Roger Langridge & J. Bone Suit Up for Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror

While we figured we’d love nothing more than to see Mark Waid and Chris Samnee’s Rocketeer collaboration continue as an ongoing, IDW has announced a new mini with equally tremendous potential.

In February, Cliffy takes off into the stratosphere once more in The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror by Roger Langridge and J. Bone. With covers by Walt Simonson, no less!

Here’s how IDW describes the four-issue mini:

Always caught in the middle, it’s a pulp thrill ride when Cliff finds himself embroiled in a dark mystery in the seemingly picturesque heart of Hollywood’s golden age! He may be neck-deep in mystery and mayhem, but it wouldn’t be a Cliff Secord caper if his sweetheart, the stunning Betty, weren’t steamed at him!


  1. I’m loving “The Cargo of Doom”! Its last issue is next week I believe. I’m definitely onboard for this one.

  2. Sold!

  3. any clues on how long it is? One shot or mini-series? Cover just has a #1.

  4. Loving all this Rocketeer revival!