Discussion: ‘Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith’

While not, strictly speaking, a comic book movie, there are indeed Star Wars comic books, so we can talk about it!

Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith opens tonight at midnight!

iFanboy East has tickets for the midnight show and then again Thursday at 6pm at the Ziegfeld Theater in NYC! Ron is already in line and Conor is bursting at the seams to get out of work to go join him!

iFanboy West has tickets for Thursday night at the ArcLight Theater in LA!




    just got back from the theater



  2. hmmm not sure if the last comment worked….

    anyway – hurry up and see this thing so we can discuss 🙂

  3. I Just got back too – it was awesome!

  4. I just got up after about 3 hours of sleep after seeing it at midnight.


    a) I can’t believe its all over – that we just saw the last movie (for now at lest)

    b) I can’t believe we survived actually seeing it.

    This showing was by far the oddest grouping of weirdos in line at any movie I’ve ever been to. Epic toy lightsaber battles raged on outside the theater from about 4 PM until 9 PM. Grown men hitting each other with their flashing light sabers. I didn’t know whether to be proud or embarrassed. Started off proud, ended up embarrassed.

    Finally got in the theater with 3 hours before the movie started – I hate waiting.

    But it was worth it – this movie definitiely delivered – better than Ep. 1 and Ep. 2 but not as good as the original trilogy. I don’t want to get into specifics as to avoid spoilers, so here are my bullet points:

    – All my concerns about the bridge to Ep. IV were addressed
    – R2 rules
    – Ewan was definitely channelling Sir Alec
    – There is maybe 5 minutes total, throughout the movie, of scenes or dialogue that made me cringe, but thats improved from the previous movies

    Overall – a solid 3 stars ***

  5. Not as much waiting out in NJ. I mean, there were people waiting (we got to the shopping center at 9 and there were massive lines already) but we all decided to eat first (we had a group of 12). When we were done eating at 11 we walked to the theater and asked where the line for theater 7 was, and they were like “oh we already let them in”. we were afraid that we were all going to have to sit 1)apart from each other or 2)everyone all in the very front row, but we ended up with pretty decent seats all clustered together and only then had an hour of waiting.

    They ran a concession special at our theater – bottled soda, water and small popcorns were only $1 – thought that was nice of them.

    I agree with Ron with the better than the last 2, still no original trilogy. There are a few things that made us all in the theater laugh really hard (though I don’t think that they were supposed to be funny…)

    Hurry up west coast and see it so we can talk particulars!!!



  6. beacause i hadn’t thought of waiting in line for seats…FRONT ROW center

    my neck is killing me…

    it was awsome though, i won’t say anything till others have seen it..

    only i’d say it’s probably the 3rd best out of all the movies…

  7. Commence with spoilers! A warning has been placed above.

  8. Okay – two things that REALLY bugged me:

    1) When Padme pops out the twins – “luke” “leia” – I just found that completely awkward. She should have just died during the birth and, I don’t know, let ObiWan and Organa name them or something. It was so anti-climatic the way she just seemed to randomly say the names.

    2) After ani kills Mace and Sidious is just like “from now on you are darth vader” That too – anti-climatic. I guess I was thinking that he couldn’t become vader till the freaking vader outfit was on him…

    and the thing that made us laugh insanely loudly was near the end when Sidious tells Vader that he himself killed Padme. And vader pulls what I can only describe as a Frankenstein/Wookie move of breaking free from the operaing table and moans/growls like Chewbacca. We all lost it. That was just ridiculous.

    Anyway – light sabers are cool, the death star skeleton is cool, Dukoo beheading was cool, Hayden Christensen’s feathered hair was not so cool 🙂

    I need to go see it again


  10. Saw it again tonight.

    I have to disagree with all of Casey’s quibbles. You don’t think that Padme had names already picked out – one name for a boy and one name for a girl? Don’t people who have babies call them by their names right then and there?

    Also, the suit didn’t make Anakin into Darth Vader – going to the dark side did. We just only know him in the suit so that’s all we have to go by.

    The second time around I had no problem with Vader’s Frankenstein walk. It worked for me. The dude just had his legs chopped off and was outfitted with robot legs, you don’t think he’d be walking a bit stiffly those first two steps? The “Nooo!” was a bad choice on GL’s part, though.

    Will see it again this weekend!

    Thursday, May 19 2005

    With post-midnight screenings of Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith selling out quickly, some theaters were scrambling to hire additional staff in order to remain open the entire 24 hours, published reports said today (Thursday). The film was being shown in 3,661 theaters, 79 of which were running it on digital projectors. Some analysts were forecasting that the film could earn as much as $45 million today (Thursday) alone and was likely to set a box office record for the weekend. Others, however, noted that with a PG-13 rating, the film was not going to bring out the huge family crowd that greeted the previous Star Wars movies. Still others took note of a mounting campaign by conservative groups to portray the film as a thinly disguised attack on President Bush and his policies in Iraq. (The current record for a four-day opening is held by The Matrix Reloaded, which earned $134.3 million when it opened over the same weekend in May 2003.)

  12. There are 100s of reasons why it’s a good thing none of us were in Kentucky.

  13. One comment tonight. more to follow.

    Vader does his “nooooo!!!!”

    I turn to Lindsay, and say, “Jon Stewart.”

    She looks at me and says, “Dylan McKay.”

    I could barely contain myself.

  14. Lindsay rules

  15. LOS ANGELES, California (AP) — Moviegoers flocked to the dark side in droves, giving the final installment of George Lucas’ “Star Wars” tale a record-breaking midnight run.

    “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” raked in an estimated $16.5 million from 2,900 midnight screenings Thursday, according to box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations.

    That’s double what the Oscar-winning film “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” took in during its midnight showings in 2003. The third film from director Peter Jackson’s trilogy rang up about $8 million domestically from 2,100 midnight shows.

    “This is extremely impressive,” said Paul Dergarabedian, president of Exhibitor Relations. “It just says so much about how excited people are to see this film that they lined up at midnight and just got on board and went along for the ride.”

    After the midnight debut, “Revenge of the Sith” widened to 3,661 theaters for daytime and evening screenings. The studio, 20th Century Fox, said box-office results for the first full day would be available Friday.

    Tickets for the film went on sale last month. Soon after, legions of fans began lining up at theaters across the country, many dressed in full “Star Wars” regalia and sporting Jedi light sabers.

  16. “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” scored $50 million in first-day receipts at 3,661 theaters across the nation on Thursday, box-office tracker Exhibitor Relations said Friday. The take handily beats the one-day record of $44.8 million set last year by “Shrek 2.”

  17. You know what one of my most favorite things about this movie was? It made me want to rush home and watch A NEW HOPE. Which I will do this weekend. Which undoubtedly turn into an OT-fest.


  18. definitely Original Triology marathon – hell I may watch Ep 1 and 2

  19. I watched I and II and the Clone Wars the day before III and they definitely carry a bit more weight after III. Especially the Palpatine and Anakin stuff.

    Do you folks think that Palpatine is responsible for Anakin’s birth?

  20. the impression I got wasn’t that Palpatine was responsible for his birth but rather his mentor – Darth Plagious

    He said only one Sith had the power over life…and the story he told anakin was that of a sith lord who created life and cheated death…

  21. Definitely Darth Plagious, that’s the impression I got too.

  22. That’s what I thought at first, but I though there was insinuation that Palpy might have done it. I’ll have to see it again…

    I’ve heard rumblings of massive amounts of deleted scenes…where was Mon Mothma?

  23. EW says the first cut of the movie was way too long and whole subplots were removed (Padme sowing the seeds for the Rebellion, which is where I guess Mon Mothma would be, and a lot more stuff with the Wookiees).

  24. Was Mon Mothma on the Blockade Runner with Bail Organa?

  25. I got tickets again for Sunday!

  26. I didn’t see her.

    it seems like the wookies were given the short end of the neck stick.

    the republic commando game has a whole section on Kashyyk which ends with yoda arriving on the planet.

    here’s hoping (but doubtful) that there will be a ton of deleted scenes on the dvd. did anyone see the incomplete scene from AOTC with the droid control ship?

  27. incomplete scene from AOTC?

  28. for the love of pete. am i the ONLY person that wasn’t impressed?

    Ninja R2D2 does nothing for me. I was half expecting him to pull out turntables and do a dj set.

    Lucas got the very worst performances out of anakin and padme

    the shining stars of this film were (of course) ewan macgregor and palpatine. Palpatine was the SHIT.

  29. Yes, you were the only one around these parts. 🙂

  30. Actually, I completely agree that while the R2 parts were crowd-pleasers, he was too silly for me, and it didn’t really have a point, other than to let R2 have a moment in the sun. Also, I found it interesting that C3PO had his mind wiped, but that means R2 knew everything about everything the whole time.

    When things got dramatic, near the end, Anakin did a good job. Much better than in the last movie. Ewan, who is not a good dramatic actor in my esteem pulled off what is arguably the best dramatic acting in the whole thing, when he left that bitch to burn there. With the yelling and the tear and such. I was really impressed by that. Padme, I could take or leave. Hard to say.

    The wookiees, as it’s been said, had no point in this, and while it’s always lovely to see them, they weren’t necessary to the story. I’m glad it was short.

  31. “Also, I found it interesting that C3PO had his mind wiped, but that means R2 knew everything about everything the whole time.”

    That’s probably why R2 seemed to recognize Ben in ANH.

  32. Got this off of BoxOfficeMojo.com

    Adjusted for inflation:

    Domestic B.O.

    A New Hope – $1,140.0 million
    The Empire Strikes Back – $628.4 million
    Return of the Jedi – $602.0 million
    The Phantom Menace – $542.9 million
    Attack of the Clones – $342.2 million
    Revenge of the Sith – $85.5 million (as of Friday)

  33. Okay, so I finally saw it.

    Better than Episodes 1 and 2. But at the same time, it had the most unintentionally funny bits of all of them. The Vader “Noooooooooo” is my pick for the worst single moment in all six movies. Yet funny.

    I thought it was really interesting that what attracted Anakin to the dark side was the ability to save Padme’s life. I was disappointed that Lucas never really paid this off in any meaningful way.

    The special effects were phenomenal. Really really great. The acting was improved for the most part. Anytime Padme and Anakin shared a scene, the diologue was cringe-tastic, but otherwise I wasn’t too bothered by it.

    I was liking this movie a lot for the first half, but when it strived for more than sci-fi action, it fell flat for me. I guess I just never really felt emotionally invested in it, which is disappointing.

    Overall I would give it a 7 out of 10. I would give TPM and Clones a 6 and 3, respectively.

  34. I have to agree with Steve in alot of his assessments.

    My offical Star Wars Rankings:
    1. Empire
    2. A New Hope
    3. Jedi
    4. Revenge of the sith
    5. Attack of the Clones
    6. Phantom Menace

    While Jedi had unintentionally funny bits as well and is the worst of the Original trilogy, it edges out Sith in terms of quality in my mind.

  35. That’s probably due to the heroics of one, Wedge Antilles.

  36. Just came back from seeing it a third time. 2:30pm show was sold out as was the 6pm. Any early estimates are probably going to have to be revised for the weekend. This was the kids day, a good portion of the audience was under 12.

    Watching for a third time, I think that if you altered or cut one line in each of the Padme/Anakin scenes, they would have co-me across as a lot less hokey. It was just one line in each scene that killed it.

    Also, it’s interesting to see how different audiences react. This audience for some reason found it hilarious when Bail Organa offered to take Leia. Weird.

  37. ‘Star Wars’ earns $108.5 million in first U.S. weekend
    Sunday May 22, 3:03PM ET

    George Lucas’ final “Star Wars” movie scored the second-best three-day weekend of all time on Sunday, but the Force was not strong enough to prevent overall ticket sales in North America from posting a year-on-year-decline for the 13th consecutive weekend.

    “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” sold an estimated $108.5 million worth of tickets for the Friday-to-Sunday period, taking its total to $158.5 million since it opened after midnight on Thursday.

    Its four-day haul sets a new record, surpassing the $134.3 million tally of 2003’s “The Matrix Reloaded.” Its Thursday tally of $50 million also set a one-day record, beating the $44.8 million sum for “Shrek 2” last year.

    The three-day weekend record is held by “Spider-Man,” which opened to almost $115 million in 2002. “Revenge of the Sith” narrowly pipped “Shrek 2,” which opened with $108 million. Rankings could change when final data are issued on Monday.

    The new “Star Wars” film easily beat the opening weekends of its two most recent predecessors, all of which were released by Twentieth Century Fox, a unit of News Corp.

    “Star Wars: Episode II: Attack of the Clones” nabbed $80 million during its first weekend three years ago, while 1999’s “Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace” kick-started the 28-year-old franchise with a $64.8 million bow. They ended up with $311 million and $431 million respectively.

  38. Here’s some Mon Mothma info from TheForce.net:


    She might have been in the group of people that greet Palpatine and Anakin after the rescue, and apparently all her other scenes were cut (the Rebellion subplot).

  39. Do we think we’ll get these cut scenes ever? in the 3D version? or the DVDs?

    158.5 million – whooo!
    back on top!

  40. I noticed there’s a Mon Mothma action figure out in stores. Whoops.

  41. the best word to describe my feelings for this film: ambivalent.

  42. wasn’t Hitchhiker’s Guide FUNNY?!

  43. Didn’t see ‘Hitchiker’s’. Saw ‘Revenge of the Sith’ three times, though! 🙂

  44. While I respected the effort of HHGG, I didn’t think it worked entirely. I will grant that I hold the books in the highest esteem, and therefore it would have been hard to do correctly. I think the director wasn’t up to snuff for pulling the whole thing together. There were great bits of it though. Moments is the best I’ll give it though.

    Now Star Wars, no matter how bad the others were, I just want to like. I can’t help wanting to give it the benefit of the doubt, which is entirely against my nature.

    Now, I’ve noticed 1 thing here we can discuss. Some seem to think that TPM was the worst, and others thing AOTC was the worst. Where do you stand?

    I think Clones may be completely unimportant, and may not even be necessary to the story. It’s got the worst acting and the most pointless action scenes of the prequels. The Yoda fight scene however, was one of the greatest joys of my theater going experiences, so I can’t explain that.

  45. Last night I watched the second hour of AOTC because it was on when Family Guy was supposed to come on. I was watching it with three people when we all came to the realization that we had forgotten most of what we saw. The reaction across the board was one of

    “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhhhh THAT’S what happened. When does yoda fight again?”

    Attack of the Clones wins my award for most forgettable of the Star Wars movies, whereas Phantom Menace was just bad. I wonder what’s worse?

    I had almost no expectations from Hitchhiker’s because of the director (just like I have no expectations from the next Harry Potter movie or the next Xmen movie) and I was very pleasantly surprised.

  46. I think a lot of the disappointment in TPM and AOTC comes from the fact that in terms of story, Lucas has said that 75% of the story he had in mind for the prequels was ROTS, with the other 25% spread across TPM and AOTC. The rest was filler and a lot of that is very apparent in the first two.

  47. in AOTC when the droids surround the Jedi just before Yoda shows up, we see Plo Koon and the guy with the tall head and the mustache escorted into the arena. there was a deleted scene where they are trying to destroy the droid control ship and eventually fail. It was on the web in the hyperspace section, but I never saw it. The effects were half finished.

    TPM and AOTC definitely benefit from ROTS. In my opnion there’s now more weight behind some of the stiffer performances. I have to say watching TPM now I feel pity for little obnoxious Anakin, knowing that he has no chance to stop what he will become.

    I would like to see the Phantom Edit in context with ROTS. Anybody have it on dvd?

  48. There’s no question that ROTS changes everything. Try watching Return of the Jedi after seein ROTS and you can’t help but to picture little kid Anakin and hayden Anakin. Makes you want to cry.

  49. I was holding off on the OT, until I had seen ROTS a few more times.

    After the first 2 prequels the SW mania faded fast. I feel like this won’t happen. I crave more. I’ve been replaying my star wars videogames, dusting off my star wars comics…

    Anyone looking for a SW fix past the movies, I would recommend some of the Clone Wars series of comics. Overall they’re decent, with a few standout issues here and there. One in particular features Bail Organa politically manuevering with Palpatine. Definitely adds to the movie. Another has the Seperatists using the Star Wars equivalent of mustard gas on the Gungans. Which is good.

  50. I’ve heard those are good, maybe I’ll check out a trade.

  51. Aren’t the Gungans supposed to be Jamaicans or something? YOU’RE TERRIBLE.

  52. I think that the Gungans were only Jamaican to people looking to assign human racial characteristics to Star Wars aliens. Still, wouldn’t mind seeing them get gassed.

  53. I agree with what Nick said baout being MORE excited about Star Wars now. I felt this way after reading the first Timothy Zahn book in high school and again after the Special Editions.

    Time to break out the Star Wars roleplaying game boxes!

  54. I’ve seen it three times already and loved it. Ian McDiarmid is an acting genius and Yoda’s and Palpatine’s fight (my two favorite characters sit on my bookshelf) made me come darn close to wetting myself.

  55. More B.O. news:

    Overseas, the movie recorded $144.7 million in ticket sales, smashing more records in 105 countries (the widest international roll-out in history) and eclipsing the $129.7-million overseas opening record set by The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King in 2003.

  56. as part of being excited about star wars I brushed off my old copies of Spaceballs and George Lucas in Love. If I had a super NES I would be playing their star wars game.

    I also downloaded troops.

  57. 3 times Scott?

    That guy LOVES Palpatine!

  58. OMG I *loved* the old SNES Super Star Wars games
    they ruled!

    And Scott – I’m continually impressed – 3 times – wow.

    Palpy was pretty kickass – he does hold 1 of my 10 fave quotes from all 6 movies, from ROTJ:
    “Oh, I’m afraid the deflector shield will be quite operationable when your friends arrive”

  59. I’m doing my fourth visit Friday.

    I am indeed not as big a “Star Wars” fan as many who have posted. That said I #$%^ love this movie and rank it highly as “Jedi” (which is my #1).

    I realize I am totally in the minority and accept this. Palpatine, Yoda, Guards, and 2 Palpatine classic lines from “Return.” I was quite happy. Plus, this one was Shakespearan and made me feel things with amazing visuals. The emotional scope worked and impacts viewings of the original trilogy from a storytelling point-of-view.

    I didn’t mind the Vader “Nooooooo!” It worked within the context of his love that was set-up from “Epsidoe II.” Worse was the awkward Padame line Vader said. During the Death Star construction I was thinking Vader should have said a line to Palpatine that could make for a swift transition to “Episode IV.”

    My only complaint was Palpatine’s make-up after the Mace Windu battle. It was puffy and silly. It was playdough Palpatine. Cloaked he works. Palpy deserves better…much better.

    It should be noted I finally got around to y Ian M. movie fest this weekend. I had about 20 friends. They failed to realize his genius.


  60. I have too many favorite Palpatine lines to note.

  61. The last section of ROTJ, with Palpy and the Wedge space victory is fantastic. It isn’t my favorite movie overall, but that sequence is about as good as it could get. Where’s McDiarmid’s award for his groundbreaking performance in Jedi?!?

  62. You know, Scott brings up a very interesting thought with Jedi being his fave movie. Jedi is rarely considered to be good being the last and the most criticized (until Ep.1) of the Star Wars movies, even I rank it below ANH and ESB…

    But does it get its fair shake, meaning does it deserve the criticism its receieved in the past (probably solely due to the Ewoks). But when I think about it, its a really kickass movie. Josh is right, the last act, with the space battle, endor battle and luke vs. emperor is amazing. And as far as I’m concerned the first act at Jabba’s Palace stands as some of the best action of all three…

    Compared to Ep.1 and Ep.2, Jedi is fair superior and ROTS is very close to matching it – but its nice to see ROTJ get the credit it deserves.

  63. OK, I’ve been… twice. It was just as good the second time as it was the first time. I agree with you. I put in the #3 spot. The dialogue was a little cheezy at times and there were still a couple of moments where I didn’t know if I was laughing because it was supposed to be funny or if it was just stupid. All in all, great movie. Tied things up nicely. I’m so glad I saw Clone Wars before I went though, it made things a lot smoother. I do wish Lucas would let other people direct though. He sucks at it. I also would love to see an R rated version that explores the darker aspects of the movie, take out all the lovey dovey crap and the stuff for little kids. It could easily be about Vader hunting down the remaining Jedi. Maybe he’ll let other people run with the expanded universe… or even the next 3. If there are a next 3. I want more. Episode 1 and 2 didn’t leave me wanting more, this one did. I read some rumors of a TV series and a another cartoon (like clone wars). I could see a TV series but only if SiFi did it. They did a great job with Dune and Battlestar Galactica. I think they’re the only ones who might be able to pull it off. Well, maybe HBO, but scifi isn’t really their thing.

  64. There are definitely plans for two TV series. One, a live action one that – I believe – takes place between ROTS and ANH and explores things on the periphery of the universe. And a cartoon, which I’m not sure about.

  65. the live action show, I’m excited about – although I hope its not like those awful Endor adventures live action movies…but I actually enjoyed those too – but I was like 8

  66. See, I almost wish they were more like the Endor series. More live action/real sets/rubber costumes as opposed to it being so CGI that it’s almost a cartoon. We’ll see. I’m excited, though.

  67. I wasn’t really complaining about the live action and real sets – that was good. It was the hokey stories and characters I didn’t really care about.

    I think a mix of CGI and live action on TV would be rad – especially in an “Expanded Universe” kinda way.

    Maybe use Kyle Kataran or other characters made for video games and/or books?

  68. Kyle Katarn would be a a kid in the time the show is set, no?

    Also, isn’t CGI too expensve to make it practical on a large scale for a TV series? ‘Firefly’ should be the model, I think.

  69. yeah he would be a kid..but you get the idea
    Like I loved the old expanded universe story about how Ackbar was Tarkin’s slave and escaped and helped to get the death star plans to Crix Madine via Kyle Katarn.

    Damn, all those stories are flooding back…

  70. Also I found the entries for those post-Jedi movies:

    the Ewok Adventure:

    Ewoks: The Battle for Endor:

    I remember being super psyched about the Ewok Adventure…

  71. “I remember being super psyched about the Ewok Adventure…”

    Well, yeah. You were like 7 or 8 years old. Who wasn’t at that age?

  72. true – but I’m just saying – it’s a similar feeling I had coming out of Episode III

  73. I still have the three hours worth of Clone Wars cartoon on my DVR that I need to watch!

  74. I believe Firefly was one of the most (if not the most) expensive shows ever produced for network tv…so if anyone could afford the kind of visuals SW needs it would be the Neck.

    Jedi was always my favorite when I was younger. I liked it because it had everything. It had a better space battle than ANH, a better lightsaber fight than ESB, and Ewoks. It was like the perfect formula…

    Now I see why it wasn’t liked as much, but I have absolutely no problem with it.


    The resurgance of the most unpopular OT movie

    I love it!

  76. The Ewoks were very important for the kid appeal. Just yesterday I was talking to my younger sister. She had been reading the Time Magazine article about Star Wars and was mystified that people didn’t like the Ewoks. “But they’re so cute!” Smart move by the Neck on that one. JEDI, though, does have its problems structurally and tonally, especially when compared with the first two pictures. But the final sequence… boy! Seeing the rerelease of the Special Edition reminded me just how exciting that last sequence is espcially with a big audience.

  77. am I the only one who likes the opening sequence just as much as the end sequence?

  78. Yes you are. I remember being in college and pulling out ROTJ just to watch the Emporer and Wedge over and over.

    I never liked the first sequence that much.

    And since I was a kid when the ewoks came out, I liked them tons. Wicket was one of my favorite characters as a youngling.

  79. The opening sequence – while very good in parts – as a lot more problems like

    – Slapstick blind Han.
    – Fett’s girly scream and punk death.

    Still, it’s quite good.

  80. Honestly, who didn’t love Wicket?

    Well, my brother Ian, I guess. When he waws like 5 we dressed him up as Wicket for my birthday/costume party and he kept taking the costume off.

  81. The beginning had the Rancor, which was one of the crown jewels of my toy collection. Even thought it basically became an ewok disposal unit later in life.

    I swear there’s at least 2 wickets and a paploo inside of that thing. Maybe even a chief chirpa.

    “Boba Fett? Boba Fett?” *WHACK* “AEIIII”
    comedy ensues.

  82. the formatting took out my thwhack sound effect of Han’s vibropike hitting Boba Fett in the back…

    Fixed – Conor

  83. I love the stop-motion Rancor. Way scarier than any of the CGI creations that have come since.

    Vibro-pike! Ah, I miss playing the Star Wars role playing game…

    Okay, I’m a huge geek.

  84. funny you should mention watching the end sequence in college Josh, I used to cue up the opening sequence, starting off with when Luke kills the rancor until the x-wing veers off from the Falcon.

    Its the combination of action and humor that I really think represents how good these original movies were.

    “How we doing?”
    “Same as always”
    “That bad huh?”

    you got a real feel for how Han and Luke were friends and the adventures they’d been through.

    OH Man the Star Wars roleplaying game – so much fun!

  85. I just put in the Jedi DVD…so good!

    When Luke jumps off the plank and catches the light saber? come on! How can you not love this?

  86. I admit it, I’m a relatively new fan. I didn’t start watching these movies until they were rereleased in the theatres in the 90s. I’m one of those dudes that latches on to nerdy shit. Now star wars, the matrix, and LOTR are over. I still have more Harry Potter and NARNIA to look forward to.

    I don’t think The Series of Unfortunate Events is nerd-worthy though.

    I need to see these endor movies.

  87. the lemony snicket movie was surprisingly good.

    This summer is an endless cavalcade of nerd boy movies. the bat is coming, then Fantastic Four, for some lighter fare. I’m sure there are others, but I can’t think of them at the moment. I mean, so far, Sin City has been enough to be happy about.

  88. Dude – if you can find them, totally watch the Ewok movies, but be warned: they were made for TV movies (they aired on ABC I think) and the quality isn’t as good as the original movies.

    still their entertaining…

    Josh is right, this maybe the biggest summer of movie for us geeks:
    Sin City, Hitchhikers Guide, Episode III, Batman, Fantastic Four…

  89. “…and the quality isn’t as good as the original movies.”

    Uh, that’s the understatement of the year.

    Ron is remembering them through the nostalgia colored glasses of youth. Someone looking at them for the first time now… I shudder.

    Also, there is virtually no connection to the WARS universe exept for the Ewoks, if I remember correctly.

  90. well let’s not be too harsh.
    there were blasters and ships and the like…and that star wars feel

    just no jedis or anything cool like that.

    you can get them both on DVD and decide for yourself:

  91. As I recall there is not just no Jedi. No Empire, no stormtroopers, no nothin’. Nothing tha made it uniquely Star Wars.

    Of course, I haven’t seen them in years and years so I could be wrong.

    Of course, the completist geek in my wants the DVDs now.

  92. yeah, it was crap – at least from the research I’ve been doing:

    interestingly enough, when the Ewok Adventure aired in 1984, it was simulcast on FM Radio to provide a full stereo effect while watching.

    something about that makes me laugh at how silly that is – but it seems to make sense considering it was 1984

  93. Yeah, to be honest I think I remember as a kid thinking that they weren’t very good.

    I definitely remember being really disappointed.

  94. LONDON – Two “Star Wars” fans were critically injured when they tried to replicate the light sabers used in the movie by filling glass fluorescent light tubes with fuel, police and a news report said Tuesday.

    The pair, Mark Webb, 20, and an unidentified 17-year-old girl, were planning to make a video recording of a duel like those in the just-released blockbuster film “Star Wars: Episode III

  95. It IS a nerd-friendly summer. Especially that new movie where the planes have evil brains and it’s up to Jaime Foxx and Jessica Biel to bring them down. That movie looks AMAZING.

    I looked up Ewoks on Netflix and I found two movies and a cartoon series.

  96. The first Ewok movie has a crashed ship, a guy wearing a jumpsuit which looks like an xwing flightsuit, and slavers. Star Wars-y enough.

    However the second one has a whole bunch of nonsense with a human witch that turns into a bird. And a bunch of monsters in a castle on endor. much more fantasy. almost Willow-esque.

    the ewok movies were closer to the movies than the cartoon was. no duloks.

    Does anybody remember the ewok story from the roleplaying game supplements? It was like a stormtroopers log about endor, and it makes the ewoks seem actually threatening. with the stormtrooper worried about the noises from the forest.


  97. “The first Ewok movie has a crashed ship, a guy wearing a jumpsuit which looks like an xwing flightsuit, and slavers. Star Wars-y enough.”

    Yeah, you’re right… Star Wars-y enough.

    “However the second one has a whole bunch of nonsense with a human witch that turns into a bird. And a bunch of monsters in a castle on endor. much more fantasy. almost Willow-esque.”

    You hit it right on the head with this one. The second movie was more fantasy than Star Wars. Awful.

    I don’t think I ever saw the cartoon. Didn’t ever see DROIDS either. Weird, that is.

    I also never really read any of the role playing game suppliments. We just sort of dived right in.

  98. Droids was such a disappointment – the animation was too cartoony – like the first Boba Fett appearance

  99. I think the ewok piece I’m thinking of was one of those little one page deals which would flesh stuff out…I think it was in the ROTJ source book.

    Did Athony Daniels do 3PO’s voice in the cartoon?

    I never liked the droids either. I was always wondering when Luke would show, instead of these punks pretending to be the droids owners.

  100. So I’m finding that people really like this movie. I mean the same people who weren’t star wars fans before, and hates I and II. They really like this one. The only people not liking it are the critics, who are taking things too seriously, methinks. That’s something I’m usually guilty of.

  101. not liking this movie certainly puts me in the minority in my circle of friends, this board, and my ENTIRE LIFE

  102. Come to the Dark Side, Dude. It is the pathway to abilities that some may consider to be unnatural.

  103. Apparently Lucas isn’t done yet…
    A prequel to The Phantom Menace?

    He says he’s finished, but like a two-year-old on the Loo – has he really?

    George Lucas tells a scooper for Cinescape that in the back of his noggin’ he has an idea for another add-on to the “Star Wars” movie series : A prequel to “The Phantom Menace”.

    Nope, not the adventures of young Jar Jar Binks building an underwater haven – but the tales of the Jedi regaining control of the universe from the many Dark Lords some 88 years before Anakin Skywalker’s bowl cut ever graced the earth.

    Yoda – who was instrumental in the effort – would apparently have a headlining role.

    Granted, Lucas, now 60, says he won’t be captaining such a ship if it ever happens though. What’s the bet FOX is going to lock him in a room, tie him to a chair and request he does anyway though?

    Personally, I say go the sequel route – earring adorned Harrison Ford back as vest wearing Solo, whiny Skywalker training Jedi Tykes, C3P0 getting into trouble at Mardis Gras – much more interesting : and Hey, we’ve already got “Knights of the Old Republic” the video-game to serve as background info on the pre-Anakin days.

    Meanwhile, “Revenge of the Sith” hogs the screen at every multiplex and is making quite a packet in doing so – it’s now one of the biggest films ever. Yep, bypassed “Mannequin” about five minutes into it’s first screening.

  104. Episode 0?


  105. PS – Sequels? NOOOOOOOO!

  106. I know quite a few people who didn’t like this movie. Of the five who saw it in my group, three of us liked it, two really intensely disliked it. Well, they enjoyed it for the unintentional humor factor, but that’s about it.

    Anyway, one area where Sith stood head and shoulders above the other two prequels was pacing. I really was surprised to find how involved I was in the first half of this movie. The cheesy moments just sort of bounced off me, and I had a great time. It’s only in the meatier, more emotional portions where it sagged for me.

    Oh man, how great was the Palpy-Yoda fight? I was disappointed that Yoda gave up so quickly, but still… damn.

    The Duel was kind of disappointing. It looked really cool, but the staging was kind of silly and video-gamey. The best part about it, oddly enough, was the dialogue. Their back and forth added a lot of weight to the confrontation.

    Just random thoughts…

  107. I sorta agree with steve. At the end, I was really into it, so the dragging really happened earlier for me, but I don’t think it was that much of a problem over all.

    I love the Palpy/Yoda fight for the straight symbolism of the destruction of the senate. All that time, I thought he’d rendered this neat senate chamber, for no reason at all. That fight found a great reason to bring it back into the movie. Awesome.

    And the acting between Obi and Ani during the duel was excellent. And they don’t usually do excellent work. (sorry).

    So was the Dark side always dragging on him, and it only took Palpy a little push, or had Palpy been secretly working on him for a long time, or was he just doomed from the start?

    More random thoughts.

  108. right there with you

  109. You guys are nuts, the movie didn’t drag at all! 🙂

  110. no dragging here.

  111. That’s really funny!

    Nick, marry me.

  112. only if you dress like Padme for the wedding.


  113. Which outfit?

  114. this is the most succcessful thread in the history of this site

  115. Huzzah!

  116. Perhaps it was the fact that the last part of the Yoda Palp battle was Yoda’s grip loosening that made it seem less anti-climactic. It certainly appeared that he gave up quickly.

    Still the cross editing between both battles was fantastic.

    I agree with Conor. The only part where it dragged was after the opening with Padame and Anakin. Other than that it moved like a motherfucker.

    Supposedly Tom Stoppard did a rewrite of Sith which means two things: a) he barely touched the dialogue b) he touched a lot of dialogue but there was way too much for him to get to so he let some go.

    My new favorite thing now is “Storytime With Palpatine.”

    “Did I ever tell you the story of Darth Peter Pan?” I’m guessing he reads Vader bedtime stories substituing fairytale favorites with Darth.

    Which begs the question a group of my friends are noticing a pattern to the Darth name book. They chose their’s.

  117. The funniest thing of “Sith” is the Mace Windu look of anger. He’s far closer to the Dark Side than any Jedi.

    When Anakin is trying to get a seat on the Jedi Council he gives him a hilarious “Sit the fuck down motherfucker” look. Actually it’s two looks. The first is shock and the second is anger.

    Even better is the look he gives Obi when they’re talking with Yoda. It’s a half double take mixed in with Pulp Fiction attitude. “Motherfucker, did you just question me?”

    #$%^ hilarious.

  118. say “what” one more time

  119. From http://www.overheardinnewyork.com, the first one is from the theater by my apartment.


    Overheard Goes to the Cinema

    Girl #1: He fine.
    Girl #2: Who? Anakin?
    Girl #1: Yeah.
    Girl #2: Finer den Usher?
    Girl #1: Nah, nobody finer den Usher.

    –The Pavilion, Park Slope

    Black guy: Yo, fuck the Jedi. It’s all about the Dark Side. I’m the other Dark Lord you’ve been looking for.

    –86th & Lexington

    Overheard by: Joshua S.

    Girl: Oh my god, all this time I thought I was a Buddhist, but I’m really a Sith.

    –UA movie theater, Union Square

    Overheard by: Lara Evangelista

  120. I went opening night Thursday May 19, 2005 at 10:50pm on the Fenway Screen Monster. Eight of us total. We were FIRST in line. The couple behind us were watching Star Wars on some portable video device (mayhaps a Sony PSP). Got perfect middle seats a few rows from the back.

    Stream of conciousness thoughts below:

    My favorite scene was the Double juxtaposition near the end.

  121. “Since the Jedi weren

  122. What else would be be doing?

  123. Polishing his helmet.

  124. LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) – The Force in the shape of George Lucas’ “Star Wars: Episode III — Revenge of the Sith” ruled the foreign box office for a third weekend as two newcomers — Robert Rodriguez’s crime thriller “Sin City” and the critter cartoon “Madagascar” — showed some early promise.

    “Sith” took in $37 million from 105 territories to lift its international gross to $309 million, about equal to the domestic take.

    As it awaits its final offshore bow July 19 in Japan, “Sith” held on to the top spots in most key markets. Germany scored $5.4 million for a market total of $37.5 million; the U.K. tallied $6 million for a total of $60.8 million; Australia took in $2.7 million for a total of $21.3 million; Spain hit $2.1 million for a total of $19 million; and Mexico recorded $1.4 million to raise its total to $13.2 million.

    “Sin City” earned $11.5 million last weekend, taking its two-weekend haul to $12.3 million in 16 territories. No. 2 behind “Sith” in the U.K., the thriller came up with a $4.4 million opening. It also followed “Sith” in France” with $2.3 million, bowed in Russia with $1.1 million, and opened strongly behind “Sith” in the Netherlands and Denmark. But it triumphed over “Sith” in Italy, where it topped the box office with a $1.9 million five-day take.