RIP Alex Toth (1928-2006)

Sad news to end the long weekend, but Alex Toth, comics legend and creator of one of my favorite characters, Space Ghost, passed away on May 27. He was 78.

Five bucks says that many of the comics or cartoons you’ve read or watched were touched by Toth at one point in the 60’s or 70’s. He was a legend.


  1. Poor, poor, Alex Toth – no one cares about you or Space Ghost or the Super Friends…

  2. Did anyone watch the Justice League Unlimited series? They did an episode where parody versions of several Superfriends were created by the government as a line of defense against the Justice League.

    I wasn’t aware of Alex Toth, but I did watch Space Ghost and Super Friends before I started reading comics. He is probably apart of why I like cosmic characters and team books.

  3. yeah, but wait till bendis kicks it in a pool of his own vomit, coke-addled hookers scurrying from the scene–your servers will CRASH.

    seriously, rip alex toth.

  4. You can credit him with the style of Bruce Timm which lead to the modern DC animated stuff as well. The man had a smooth style that still works today.

    And he died at his drawing table. Badass.

  5. He died at his table? Damn…awsome.