Rorschach is online…

The web just got a little more interesting today, as news has come in about a new site,, which seems to be related to the upcoming Watchmen film directed by Zach Snyder.

It seems somewhat straight forward, but it’s not…

It seems quite simple, but if you’re a crafty web person, you can find the secret messages…

If you’re not crafty, try highlighting the text on the page (which is in black on a black background) where you can see some morse code, that apparently spells:

“Stood in street. Watched it burn.”



  1. So, I’m not sure what you meant by crafty, but by viewing the source code, I came to a different message. Morse code that traslates to: “YOU REMIND ME OF WEATHERBEE. I DON’T LIKE YOI”

  2. Guess emailing a link to The New Frontiersman is alot easier.


    That seems to be the same page. That’s where the image is from anyway. Isn’t “the one ring” a reference to LotR? I don’t get what this has to do with the Watchmen movie. It is interesting, however.

  4. I don’t know about “the one ring,” but the image looks like an “r” set up like a Rorschach test. Either that or Zach Snyder pissing all over my comic book collection. No, that is too harsh. It looks like a butterfly.

  5. is apparently some sort of fan club site for lord of the rings. This might be a fan hoax thing.

  6. the people behind the have made a business out of fan sites supporting movies, ala their LOTR sites…I bet they were hired to do a viral marketing website sort of thing for Watchmen…

  7. Aren’t they making a Hobbit movie? Is Rorscha going to be that?

  8. I got this code, and I translated it to:

    -.– — ..- / .-. . — .. -. -.. / — . / — ..-. / .– . .- – …. . .-. -… . . .-.-.- / .. / -.. — -. .—-. – / .-.. .. -.- . / -.– — ..-

    You Remind Me Of Weatherbee. I don

  9. I’m no expert; I read Watchmen for the first time this year, but who is the Weatherbee he’s referring to?

  10. mine said


    You can use any of a number of online translators to see what it says, I used

  12. Figures he’d write in caps.

    Friggin’ psycho.

  13. “Figures he’d write in caps.

    Friggin’ psycho.”

    Nice one!

  14. Man, this is cool but i have yet to read the watchmen. I have some extra cash so I’m gonna buy it tommorrow.

  15. The only Weatherbee I can think of is the principal. It would be Sooooo like Rorschach to read Archie comics.

  16. I just got:
    “Maybe you’ve forgotten how we do things…”

    This is eerie and awesome.

  17. “YOU REMIND ME OF WEATHERBEE. I DON’T LIKE YOU” is a reference to this great Watchmen-meets-Archie parody on Chris’ Invincible Superblog…

    It makes me wonder if this is a legit viral campaign, or some sort of fan site…

    Cool either way!


  18. “who is the Weatherbee he’s referring to?”

    It actually appears to be a quote from a Watchmen parody done by Chris Sims on Chris’ Invincible Superblog ( We’ve talked to Chris and he doesn’t seem to know anything about it, but has some speculation. We’ve got his statement up at

  19. Hey! Rorschach wrote me back after I e-mailed him. I told him something along the lines of him being the only real hero left, and he sent back:

    “thank you.


  20. I just got:

  21. Yipes!


    Makes sense since her murder was the event that started Rorschach out as a hero

  23. Interesting… it changes every few hours. Hrrm.

  24. The domain is registerd to these guys:

    Looks to be an internet marketing and promotion firm. They’ve got the Rorschach logo right on their home page.

  25. SAW/GREBERID/AND/YZJEPCSKU/.-.-.40.754950-073.988058/AN/AFFAIR/PERHAPS?
    El Huhhhhh!

  26. Hurm.

  27. I got the same as the last one… the lat/long is in Manhattan. At Midtown Comics.

  28. Anyone figured out what “GET CZAR DEN SKY TO CONTACT ME” means?

  29. Ooh, Zack Snyder.

  30. I wonder if that means this is in fact not affiliated with the movie… or if it’s just mind-bendingly self-referential.

  31. This has been confirmed as unofficial by Michael Regina of OneRing.Net, but they’re trying their hardest to get official…full details here: