Robert Kirkman’s Space Ace

Those of you old enough to remember arcades will no doubt remember Space Ace, the Don Bluth animated game that looked nothing like any of the other games at the time (except its sister game, Dragon’s Lair). It was all about timing. Frustrating, quarter-eating timing. Released in 1984 and spawning an animated series for a short time, the game was a heck of a lot of fun. Or at least we seek to remember it that way.

Anyway, we were digging through the vast library on Graphicly, and found this gem. There is a Space Ace graphic novel published by Arcana. But then we saw the really interesting part: it was written by Robert Kirkman.

How did we not know about this? If you want a sample, check out the beginning of this very unexpected comic book.


  1. I am TOTALLY buying this when I get home! I loved this game but never finished it. It ate a lot of my allowance, along with Dragon’s Lair, which I did finish.

    You can see a complete play-through of the game video here:

  2. Found the first three issues of this at my shop, but never tracked down 4-6, might just do it on Graphicly.

  3. Wow….I think someone’s wikipedia entry is going to need a few tweaks and updates. But in all honesty, it’s great to see that everyone had to start somewhere, and that even the comics you’d like to forget about, show up like unexpected children from a night of drunken ringtoss at The Bunny Ranch.

  4. Another Kirkman gem is Masters of the Universe: Icons of Evil, a series of one shots featuring the villains. It has Cory Walker drawing Tri-Klops, Tony Moore drawing Beast Man, and EJ Su drawing Mer-Man.

  5. This game infuriated me as a kid. I always died at the same spots.

  6. nice, funny. great art and colors.

  7. The ipad version of this game is tough as hell. There used to be one at the local Round Table Pizza. Must have put enough quarters in it to buy the damn thing…