Rafaels Albuquerque and Grampa Have SUPERBOY and AMERICAN VAMPIRE Covered

Big things are happening in November for the creators of Vertigo's American Vampire. Writer Scott Snyder makes his hotly anticipated Detective Comics debut, Stephen King's got a new collection of prose stories out, and now series artist Rafael Albuquerque is providing covers for Jeff Lemire and Pier Gallo's Superboy ongoing! DC offers a glimpse at the first one. 

Bold lines, great color. What's not to love about this one? Albuquerque joins Amy Reeder (Madame Xanadu) as a terrific Vertigo artist crossing over to mainstream DC. I was thrilled to hear Reeder would be providing covers for the Supergirl ongoing and even more excited when it was announced she'd be joining JH Williams III on Batwoman. Here's hoping we'll be seeing more and more of Albuquerque in the coming months, as he's a huge, huge talent. 

Meanwhile, another Rafael tries his hand at American Vampire, grindhouse style. iFanboy favorite Rafael Grampa provides this variant cover for issue #6. 


Much more of a painterly look than we're used to with Grampa's style, but he absolutely pulls it off. Grampa will scare the bejesus out of your Grandma. I dunno, man. It's a good time to be alive with functioning eyeballs. 

Superboy–written by Jeff Lemire, pencilled by Pier Gallo, with a cover by Rafael Albuquerque–launches in November. 

American Vampire #6–written by Scott Snyder, pencilled by Rafael Albuquerque, with covers by Albuquerque and Grampa–hits the shelves this month. 


  1. So excited for Superboy now. Damn you DC, stop putting out so many books with characters I love drawn and written by really awesome people! You’re killing me here guys!

  2. GRAMPA!

  3. Holy poop, that American Vampire cover looks awesome.  And Albuquerque continues to show me what a breakout artist he’ll be as he gets more mainsteam work.

  4. Wow both cover look great but I’m really digging the Grampa cover.

  5. Wow! That American Vampire cover just took my breath away! Its like an entire movie showcased into one single image with just as much story being told. Really can not wait for this trade!!!

  6. …You can also try being a ninja turtle. Because you’d be awesome(but crude) at that too.

  7. WOOOOHOOO!!!! 😀 I can’t wait to check out both of these!!!

    And hooray for those of us Rafaels that spell our names with a n "F" and not a "PH"! XD 

  8. But why oh why does it have to be a variant? Seriously, couldn’t Grampa be the regular cover artist?  Doesn’t Albuquerque need a break with the amount of work he’s had to put into the series so far? I’m loving the so-called South American invasion in comics at the moment, people seriously need to check out the recent Mondo Urbano book from Oni, loads of fun and looks gorgeous.

  9. Those are gorgeous. 

  10. There putting some quality into American Vampire.  I love it

  11. Albuquerque has done a lot of mainstream stuff already.  He did some Blue Beetle, and a few Superman/Batman issues.  There was one (#63 I) that was a one shot, "what if?" sort of story about Grodd taking over the planet.  It was REALLY good. 

  12. Actually, Alburquerque was the regular artist for most of the run on Blue Beetle.