Remake & Reboot: The Josie & The Pussycats Movie

A wise comic once told me ‘music is magic,’ and Archie Comics’ in-house band Josie & The Pussycats have been casting a spell on people for over forty years. The cat-suited cavalcade of teenage hijinx and the aura of rockstardom is a potent mix, but the lackluster 2001 film torpedoed the franchise for years. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t life left in the girls, and that the new generation of young kids wouldn’t eat it up.

Although Josie & The Pussycats’comic book origins might be overlooked by most, this Dan DeCarlo creation has a unique pedigree as it was created at the same time DeCarlo was doing the short-lived Willie Lumpkin newspaper strip with Stan Lee. Premiering in 1962, the pop-rockers got their big shot after appearing in the late 60s Saturday morning cartoonThe Archie Show. The 2001 live-action film did the girls no favors despite a talented cast, but that doesn’t mean Josie, Melody and Valerie are one-hit wonders.

The Concept:
To make this work, I’d bring the girls as close to full circle as I could by ditching their live-action aspirations and returning to animation – modern-day animation. Think of it less like Glee and more akin to That Thing You Do! Complete with a in-house band writing and performing all the songs, to be sung by the actual actresses behind the roles. Using modern CGI animation, catchy music and a sturdy and believable story, the pussycats could work.

The story? Simple. The band is just breaking out of their garage band roots when the agent Alexander Cabot III takes notice in the band – and Josie in particular. The band goes on the road to fame playing shows all over the country; it’s a rock n’ roll movie told in CGI animation, and stress on the band from outside and within threatens to pull the band apart.

The Director:

To make this concept work as a animated feature, I’d turn to long-time PIXAR artist Ronnie Del Carmen. Carmen won an award as story supervisor for Up!, and worked on a number of other films including WALL-E, Ratatouille, Finding Nemo as well as other TV gems like Freakazoid! And Batman: The Animated Series. He’s no stranger to comics as well, doing both independent comics through his company Paper Biscuit as well as some award-winning Batman work for DC a few years back. Although he’s never directed a feature film before, I imagine his talent and hunger to take it to the next level could fuel an inspired and imaginative take on Josie & the girls.

The Cast:

Josie / Kat Dennings: To make Josie stand out, it needs a heavy dose of personality and if anyone’s seen Thor then they know Kat Dennings can deliver. She has a memorable voice to boot and some of her own rockstar-ish antics off screen, and could easily front a movie – and a fictional band.


Melody / Sarah Wright: Although far from a household name, Wright got my attention in last year’s canceled TV series Mad Love and I believe she could fill out the role of Melody with style and sexiness. Anything’s better than Tara Reid, right?


Valerie / Megan Good: Look no further than Stomp The Yard star Megan Good to tune into the head-strong and opinionated character of Valerie. Good’s yet to breakthrough to mainstream movie parts, but she has the personality and the acting chops and Josie & The Pussycats would do well to take advantage of that.


Alan M. / Matt Dallas: The former lead of Kyle XY is carving out a niche for movie-goers that won’t be seen until next year when he starts alongside Val Kilmer as Bat Masterson in The First Ride of Wyatt Earp, but Dallas has the screen presence and the skills to portray Alan M. more than just eye candy but in a dynamic role. And while in the comics he might be blond, Matt Dallas has the skills to overcome that – or if nothing else, get some hair dye.


Alexander Cabot III / David Tennant: For this, I’d bring in the scene-eating David Tennant; the jury’s still out on how he does in his against-type role in the upcoming Fright Night remake, but voicing Alexander would be right up Tenant’s alley.


  1. I’d be all for this except for the part where this totally qualifies as one of those things that doesn’t need another movie. The live action one that already exists is already one of the best comic book movies of all time.


  2. @jxc  Agreed. Such an awesome movie.

  3. yeah i really liked the movie as well. 

    this could be cool animated though…thats the only way i’d want to see it revisited.  

  4. Josie And The Pussycats is among the most under-rated flicks of all time.

  5. the movie doesnt need rebooting, only its marketing campaign which brought in little girls who didnt understand it, and drove away the adults and geeks who would.

  6. I too thought this was great. Lots of sly commentary on the record industry, marketing, advertisisn… The casting was superb, even Tara Reid was good in it. Rachel Leigh Cook is so freaking cute in it, it isn’t even funny. I still have a crush on her from this movie. The music was good too, even though it wasn’t the actresses doing it. Kay Hanley of 90’s band Letters to Cleo provided Josie’s vocals, and if I ever fell in love with a voice, it was hers. Her voice is just plain sexy, but sweet at the same time.

  7. Oh, and if you haven’t seen it, Boomerang had a great animated bumper depicting Joise and the Pussycats through different eras of music. Very clever and well done. I especially liked the punk and metal eras.

    Wish there were a better quality one, but:

  8. Glad to know I’m not the only person who enjoyed the original movie. I love the soundtrack – the DeJour lyrics are hysterical. My friends and I used to joke that they really did use subliminal messages in the music, because we couldn’t stop listening to it.

  9. @kennyg  –yeah i was a Letters to Cleo fan back in the day, so i was really into that soundtrack. Totally blasted that at max volume in my car a few times. haha *no guilty pleasures mandate!*

  10. Yeah, the first movie was lots of fun. And Rachel Leigh Cook is still the cutest thing ever put on this Earth.

  11. Kat Denning makes everything better.

  12. Get the blond cheerleader from Glee (Heather Morris) play Melody. Heck. It’s almost like she’s already playing her.

  13. I’m glad to see the Josie movie support. Can’t believe it’s been 10 years man. Still have the soundtrack. That movie was FANTASTIC.

  14. Best thing ever done with Josie & the Pussycats was this.

    I miss Groovies.

  15. @jxc  Agreed, love that movie, no need for a remake.