Exclusive Preview: All-Star Western #11

I’ve always had a thing for Tallulah Black. The scarred assassin stands center stage in one of the all-time great Jonah Hex stories, “The Great Silence” by Gray, Palmiotti and Darwyn Cooke (that’s Jonah Hex #50 to you). So it’s great to see Jonah’s darling, snarling clementine back in the New 52 as part of the “War of Lords and Owls” story line. Pair that with the debut of Doc Thirteen? This one’s sure to be a hoot.

DC was kind enough to send along an exclusive preview of the story from this week’s All-Star Western #11.

All-Star Western #11
Written by Justin Gray & Jimmy Palmiotti
Art by Moritat
Backup art by Scott Kolins
Cover by Rafael Garres

32 pages/Color/$3.99

• JONAH HEX and TALLULAH BLACK face the Lord of Assassins’ steam-powered death machine.
• Introducing TERRENCE 13 in a new backup story!

Now, let’s give that sweet, sweet Moritat art a look-see, shall we?


  1. Wow, that cover is phenomenal.

  2. Needs more Bat Lash!