and the pictures don’t enlarge and I’m a perfectionist.

    But… you can see that the coverage was the most in-depth in 2001. Maybe I’ll do it anyway.

  5. If nothing else, you might be able to use it to rescue some of that lost content for your own archival purposes. As someone who’s certainly lost a document or two, I hate to think of the amount of history that’s been erased online.

  6. Fantastic! See you guys there…let’s do it earlier–then we can bumrush the other parties en masse.

  7. See? Look, it’s official. We weren’t making it up:

    11:30-1:00 Comics Podcasting� Meet the faces behind the names of some of the web’s most popular comic book podcasts. Find out what it takes to do a podcast and why they do it. Moderated by comics writer B. Clay Moore (Battle Hymn, Hawaiian Dick), the panel will feature podcasters Josh Flanagan (, Bryan Deemer (Comic Geek Speak), Scott Hinze (Fanboy Radio), Lene Taylor (I Read Comics), Joe Gonzalez (Comic News Insider), John Siuntres (Word Balloon), Chris Marshall (Collected Comics Library), Charly La Greca (Indie Spinner Rack), Jose Brito (Los Comic Geekos), and Augie de Blieck Jr. (Comic Book Resources Pipeline). Room 8

  8. You’re first on the list too! good job!

  9. yeah…I kinda wrote that. When you handle the details, you get the perks I guess.

  10. Are you guys planning on covering the Marvel VS DC Softball game? I would love to hear some play by play on that. Does anyone know who the players are going to be. Should be a lot of fun.

  11. ah… well you clearly didn’t milk the opportunity! ‘Josh Flanagan (’ should have been bold and in 40 point type. And underlined. With an explosion behind it.

  12. You should have seen the original draft. It was animated, with sound. I used breathy women saying my name over and over again to an orgasmic crescendo. They said it was too much though. Oh well.

  13. Are you guys planning on covering the Marvel VS DC Softball game?

    it was just announced so we hadn’t planned on it. I am intrigued by the game, but it seems to be in the middle of the day on Thursday (which is an odd time to have the pros away from the con), and I’m not sure that we want to be away from the convention center that long. We’ll see. Maybe we’ll send a reporter out there.

  14. We’ve set the time for the bar get together – 9:30pm!

  15. Dammit, I want to drink. With you guys, I mean.

  16. Hop a boxcar train to San Diego, Hobo Dude.

  17. Drinks sat night we will be there!

  18. Damnit! Damn the drinking laws! 🙁

    Maybe I could meet you guys after the panel or something 🙁 Meeting iFanboy is one of my hopes for this years comic-con.

  19. I have no doubt we’ll see you. The upcoming SD preview podcast will give you lots of clues as to where we’ll be.

    Unless we’re avoiding you. 😉