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We've got a confluence of events happening here people!  Archaia have provided with an exclusive free preview of Return of the Dapper Men by Jim McCann and Janet K. Lee.  Return of the Dapper Men is the November Book of the Month here at iFanboy, and you can hear the podcast discussion here, and now you can read 23 pages, including 10 never before released pages, of the critically acclaimed modern fairy tale, for the tidy sum of zero dollars.

To make that happen, go create a free account at, get the app, and select Archaia, download the book, and then get reading.

The hardcover book is now available in comic shops and bookstores, and has already sold out its initial print run of 10,000 books.  That's good news for everyone involved, and an incredible success for an independent graphic novel.  In a world where we're spending so much time wondering if All Ages comics can survive, it's great to see one break through. And of course, a second printing is on the way.

You can order your copy of Return of the Dapper Men at Amazon!

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  1. Alright!

  2. Very cool, thanks iFanboy and!

  3. This is cool.  If my copy weren’t already on its way I’d go check it out.

  4. already got a chance to flip through it at Borders. DAMN. This is next level. I’m really glad to see comic creators spreading their wings and trying something new. The medium of comics (mainstream) is pretty status quo right now with everyone copying everyone else. (art techniques, design, layouts etc) Its nice to see something new and different. I can’t wait to get this book. 

  5. I can’t find this in anymore. Did this expire?