Salon to Comic Fans: “Stop Self Loathing!”

Today over at Salon, there’s an excerpt from an upcoming book Reading Comics: How Graphic Novels Work and What They Mean by Douglas Wolk, that explores the idea of dealing with liking comics and the stigma of liking comics and the balance between mainstream comics and “artsy” comics.

Just get over yourselves, okay? Thanks.

Personally, if I want to read a book that explains how comics work, I’ll check out Scott McCloud’s great books, like Understanding Comics and not worry so much about the social stigma and dividing comics into types such as “mainstream,” “superhero,” “cultural” or “art.”

I just like them all. But that’s just me.


  1. On the one hand, I have no time for anyone who refers to comics as pamphlets. On the other hand, the self-loathing does need to stop.

  2. It is eternally frustrating to me how narrow minded some people can be when they look at comics. I know some people who look down their nose at comics as either immature or something socially offensive. Yet these same people are showing up to Spider-man 3 and X3 on opening weekend. What the hell? I’ve offered nonsuperhero comics for their sampling, but they will have nothing to do with them.

    I’ve been meaning to reread Understanding Comics for a couple of months now. Good read. Anyone interested in storytelling in comics must read Scott McCloud.

  3. Too much overthinking goes on where this topic is concerned. Just like what you like. There is nothing nerdier than worrying about whether or not people think you’re a nerd, and there is nothing cooler than not giving a rat’s ass whether anyone thinks you’re cool. You’re not going out for football; you’re reading a goddamn book.

  4. This is why I have hated (but loved) adaptations of comics since the first Batman movie. How many bozo’s were sporting logo t-shirts, but would laugh at me when they saw me reading an issue. Also, I am sick of people arguing with me about some character or other when their source is only the movies. GRRRR!!! CANCELHOO SMASH!!!